Top 10 Best Ultra-Wide Monitors in 2022 Reviews

How about gaming on the ultra-wide monitor? These super-powerful units offer smooth performance, either watching your favorite movie or gaming. More than that, these monitors play a role in boosting your business. The current industries need a proactive ultra-wide monitor to meet all your targets. These screens will ensure all the workloads are cleared with efficiency. Curved ultra-wide monitors come with various features that ensure all your needs are met. If you want to take your gaming to a notch-higher, you need to keep reading this post for the recommendation of the best monitors.

Before you can think of settling with a particular ultra-wide monitor, you should make sure that all your requirements are met. We know how challenging it might get to separate the wheat from the chaff because there is a wide range of options to choose from. In that case, we decided to lend you a helping hand. Coming up is a list of the top 10 best ultra-wide monitors you might want to consider in reviews.

Check them out.

10. LG HDR 10 Compatible Radeon FreeSync 29WN600-W 21:9 Ultra-Wide HDR1 0 IPS 29Inch Monitor

This screen creates more space than a full high definition display. It allows you to enjoy more abundant viewing materials. You can quickly turn your full screen into a classroom. Also, you can use to in managing lectures, conversations, and textbooks. Moreover, this monitor is designed to facilitate viewing on three sides. You can virtually divide the screen and start working on different slides, reports, or spreadsheets.

An additional feature for this monitor is its slim bezel fitted on the three sides. Its streamline display minimizes any sort of distractions emanating form lifelike images. MAXX AUDIO uses two channels each 7W to deliver in hi-fi. This will, in turn, enrich your video content or gaming experience.


  • Has a borderless design that is virtually 3-sided
  • Color gamut is 99 % RGB
  • Perfect size for home or offices
  • It has ten compatible HDR


  • Needs an extra display cable because HDMI can’t be used with HDRI at once

9. Philips 120% SRGB Adaptive-Sync Speakers Vesa 328E1CA 32Inch 4K UHD Curved Ultra-Wide Monitor

Since displays are now becoming part and parcel of your life both in your working place and at home, a quality monitor for such displays is a necessity. Philips brand offers ideal display solutions with high performing screens. They display vivid images, timeless styles, and smart designs. These monitors combine picture quality with excellent features that allow you to attain a more quality viewing experience. The monitor guarantees the safety of your eye against blue rays emitted by LED displays. You can set the monitor to Low-blue settings. This mode uses smart technology to minimize the hazardous shortwaves of blue light.


  • Built with adaptive synced technology for smooth gaming
  • Mega infinity contrast creates deeper brighter colors
  • It has smooth color detail and gradation
  • Comes with four years of warranty


  • The screen might appear dark if you view it from the sides

8. Scepre C355W-3440UN Machine Black 21:9 LED Creative 35Inch QHD Frameless Curved Ultra-Wide

Scepter ultra-wide monitor has been designed with 1800R display unit that is curved. This design allows you to have a comfortable view, no matter which angle you seated at in your room. It gives all the audience a 35-inch view. The screen has an accurate resemblance to the contours of a human eye.

Gamers can now begin enjoying smooth videos and seamless movements right on the spot using free synch technology. Free synch is a product of AMD technology and is responsible for eliminating both stuttering and tearing almost entirely. This happens because of variations between the frame rate of a graphic card and the refreshing rate of the monitor.


  • Built from a good quality material
  • Clear images with vivid colors
  • Equipped with multiple ports
  • Easy to set it up


  • Doesn’t have any vertical adjustment

7. HP 21:9 E344C 34Inch Sturdy & Reliable Creative VA LED Curved Ultra-Wide Monitor (Black)

This monitor transforms your viewing experiences into a thin screen, which is curved and at the same time saves on both your space and budgetary allocations. It has an ergonomic design and positions that can be adjusted. It has various ports that allow you to connect to your personal computer and other devices with a breeze. The design of the monitor allows you to view your content on a curved 34-inch screen. The aspect ratio of the screen is 29:1 and uses WQHQ screen resolutions. Allows you to connect to all your other devices conveniently. This is made possible with 4-USB hubs, USB-C™, HDMI, USB-C™ that has display unit, and a Display Port. Also, you lower or raise the height of your screen.


  • Comes with an outstanding monitor stand
  • The screen is of high quality
  • It has a sturdy design
  • Easy to set up


  • Narrowly designed HDMI plugin at the back

6. ASUS HDMI Display Port 75Hz Eye Care VP348QGL 34Inch Ultra-Wide HDR Gaming Monitor (Black)

It features HDMI cable and a display port. It uses free synching tech or adaptive technology. This monitor guarantees you with the safety of your eye. It uses a technology that protects your eyes. This eye care tech reduces blue lighting and abolishes flicking of your eyes, thus reducing straining and other possible ailments.

Additionally, its refresh rate goes up to 75 HZ that helps in lowering lagging or blurring on the screen. With Asus VP248QGL, you can easily choose different modes from the available variety of HDR ways. After selecting the right monitor for yourself, you can make adjustments to your monitor based on the current HDR performance.


  • Designed with powerful speakers that can produce reliable sound without external speakers
  • Asus eye tech helps in lowering blue light which causes eye straining
  • Gives room for height adjustments for comfortable viewing
  • Has an ergonomic design that is capable of tilting


  • Power cord appears to be short

5. MSI Optix MAG341CQ 34Inch Non-Glare Ultra-Wide 21:9 Screen 8ms Freesync Curved Gaming Monitor

MSI monitors have been customized to minimize the straining of your eyes. It prevents straining by decreasing the amount of displayed blue lights, thus gives you more extended gaming periods without experiencing fatigue. These monitors use a display panel that is curved with a rate of 1800R. This is the most suitable and ergonomic monitor for use in gaming and general computing. MSI monitors enable you to the experience of fast response and an ultra-high refreshing rate. It supports both PBP and PIP modes. You can adjust the styles with a breeze depending on your gaming needs.


