Top 10 Best Tricycle Strollers in 2022 Reviews

There’s no doubt, a tricycle stroller is an excellent unit for a growing family. With such items, toddlers feel well pre-schooled and develop motor skills. Most kids can steer and pedal at around three years. And when you want an ideal tricycle stroller for your baby, you need to think of the terrain where it’ll be used and the age of your child. More than that, you also need to consider the safety features that the stroller has. All in all, tricycle stroller is more than safe for your kid because it’s stable with three wheels.

We know that tricycle strollers are all over the market in a wide range of brands and types, that’s why we opted to do the homework for you. Again, it’s not an easy task for an ordinary person to choose the best because almost all brands claim to be the best which is not always the case. Without further ado, here is a comprehensive list of the top 10 best tricycle strollers in reviews.

10. Rolling King Beautiful Design Highly Durable 3-in-1 Tricycle for Kid from 2 – 8 Years

Wondering about the type of gift you’ll bring to your kid this summer season? We’ve got you covered. Rolling King Tricycle stroller is a novel unit to take pride in. It enables the kid to enjoy the ride he takes. The best thing about Rolling King is the ability to convert into three different modes, which ensure it grows with your child. It’s suitable for children of age 18 months to five years old. Some features you should expect from this admirable kids companion includes; durable tires that offer a smooth ride, push handles for parents, beautiful design and the ease of use. With this ride-on item, safety is guaranteed.


  • Non-slip wheels offer a smooth drive
  • This trike will grow with your child
  • Easy to store with a single button
  • Simple yet functional


  • Pedals are too far to reach for younger kids

9. Schwinn 41X20X41 Inch 4-in-1 Easy Steer Roadster Kids Heavy-Duty Tricycle (Red)

Why can’t offer your lovely angle memorable first ride with this 4-in-1 easy steer tricycle by Schwinn? This exceptional tricycle is made with up to date safety attachments, making it suitable for your baby’s beginner attempts at solo riding. With its 4-in-1 design, you rest assured that your child infant will grow to a toddler using the same trike. It features a comfortable head/neck rest, three-point seat belt and padded seat – this styling ride is constructed with safety in mind. On top of that, it’s equipped with a removable steer/push handle for parent control, hence enable the child to feel more secure as they ride with the help of their parents. The wide EVA tires will enable your little ones to ride confidently and securely on flat terrain. What’s more, the heavy-duty steel frame ensures the item last.


  • Comes with sun canopy for protection against elements
  • Has padded seat that assures child comfort
  • Offer your kids comfortable and safe ride
  • Suitable for children ages two and up
  • The assemble is easy and quick


  • Tends to tip over easily when wheels are turned

8. Little Tikes 4-age Pink Full Shade Canopy 4-in-1 Perfect Fit Toddler Trike for On-the-Go

Are you looking for a trike that is ready to grow with your child? At long last you’ve found one, Little Tikes 4-in-1 tricycle stroller is the ultimate solution. With almost all features of your dream stroller, this model is not only ideal for your baby; it’s ‘perfect’ for a parent as well. This sophisticated trike allows on the go travel to be quite easy with different storage spots. Moreover, toddlers can learn to pedal and even start to steer after a while. That’s not enough, it allows parents to push and even kids can go on their own. Indeed, this unit keeps strides with your growing active child.


  • The sun canopy offers maximum protection against elements
  • Comes with protective foot tray for tiny feet to rest
  • Has a convenient drink, snack and phone tray
  • Built with a five-point safety belt harness


  • The parent tray isn’t attached securely

7. KidsEmbrace 4-in-1 3-Point Harness Paw Patrol Chase Push & Ride Stroller Tricycle for Kids

KidsEmbrace tricycle stroller is another special type of kid’s item that grows with them. This 4-in-1 push and ride stroller have unique design move along as your child grows. Transitioning from one stage to another is quite easy. You only need to fold the footpegs, get rid of the belly bar, close the front wheel lock and remove the parent handle. This unit is suitable for children of age 10 months to 5 years and weighing up to 49 pounds. It boasts large puncture-proof EVA wheels that offer a smooth ride for your child. Besides, it’s easy to assemble with one-click snap-in wheels.


  • Comes with a backrest and padded cover for a comfortable ride
  • Has large EVA wheels that offer a smooth ride
  • Perfect for kids age 10 months to 5 years
  • It’s very easy to assemble


  • No con for now

6. SmarTrike STR3 6-in-1 Multi-Stage Foldable Toddler Tricycle w/Stroller Certification

SmarTrike 6-in-1 toddler tricycle is an advanced kit that comes with incomparable features. It’s packed with enough safety for infants 9 months plus. Also, it comes with a unique folding system that enables the trike to be fully folded without disassembling it. Besides, it moves with a touch of steering to any direction you wish to move it to. You can enable your toddler to learn to pedal while remaining in control of the trike. When they’ve fully learned, you can call in the second stage and see them ride on their own. The front-wheel feature a shock absorber that enables the kid to enjoy a smooth ride. The brakes also are top-notch with an advance system for enhanced safety.


  • Offer sufficient comfort to your baby as they ride on
  • Enhanced safety with the advanced braking system
  • Comes with effortless touch steering
  • Can easily fold compactly


  • The front-wheel gets jammed on the parent-led mode

5. Costzon 6-in-1 Foldable Baby Tricycle w/Detachable Guardrail Safety Harness & Storage Bag

Are you looking for high-quality tricycle strollers? Look no further than Costzon tricycle stroller. This unit designed from high-grade steel and plastic components that are well known for their strength and durability. It is ideal for use by children between the ages of 1-5 years thus accommodates most growing children. The foldable pedals meet varied requirements of different children to rest his or feet while enjoying the ride. Additionally, it has two stroller brakes on the back wheel to keep you safe at all times. You can as well store your child’s stuff such as paper towels in the included stor00age basket.


