Top 10 Best Waterproof Hiking Boots in 2022 Reviews

The hiking experience is more enjoyable and exciting given that you brace yourself with the right gears; and the most essential gear is a pair of hiking boots. With proper gears, hiking becomes a relaxing and enjoyable activity to undertake outdoors. If you love trekking, camping, mountain climbing, or enjoying Mother Nature, waterproof hiking boots are necessary. So, before taking any further step, it’s wise to purchase the best quality waterproof hiking boots. Other than this, these boots are beneficial in safeguarding your feet against rocks and lethal animals like snakes

It’s however good to know that not all the waterproof hiking boots are good for you. We say so because different manufacturers have joined the market to satisfy the growing demand. To that end, it’s your initiative to be able to distinguish between the best and the one that is not. But to make your work even much easier, we’ve come up with a list of the top 10 best waterproof hiking boots in the market. Read on to learn more.

10. Hi-Tec Rugged Rubber Outsole Breathable Rustproof Lacing Mid Men's Bandera Hiking Boot

With a well-established company, Hi-Tec is a no joke when it comes to unleashing the best products to the market. These hiking boots are no different because it is designed with the great quality it deserves. The pair is lightweight to enable you to make strides while you’re in the wilderness. Besides, this outdoor set is meticulously crafted to offer you comfort as you spend your time outdoors. It comes with a breathable waterproof membrane that ensures your feet are kept dry while allowing moisture out. On top of that, it features rustproof lacing hardware that ensures it withstand the elements. Finally, the rugged rubber outsole offers traction in any condition.


  • Keeps your feet dry while it allows moisture out
  • Rustproof lacing hardware stays for long
  • Has a dull color that doesn’t attract dust
  • Has a rubber outsole that offers traction


  • Has cheap lace hooks

9. Nevados Breathable Waterproof Heel Lace-Up Closure Men's Klondike Hiking Boot

Nothing impresses like hitting the trail with super-quality hiking boots like those of Nevados Klondike. This best selection is affordable yet supportive and lightweight. Since the pair is waterproof, you’ll always wear it no matter the weather conditions. Besides, the pair can tackle path, pavement, gravel, and another surface. The insole and collar are padded well to ensure the last step is as comfortable as the initial step. If you need to get the value for your money, this set is worth your money. Besides, the hiking boots are ruggedly made to stand the test of time. Look no further than this excellent waterproof hiking boots.


  • Made from 100 percent leather & textile
  • It’s breathable to allow moisture out
  • The outsole is sturdy and strong
  • Has secure lace-up closure


  • They don’t have a thicker ridge of padding

8. Columbia Lace-Up Padded Tongue Lightweight Midsole Men's Waterproof North Hiking Shoe

If you are in trouble looking for the best waterproof hiking boots, we’ve got the solution for you. Columbia waterproof hiking boots are an excellent choice to consider. This lightweight and durable trail pair can serve multiple adventures. The midsole is lightweight to enable you to make stride with ease. The collar and tongue are padded to assure you of comfort. This men pair is perfect for anyone who wants to spend good time outdoor even during the winter season. Besides, these attires are comfortable with a lovely design. And finally, because they are waterproof, you can bet your feet to stay dry for a long time.


  • The pair is waterproof to keep your feet dry
  • They are lightweight to ease movement
  • The boots are worth for its price
  • They’re comfortable


  • A bit sweaty & uncomfortable

7. Columbia Slip-Free Waterproof Traction Rubber Sole Men's Newton Hiking Boot Shoe

Females usually think that hiking boots are only suitable for men, but little did they know that they also play a very critical role in their lives. That’s why Columbia Newton has designed them a perfect pair of hiking boots. The pair is an excellent choice for a rigorous day when out in nature. The brand is much passionate at unleashing quality wears to the market and these pair is no different. In essence, these top-notch boots combine comfort and durability effortlessly while remaining versatile and lightweight. Other than this, these boots boast a waterproof mesh that keeps the feet dry.


  • Has strong outsole that works on any terrain
  • Built with supportive cushioning
  • The boots are stylish and durable
  • The pair is breathable


  • It’s not long-lasting

6. Merrell Rubber Sole Suede & Textile Upper Imported Women's Yokota Waterproof Hiking Boot

If you’re a day hiker and a lightweight backpacker who keeps wants to maintain trails, our top-rated selection for you is Merrell waterproof hiking boots. The key feature that makes this pair to be prominent is its comfortable feel and lightweight nature yet at an affordable price. Out of what you pay, you’ll get excellent cushioning in the midsole. Since it’s been in the market for sometimes now, it doesn’t have any serious bad rating. If you’re looking forward to getting the value for your hard money, this pair is what you need to look for.


  • The pair is durable and waterproof
  • The pair offer a comfortable feel
  • Offer enough arch support
  • Easy to wear and put off


  • The pair is a bit small

5. Merrell Synthetic Sole Bellows Closed-Cell Breathable Mesh Lining Waterproof Hiking Boots

What a wonderful experience to have with these affordable and top-quality waterproof hiking boots with Merrell Footwear! With this footwear, you’ll experience the endless comfort of trailing in the wilderness like never before. If you’re looking for a versatile, durable, and performing hiking boots, this is the best model to go for. Furthermore, it boasts a breathable mesh lining and rubber toe cap that boosts its performance. And because the pair is waterproof, all the moisture and water are kept out and your feet are left dry at all times.


