Top 10 Best Waterproof Work Boots in 2022 Reviews

Improper footwear can be one of the reasons why you have ankle twists and sprains especially for those men who work in the construction and manufacturing industries. For that reason, you will need to choose boots that will ensure that you feel safe and also keep your feet free from injuries. Owing to their breathable design, these boots will be comfortable to wear since they wick away sweat. The good thing about some of these work boots is the fact that they are versatile. They can therefore be worn at the job site and even in offices as well.

One thing that you should come to terms with is the fact that there are so many brands that are making work boots as of now. Choosing the right work boot will therefore prove to be very challenging. Before you can order any boot, you need to familiarize yourself with different aspects that are important for work boots. This will help you to sort out between the many market options. Given that this is not an overnight task, we offered help by reviewing the best market options and compiling important features to consider when buying.

Take a look at the recommendations below;

10. Caterpillar Men's Work Boot

We begin this review with these men’s work boots that have been made by one of the best brands today. The construction of these boots involves 100% leather that will handle the tough environments very perfectly. To make sure that you remain very safe with these boots on, you will appreciate that the outsoles have been made with slip-resistant rubber.

Another good thing about these boots is that they come with a speed lacing system that will ensure that you have an easy foot entry. You will also have the convenience of removing the inner sole, especially when doing the cleaning. These boots arrive in different sizes and color options meaning that you will get your right match.


  • Comes with slip-resistant rubber outsoles
  • A speed lacing system for easy foot entry
  • It features 100% leather
  • Several size options available


  • Durability issues

9. LARNMERN Waterproof Work Boots for Men

The soles of these work boots have been made with rubber and have actually passed the SRC test for resistance against slips. The men’s work boots also pride themselves on an anti-static function. Even though these boots are tough, you will appreciate the fact that they are very comfortable. Owing to the quality construction of the outsoles, you will appreciate that they are resistant to heat, oil, and abrasions as well.

These boots are recommended for the most demanding environments since they offer ultimate comfort, protection, and durability as well. The upper part of these boots features high-grade cow skin to keep the boots very breathable. Given that the boots have been made in a waterproof design, you will appreciate using them even in wet environments.


  • These are slip-resistant boots
  • The outsoles are abrasion-resistant
  • Works perfectly in the demanding environments
  • Lightweight and very easy to maintain


  • None identified

8. Carhartt Men's Work Safety Boot

Among the features that make the Carhartt boot unique is the fact that comfort and protection are always guaranteed regardless of the work environment. You will realize that it comes with oil-tanned leather upper to handle the tough environments. To make sure that you enjoy a secure fit for these boots, you will appreciate the traditional lacing up system that has metal eyelets.

These boots also come with a padded collar and a comfort tongue to make sure that you enjoy wearing the boot all day. It also deploys the FastDry technology lining that will wick away the sweat for comfort and increased focus on the job site. With its durable rubber outsole, you can rest assured that this boot will be resistant to oil and slips.


  • Made with 100% leather
  • The work boots feature a rubber sole
  • Features a cushioned collar and a lace-up closure
  • Come with the electrical hazard protection


  • The fit is not right

7. KEEN Utility Men's 6 Inch Waterproof Work Boot

This work boot features textile and synthetic materials that make ideal for the tough work environments. The sole features quality rubber which guarantees to be resistant to slip even when working under wet conditions. You will appreciate that the boot opening has a size of 5 inches that makes it very easy to fit in with ease.

Another good feature about this work boot is that it has met and even exceeded different ASTM standards. Apart from that, it comes with a waterproof and breathable membrane liner in order to let out vapor. This, therefore, means that the boot will keep the feet very dry and comfortable as well. The recommended uses for these boots include construction, utilities, manufacturing, landscaping, and others.


  • Meets and exceeds different ASTM standards
  • The boots come with a rubber sole
  • Made with 100% textile & synthetic
  • A waterproof and breathable membrane


  • Poor sizing

6. Timberland PRO Men's Steel-Toe Work Boot

These work boots have been made with 100% leather and a rubber sole that will guarantee the best performance on the job site. The waterproof work boots have been made to provide workers in the gas and oil industries an exceptional resistance to slips. These steel toe boots are actually made for the industrial traction with an anti-shock and a shock-diffusion technology for extra performance.

The comfort system has been designed with geometrical technology and shock absorption that will return the energy back to your foot. In this regard, the boots will offer support and comfort throughout the day. Since this brand understands that you value your work so much, they made these boots to bring you enhanced performance day in day out.


  • Made with 100% leather and a synthetic sole
  • The waterproof boots offer a trusted performance
  • The bots deploys an anti-fatigue technology
  • You will wear them with comfort and style


  • Durability issues

5. KEEN Utility Men's Waterproof Work Boots

The right and left asymmetrical steel toe is designed to offer a roomy toe box and guarantee maximum comfort. What makes these boots unique is the fact that they have actually met the ASTM standards. Safety is also guaranteed for these boots keeping in mind that they come with patented toe protection to keep you safe all day.