  • 8 ms time response that eliminates tearing of the screen
  • The panel is suitably designed for use by human
  • Has no flickering and flickering noise
  • Wider and visible viewing angle


  • The bezels are too thick

4. Acer 100Hz Refresh Rate XR342CK Pbmiiqphuzx 34Inch QHD Monitor w/AMD FreeSync Technology

This monitor gives you a break from eye strains, neck pain, and flickering. It is designed with eye protection technology that reduces flickering and filtering technology that reduces blue light. It has a flexible tilt that gives your neck a comfortable feeling. The tilting angle ranges from (-5) – (35) degrees. IPS Technology gives you a clear view from any angle.

Additionally, the stand is designed to offer adjustment room for different heights. The Acer Series covers you with all the desired features. These features include a 3840 X 1600 screen resolution and a 34-inch curved ultra-wide screen. You will a more enjoyable gaming experience and watching movies with a close epic resemblance.


  • Uses HDMI 2.0 or Display Port to refresh with a rate of 100 Hz
  • Built vision care technologies that protect your eyes
  • Faster response time of 1 ms
  • Wide and curved screen


  • Has an enormous stand

3. Samsung Business 34Inch WQHD CH890 Series 100Hz USB-C DP HDMI Desktop Monitor (Black)

Samsung Curved 34″ Widescreen Monitor is detailed and visually precise. Its screen resolution is 3440 X 1440, which is 2.5 times pixel greater than Full High Definition. The widescreen UHD produces clear and very sharp, gives you a complete of web pages, documents without scrolling and view all the details at a glimpse. The color accuracy delivered by this monitor is incredible of high quality and suitable for video, photo, or any graphical applications. With the use of type C USB port, you can quickly transfer data, display signals of other connected devices, and also use it to charge other devices. This single-cable connectivity creates an enjoyable working environment that is free from clutters and stress.


  • Accurate colors make it perfect for photography
  • Single cable allows ultimate connection
  • It’s a multi-functional screen
  • Has good image quality


  • No speakers compared to other brands

2. ViewSonic Elite 35Inch XG350R-C 1440P Ultra-Wide 21:9 Curved RGB Gaming Monitor w/FreeSync

ViewSonic Elite monitor is an ultra-fast screen which has a response rate of 3ms. It has a screen resolution is 3440 X 1440 and a refreshing rate of 100Hz that gives you a competitive edge in your gaming experiences. The curved structural design of this monitor creates an immersive 1800R viewing experience. With 2K resolution, you get incredible details, panoramic images, and vivid colors.

It comes with an adjustable stand that is ergonomically designed. You can choose a viewing angle and lock it correctly when you are gaming. Both HDMI and Display Port inputs give you the flexibility and liberty of connecting gaming console and graphics card.


  • Elite RGB TECHNOLOGY illuminates your gaming experience
  • Comes with an ergonomic stand design
  • Has a refreshing rate of 100Hz
  • Offers flexible connectivity


  • Black colors are so dark

1. Dell U3419W 3440 X 1440 34Inch WQHD Curved IPS USB-C Ultra-Wide Monitor (Black)

This model of a monitor is designed with a curved screen that helps in improving your viewing area, minimize reflections, and also gives nearly a straight visual point. With this monitor, you can comfortably use it for a long time without getting tired. The screen allows you to view contents simultaneously from two computer sources. It achieves this by using the PBP and PIP features. Dell Ultra-sharp 34″ gives you the advantage of charging your laptop by connecting a USB cable to the monitor. A single source can charge your computer to a maximum of 90Wi. Further, it has a surge protector that is built inside for protection.


  • The broad curve of the monitor improves the field of view
  • Has the ability to handle multiple tasks
  • Creates almost a uniform focal vision
  • Has a built-in power surge protector


  • Monitor chimes and cycles when the MacBook goes off

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Ultra-Wide Monitor


The first factor to consider is performance. You should look for a model that offers super-brightness and contrast ranges. It should enable you to game any type of game seamlessly. The best performing monitor will allow you to work on your projects flawlessly. So, while you go out shopping, making sure to choose a high-performing monitor.

Fresh Rate

The second essential factor to put into account when shopping for the best ultra-wide monitor is the fresh rate. This dictates how the pictures will be displayed. Ultra-wide monitors come with different refresh rates, which implies that you should be careful when choosing a particular model. For that case, you should consider a monitor with at least 50 Hz refresh rate. Doing so will enable you to watch videos and pictures in an immersive way.

Screen Size

The next thing you’d want to consider is the screen size. Like the standard screens, ultra-wide monitors are designed in different sizes. Most of these screens can range from 29-inches and up. You should choose the model that works perfectly for you so that you get your desired comfort.


Last but not least is the budget. When out to buy an ultra-wide monitor, you should have a budget set aside for the unit. As you know, a curved monitor doesn’t come that cheap. You should have a laid down budget to enable you to shop right. Also, you’ll not spend what you don’t have.


Finally, we’ve come to the end of this review. If you’ve been following with us, we’re sure that you’ve already come across a model that works best for you. Read through the buyer’s guide to have an insight into what you’re almost buying. We’ve done thorough research on this selection, therefore, you shouldn’t dread choosing one that matches your needs. Whether you need to play your favorite game or watch your thrilling movie, one of the above monitors will work correctly for you. Please, wait no further, the solution lies in the above list!

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