  • Well-cushioned to offer you the comfort you deserve
  • Designed with supportive and durable leather
  • Has a breathable mesh lining for comfort
  • Can be used in different terrains


  • They don’t last

4. KEEN PFC-Free Water-Repellant Rubber Sole Mid Wide Men's Targhee II Wide Hiking Shoe

With a great out of the box comfort and an affordable price tag, the KEEN TARGHEE is a popular hiking boot for a day hiking and convenient to balance backpacking trips. This pair was released some three years ago and it has the reputation that no other similar boot can have. It comes with a wide fit and the version in the market is a bit wide in the toe box. Despite its affordable price, the boot is still tough with the toe-cap having a good size. Besides, it has a high collar that ensures the boot offers sufficient rollover protection.


  • Comes with a dull brownish color to keep it clean at all times
  • Waterproof to keep your feet dry at all times
  • Has strong grip outsole to suit all terrain
  • Free from any harmful chemicals


  • The quality is a bit questionable

3. Adidas Mid GTX Lace Closure Mesh & Synthetic Upper Rubber Sole Outdoor Men's Hiking Boot

Of course, Adidas may not be the ultimate choice for any outdoor enthusiast, but they’re currently introduction their lines of trail-running and hiking gears to the market. This brand is not new in the market and their reputation speaks for itself. It delivers a shoe-like grip with an exemplary outsole. The boot is lightweight and will take you to any adventure of your choice. If you divided between the weight and quality, Adidas have your issues catered for. So, what are you still waiting for? Grab this model without hesitation.


  • The black color is ideal to keep it clean always
  • Has synthetic & mesh upper for comfort
  • Has lace closure to keep it secure
  • Can fit most feet


  • A bit narrow

2. SCARPA Synthetic Comfort-Flex EVA-CM Nylon Fabric Upper Men's Majito GTX Hiking Boot

The SCARPA GTX hiking boot offers underfoot comfort, rugged durability with reliable traction to get you set for any outdoor adventure. Besides, it has nylon, synthetic, suede fabric upper. Also, with a waterproof membrane, all the wet elements are kept out of the boot to offer you the best comfort. Also, you’ll get the best comfortable environment ever. The comfortable midsole offers enough flexibility, support, and cushioning. On the other hand, the rubber outsole is well designed to offer excellent traction. Whether you plan for a day hiking or camping, these waterproof hiking boots are the ideal option to buy.


  • Fully waterproof to keep water and moisture out
  • Delivers a more comfortable foot environment
  • Offer great support and cushioning
  • The boots and durable


  • This pair is a bit expensive

1. Salomon GTX 4D 3 Waterproof Backpacking Secure Grip Advanced Chassis Hiking Boots

With undoubted stability, comfortable cushioning, and secure grip, QUEST 4D GTX hiking boots by Salomon is an excellent gear to wear when going on any adventure. Also, these are the right shoes to wear when you’re planning to go for long treks. Besides, this set is cushioned and light with advanced technology that is ideal for backpacking. In essence, this set will assist you in getting to the next challenge. Needless to say, this pair comes with a reasonable price, no need to break the bank. Finally, it can cope well with any terrain.


  • Supportive enough to suit backpacking
  • Has an exemplary design that is attractive
  • Well-cushioned for endless comfort
  • Deliver great stability and comfort


  • They are not fully waterproof

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Waterproof Hiking Boots

Quality Uppers

About uppers, waterproof hiking boots can either have nubuck leather, split-grain, or full-grain uppers. The boots can also embrace waterproof and synthetic membranes to be able to safeguard the feet against the outside weather. The advantage of synthetics materials is that it makes the boots to be lightweight and offer better insulation as well when it’s cold. Also, you should keep comfort to be a priority as much as you look for quality uppers.

Comfortable midsoles

Secondly, the midsoles need to be comfortable enough to offer you sufficient comfort as you trek or walk in the wilderness. Well set midsoles offer excellent shock resistance, cushioning, and buffering. In that regard, you need a pair that can allow you to walk in rough terrain effortlessly in any way. In this respect, opt for a unit that has EVA cushioning which is way ideal than heavier midsoles.

Internal Support

The other aspect to consider when purchasing the best hiking boots is the support it offers. In other cases, some boots feature shank inserts between the boot’s outsole and midsole, which is an addition that improves on the load-bearing of the midsole.

Hard Outsoles

Also, it’s good to consider the outsole. Look for hard outsoles to be able to protect you against rocks or sharp roots. In that case, carbon and rubber outsoles offer the perfect protection whether in a heel brake or lug pattern design. Yet lug pattern boots improve a hiker’s grip, heel brake, on the other hand, are meant to lower the chances of sliding in a steep descent.


We do hope that this post has shed light on the best waterproof hiking boots on the market. There are more than enough options available in the market to choose from, but these limited choices are enough to enable you to make the appropriate choice. We are mindful of your budget, that’s why we offered you products at affordable price ranges. As if that is not enough, we’ve also ensured the brands we’ve reviewed are reputable and reliable. If you have any more suggestions or questions, feel free to leave a comment in the section below!

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