The boot also comes with features such as a waterproof membrane, a metatomical arch support, and a heel cushion just to name a few. This, therefore, guarantees that the boot will be very safe and comfortable on the job site. Another thing that you will appreciate about these boots is that they come with a stable footing that prevents slips in the work environments.


  • It has met the ASTM standards
  • Features a patented toe protection
  • Made with features like a waterproof membrane for comfort
  • Stable footing with the anti-slip design


  • Poor packaging

4. Dr. Martens Men's Industry Boots

These work boots come with a polyvinyl chloride sole that makes it tough for demanding work environments. They have been made in a rich and water-resistant design with a leather upper part to keep you comfortable all day. What’s more, the footbed has been made to offer unique stability and durability as well.

Another unique feature for these work boots is the fact that they are made with durable air-cushioned sole and fitted with some EVA footbed. Apart from that, these boots come with padded ankle support to make sure that these boots remain very comfortable to wear all day long. The boots also arrive in different color options from which buyers can choose from.


  • Features a polyvinyl chloride sole
  • It offers protection from electrical hazards
  • The air-cushioned sole is resistant to fat and oil
  • Fitted with EVA footbed for comfort


  • A bit heavy

3. Ariat Work Men's Boot

These boots have been made with 100% leather and textile materials that prove to serve so well in the demanding work environments. You will appreciate that the boots have been made with a rubberized sole that will protect from slipping. The good thing about these boots is the fact that they come in a lightweight design to guarantee comfort all-day.

Another good thing about these boots is their versatile design. This allows them to be used in the warehouse and offices as well. To guarantee a good fit for comfort throughout the day, you will have the convenience of choosing your ideal size from the many size options available.


  • Made with 100% textile and leather
  • It delivers a lightweight and flexible comfort
  • 4LR comfort & stability system
  • Ideal for use in the factory and office settings


  • Durability issues

2. Wolverine Men's Waterproof Work Boot

Second on this review is the Wolverine men’s work boot that has been made with 100% leather and textile. You will appreciate that the shoes have been made with a rubber sole to make sure that you remain safe from slips. To guarantee that you remain very comfortable all day, you will appreciate that the boots come with a well-cushioned and removable footbed.

Another good thing about these work boots is that they come with a flexible welt construction that will move with you by flexing and bending at the essential points. You will also appreciate that the boots feature premium waterproof leather coming with an abrasion-resistant toe. Since the boots come in multiple size options, you will have the convenience of choosing the right fit.


  • 100% leather and textile
  • Made with a rubber sole
  • Removable and cushioned footbed for comfort
  • Made with premium waterproof leather


  • The steel toe is too small

1. Danner Men's Brown Boots

On the topmost rank according to this research is this boot that has been made with pure leather. Just like other quality work boots, this one comes with a rubber sole to make sure that it remains resistant to slips for your safety. It also features a breathable and waterproof lining to make sure that you work in wet environments very comfortably.

The oiled nubuck leather that has been used for these boots will offer a natural and rugged look with the best protection. You will also appreciate that the work boots feature triple stitching for superior endurance. The boots also deploy a conventional lace-up system that has metal rings to guarantee a good fit.


  • Triple-stitched for superior endurance
  • Made with a waterproof and breathable lining
  • A rubber sole that will resist slips
  • It has been made with 100% leather


  • Comfort issues

Factors to consider when buying waterproof work boots


Ideal waterproof boots are made with different types of materials including leather, suede, carbon fiber, and others. They will help to make sure that you keep your feet very dry when working in wet conditions. Other than being waterproof, the materials used are also resistant to acid and oil to make sure that your feet protection is never compromised. Depending on the work that you do, you need to make sure that the materials used are tough enough to handle the task.


It does not make any sense buying a boot that will only serve you for a very short period of time. The best work boots should give you maximum protection even in the tough conditions. In this regard, you need to go for these boots that have positive reviews as far as durability is concerned. The durability of your boots, to a large extent, will depend on the materials used. Make sure that you have that in mind before proceeding to pay for any work boot.


You also need to have a look at the sole that has been used for your waterproof work boots. That will have a lot to do with your safety at the job site. With that in mind, you need to choose those boots that feature rubber soles that are well-treaded. This will ensure that you have the best stability when working on slippery grounds to prevent slipping.


The functionality of your boots is just as important as its appearance. To be precise, amid the odd conditions, it is the functionality of the boots that will matter. Investing in a pair of waterproof boots is one idea that you will never regret. With such boots, you will be able to go outdoors without minding about the weather. In fact, these boots have been tailored specifically for all weather conditions meaning that you will not feel uncomfortable at the job site. As you can see from the above review, there are so many waterproof work boots. The above review will however help you to make the right decision as to what boot to buy. To aid in that, the buying guide above has highlighted key features to consider when doing the selection.

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