  • The wheels are elastic and resistant to wear and tears
  • Comes with clear instructions for easier installation
  • Has a 3 point harness to keep your child safer
  • Can be easily folded for storage and transport


  • The footrests are a bit smaller

4. GALILEO 3-in-1 Foldable Durable Lightweight Stroller Tricycle for On-the-Go Family (Blue)

If you’re searching for a much safer tricycle stroller, this brand from Galileo is the best choice. It is ideal for use by both boys and girls both indoors and outdoors who desire to develop confidence and motor skills. With only a weight of 19.71 pounds and foldable design, you can easily carry it from one place to another without feeling its weight. The curved safety seat keeps your child always comfortable while enjoying their ride. Moreover, it has a canopy shading that protects your little ones from the strong rays of the sun. The adjustable pedals suit different children with different height needs.


  • The steering wheel has adjustable control for different speeds
  • Has a compact design thus takes less storage space
  • The back wheel locks into place to suit your needs
  • Protective bars thus your child remains safer


  • Has no cons far

3. Evezo 302A LED Headlight 4-in-1 Parent Push 5-Point Safety Harness Tricycle (Burgundy Pink)

Evezo tricycle stroller is equipped with a wide range of features to suit your child’s needs. This 4 in 1 system has front LED lights that keep your little one safer from any collisions or accidents. It is ideal for use by children with the age of 12 months and above for a more enjoyable ride. The adult steering wheel allows you to fully control where your baby goes for added safety. With the swiveling seat function, your baby can turn around and explore the world. Besides, it only weighs 13.13 kilograms making it more portable. It is designed from high-grade aluminum components for a longer-lasting unit.


  • Has extra storage space at the bottom for more convenience
  • Well designed to allow your kids conquer most terrains
  • The full-size canopy protects your child from the sun’s rays
  • Available in 4 different colors to choose from


  • It can’t be folded

2. DOONA Kid-Friendly Sleek Urban Design Foldable Ideal for Travel Liki Trike S3 (Flame Red)

As a kid, you can now roll out and enjoy every moment of your riding with Doona tricycle stroller. This item is designed from high-quality aluminum materials that are rust-free, durable and very strong. The dual steering wheel makes it easy for both the parent and child to navigate and keep safer. It folds and unfolds within some few seconds for easier storage and transportation. With the canopy shields, your child is kept safe from harmful damages from the sun’s UV rays. Besides, it has a five-point harness that keeps your child safe and secure at all times.


  • Takes some few minutes to fully assemble it thus saves your time
  • The multifunctional reclining backrest for a comfortable ride
  • Has a compact design thus fits into your car trunk
  • Strong enough to support a weight of up to 20kg


  • The straps on the shoulder pads constantly fall down

1. Bentley 6-in-1 Foldable Canopy Smooth Ride Ergonomic Seat Freewheel Baby Trike

Do you need a more comfortable tricycle stroller? This brand from Bentley is the best choice in the market. This equipment can easily change from a stroller into a tricycle as your toddler grows. The cross-stitched seats are well designed to ensure that your kid feels comfortable at all times. The back support can be easily adjusted in two different angles. Parents can control this tricycle because it has adjustable and removable parent push handle. You can easily turn the seat around up to 180° to allow your child to explore more. With the extra-large canopy, your little one is protected from harmful UV rays.


  • The canopy is made of durable premium materials
  • Has additional footrests to keep your infant learning
  • Easy to fold and unfold for storage and portability
  • Ergonomically designed for more comfort


  • It doesn’t come with a cup holder

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Tricycle Stroller


The first aspect worth considering when shopping for the best baby trike is the material use to make it. In that case, steel proves to be the best choice because it’s sturdy and can withstand heavyweights. Steel material assures the safety of your toddler in whichever terrain you ride them on. However, aluminum is still a good option you may want to consider because it’s lightweight. It normally ideal for families on the go.


When looking for the best trikes for toddlers, safety is the most important factor you may think of. As such, you should go for a unit that is made of sturdy and strong material. Strong plastic and metal are some of the best materials you should consider. Other safety aspects you need to consider are the harness points, they should be more than two points to offer a secure fit for your child. The braking system also should be easy to initiate. Besides, the helmet should not also miss in the tricycle to keep your child safe in case of a crash or an accident.

Pedal Power

Even if your child is very interested in a specific tricycle stroller, is paramount to check the pedal power. You should ascertain that your toddler can reach the handlebars and the pedal with much comfort. Absence of pedal power implies that your kid will have less fun. It, therefore, your work to ensure that the handlebars and pedal are accessible for thrilling riding experience.


When purchasing the best trike, durability should also come into play. First, ensure to pick a model that’s versatile to grow with the child. That said, a durable trike should be able to serve your child for the entire childhood. Even better, it can work well if it can allow another child to still use it. Durability, therefore, should be determined by the materials used.


It true, buying a trike for your toddler can be challenging if you make it to be. As we opted to help you make the best buying decision, we tabled the above choices. We also went a step further and offered you a buyer’s guide to keep you on track as you maneuver around looking for the best tricycle stroller. After you’ve read this post, you’ll come to note that shopping for the best baby trike isn’t a hassle. We hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as we enjoyed offering it to you. Best of luck!

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