Top 10 Best Standing Desk Converters in 2022 Reviews

There is some research that suggests that the standing desks are better as compared to the desks that you sit at. The reason for that is that they help to increase productivity and are healthier in general. This is the reason why you will find them in most modern offices especially due to the versatility they bring on board. Other names used for these desks are standing workstations or stand-up desks. If you develop the urge to change your common desks to standing desks, you do not have to throw away your existing desks. All that you will need is the standing desk converters. With these, you will be able to find the right working position according to your need. You will easily need to place them on your common desk and adjust them to your convenient height.

When purchasing the standing desk converters, there are key factors that you will want to have a look at. These will enable you to filter through the many market options after which you will single out the best desk riser for you. Since we all know that this is a time-consuming task, we offered to review the best standing desk converters in the market as of now. In this post still, we highlight key features that you can consider when doing the purchase.

Take a look at the picks below;

10. FITUEYES Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

We begin this review with this desk riser that comes from one of the best brands around today. It offers a simple standing or sitting experience around your desk. The desk riser is also designed to offer plenty of room to accommodate your monitor, the keyboard, a laptop, a mouse, and other accessories. The best thing is that it will never take up too much space in the office or home.

With this standing desk converter, you can rest assured to have some flexible working positions. The good thing about this desk riser is that it comes fully assembled. For that reason, you will never waste time with the setup since it comes ready to use. The adjustable workstation will allow you to achieve a very healthy balance between sitting and standing at your desk.


  • Allows you to easily sit or stand at the desk
  • Offers a generous working surface
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Flexible work positions


  • Won’t go down easily

9. Seville Classics Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

This is a strongly-designed standing desk converter that will support a maximum load capacity of 33 lbs. You will also appreciate that it has a pneumatic height adjustment from 4.7 inches to 16.9 inches. It has basically been designed to save the desk space by adjusting it vertically on its own footprint. The good thing about the height adjustment is that it happens very quickly and quietly.

What makes this desk riser unique from the rest is the fact that it comes with a smartphone or tablet tray for convenience. The construction of this desk converter features a heavy-duty steel frame that promises to stand the test of time. Given that this product comes with a limited warranty of three years, you should buy with ultimate confidence.


  • It has a weight capacity of 33 lbs.
  • Quiet and quick vertical lift
  • Made of heavy-duty steel frame
  • Backed with a limited warranty for 3 years


  • Stuck in the mid position

8. FEZIBO Standing Desk Converter with Adjustable Height

This Espresso standing desk gives different comfort positions. For that reason, you will easily find the balance between standing and sitting the entire day. It makes use of a gas spring system allowing the workstation to adjust very smoothly with just a simple squeeze of its handle. Its adjustable range is actually 5.3 inches to 20.5 inches.

The other thing that you will appreciate about this desk converter is that it has a very spacious working area. It will therefore accommodate all your essentials including the monitor and your paperwork. Owing to its ergonomic and sturdy structure, the desk converter will support a maximum weight capacity of 33 lbs. it also comes with a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer to boost your buying confidence.


  • It comes in an ergonomic design
  • The standing desk converter offers a fast transition
  • Offers a spacious working area
  • A sturdy structure to support up to 33 lbs. weight


  • Not easy to adjust

7. TechOrbits Standing Desk Converter

If you are the kind of person that appreciates the fine details, this desk riser will be good for you. The product uses premium MDF wood to add a very nice and smooth finish on the surface’s material. Most desks in the market make use of particleboard. It is this small detail that makes a huge difference in the feel and looks of your desk.

Since this standing desk converter features a strong aluminum frame, you will appreciate its ability to support a load capacity of 33 lbs. you will also appreciate that this desk riser offers a universal fit for basically all monitors. Unlike other market products, this one requires minimal effort to lower and raise the adjustable desk riser. Even better, it comes along with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Made of quality MDF with a smooth finish
  • Backed with a lifetime warranty
  • Offers a universal fit for all monitors
  • It has a simple transition


  • Not ideal for people with back issues

6. AmazonBasics Standing Desk Converter, 5-Level Adjustable – Black

This is a portable desktop converter that will allow you to easily change the sitting and standing positions for the entire day. You will appreciate that the desk riser can be easily adjusted into 5 varying heights with its simple electronic controls. The desk riser can be used on a table, desk, or countertop to come up with instant height for optimal working experience.

When it comes to the construction of this desk riser, you will appreciate its strong steel frame that has a contemporary wooden finish on the tabletop. Apart from that, the standing desk converter comes with floor protectors in order to eliminate the damage that can be caused on your surfaces. You will also appreciate that it comes in a convenient foldable design for simple storage and transportation.


  • This is a portable standing desk converter
  • It comes with 5 levels of height adjustment
  • Features a strong steel frame
  • Comes in a convenient foldable design


  • None for now

5. FLEXISPOT Standing Desk Converter, Height-Adjustable

If you are looking to have a spacious work surface, this is the product that you need. It will easily spread out to create extra space for your monitor, paperwork, and other desk accessories. Its easy 1-step attachment and release will give you the option to make use of this desk riser with the keyboard tray or without. The desk converter arrives in different sizes too meaning that you can choose the best one for you.

It comes with a smart “X” structure design with a gas spring system that will provide a smooth and even support amid transitioning. What’s more, the workstation will rise and fold vertically within its footprint. There will therefore be no need for spatial accommodations like is the case for similar products. Given that this is a trusted brand, you should buy with ultimate confidence.


  • Extra-spacious working surface
  • Features integrated air technology
  • Comes with a removable keyboard tray
  • This is a trusted brand


  • None for now

4. Seville Classics 35 Inch Height-Adjustable Desk Converter, Black

This is a wide dual-monitor desk riser that will be a good pick for tablet and laptop users. It prides itself on an instant adjustment to a maximum height of 19.3 inches with a simple squeeze of a lever. Owing to its quality and sturdy design, the desk riser will accommodate a maximum weight capacity of 30 lbs. This, therefore, makes it better than the average desk risers in the market.

You will also appreciate that the lifting mechanism is very quiet and quick and it does so on its own footprint. Given that the desk riser has met the required BIFMA standards, you can be sure that this is a reliable product. Even better, it comes along with a limited warranty of three years which will boost your buying confidence.


  • This is a wide dual-monitor riser
  • Quiet and quick vertical lifting
  • It can support up to 33 lbs. weight capacity
  • Comes with a limited warranty for 3 years


  • Hard to assemble

3. The House of Trade Desk Riser (Black, 32Inch Wide)

One of the aspects that you will appreciate about this desk riser is the fact that it has a wide space. It will therefore accommodate up to 2 monitors very perfectly without compromising their safety. Given that the desk riser comes in a heavy-duty design, it will perfectly accommodate a maximum load capacity of 50 lbs. these desk risers arrive in different sizes for buyers to pick from.

Another amazing feature about this desk riser is the fact that it comes with 5 height settings. You will therefore be able to choose your convenient height from all these options. Apart from that, the desk riser comes with a simple sliding keyboard tray for convenience. The fact that the manufacturer offers a warranty of 2 years on this product should give you the confidence to purchase.


  • Wide enough for 2 monitors
  • There are 5 height settings
  • Supports up to 50 lbs. of weight
  • Backed with a 2-year warranty


  • Poor packaging

2. ABOX Electric-Powered Standing Desk Converter, Height-Adjustable

What makes this desk riser unique from the rest is its automatic lifting ability. With the electric push button, you will be able to adjust the height conveniently from 5.9 inches all the way to 19.6 inches. With this desk riser, therefore, you will be free from getting tired upon sitting at your desk for a long time. In this case, there will be no back or neck pains that are associated with sitting for lengthy hours.

The other amazing feature about this desk riser is that it offers a spacious working space. This is the reason why it will perfectly accommodate up to 2 monitors or laptops. Its lower tier will be very convenient for the mouse and the keyboard. Apart from that, this desk riser features very sturdy construction which makes it very stable and safe to use. Even better, it comes in a compact and space-saving design. However, it does not compromise its sturdiness since it accommodates up to 44 lbs.


  • Automatic lifting with a single key
  • Offers a spacious working surface
  • Stable and very safe to use
  • Compact and space-saving design


  • None for now

1. VersaDesk Power Pro Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Riser

This is an electric-powered desk riser that will adjust the height of your workstation as you like. The maximum height that can be attained with this desk riser is 20 inches. You will also be happy to choose your ideal finish from the available options. This desk riser features a quality carbon steel frame that will remain very sturdy and stable in all height settings.
Another amazing feature about this desk riser is that it comes ready to use immediately from the box. This basically means that there will be no need for any assembly and complicated installation procedures. With this desk riser, you will have a healthy balance between sitting and standing up at your desk throughout the day.


  • The height is adjustable to 20 inches
  • Available in different finishes
  • Made with a carbon steel frame
  • This is a reputable brand


  • Poor packaging

Factors to consider when buying a standing desk converter


This is one important feature to think about since this is the place that you will be placing your monitor or laptop. You have to determine the amount of space that you require especially if you have the dual monitor set up. The good thing about these desk risers is that most of them come with ample workspace and a layered design. You will therefore have a space for your monitors and the keyboard or other accessories.

Quality and durability

These are factors that you will have to put in your mind when choosing the desk converters. If this is not the case, you will basically be wasting your money. You have to check the construction quality of the standing desk converter. Other than being durable, it must have the ability to support the weight of your monitors and laptops.

Ease of use

Your desk converter will be very inconvenient if you will be adjusting its height manually. Instead, you should opt for the desk risers that can be simply be adjusted with just a press of an electric button. Apart from that, you need to look at the height adjustment range for your desk riser. This will determine whether it meets your comfort needs or not.


A standing desk converter is essential for anyone whose work involves sitting or standing for an extended period. All the same, you need to find the best that will suit your applications. The reason for that is that the market is currently filled with options and if you are not careful enough, you can easily make the wrong choice. In the above review, there are top 10 best standing desk converters that all come from reliable brands. Since everyone will have their own choice, we prepared a buyer’s guide that will be the basis from which you make your selection. Provided that you adhere to the information in this review, getting the right desk riser will be pretty easy.

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