Top 10 Best Smartwatches for Kids in 2022 Reviews

It’s the duly responsibility for any parent to pay attention to their children needs occasionally. Even though it may seem challenging, any concerned parent should try as much as possible. Thanks to the rise of advanced technologies, yet your child does not need to know that you fully know their location always. The thing is, with a smartwatch for kids, you can still know where your child is at any particular time. As such, the safety and well-being of your kid are assured.

These sophisticated devices come with extra-ordinary features that are interesting as well – features you’d always expect from high-class smartwatches, yet remaining entertaining to your kids for occasional use. So, to offer you some help regarding these devices, we table a set of ten best smartwatches for kids you can grab in the market now. With this review, you’ll be in a better position to separate the wheat from the chaff.

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10. WallPacle Blue 1.54 Inch HD Touch Screen Smart Watch for Girls & Boys w/SOS Call Camera

Kids have a busy childhood, and to accommodate all their day to day activities, the best smartwatch is necessary. WallPacle smartwatch for kids is one of those simple yet powerful devices for kids. It enables kids to manage their own time with ease. The clock can be set in three varied time modes to alerts kids on time. Also, it’s pretty easy to operate. Again, it can take pictures with one-touch. It’s rated IP67 waterproof, allows kids to wear even when swimming or playing in misty laces. Moreover, it features a music player that will enable kids to play some exciting and cool music.


  • It doesn’t require a computer because it comes with a built-in software
  • Support sim card slot and works seamlessly on G.P.M.GPM network
  • The two hooks hold the watch well on the kid’s hand
  • Offers an ideal fit for most toddlers


  • It lacks explicit shortcut keys.

9. LOL Surprise LOL4104 Pink Easy-To-Buckle Built-in Selfie Camera Touch-Screen Smartwatch

If you’re looking for a classic touchscreen watch for your kid, LOL SURPRISE! is the device to watch. The better part of it is the fact that it doesn’t need any phone connectivity. It boasts several features that allow it to work optimally; it features a video recorder, a camera, a pedometer, a voice recorder, games, and a calculator. When the battery charge is down, you can flawlessly charge the unit using a USB plug it comes with. It’s ideal for gifting your child during birthdays, anniversary, charisma, or any other special occasion. Besides, after the battery has been charged, it can enable the kid to have continuous fun at the night and during the day.


  • The battery is durable
  • Uses a USB cable for convenient charging
  • The best gift for your little angel
  • It’s affordable with unmatched quality.


  • It is not made to the standard.

8. Lsflair Black HD Touch Screen Sports Smartwatch Phone for Boys & Girls w/Call Camera Alarm

Kids are typically attracted to colorful and twinkling items, and that’s the idea behind Lsflair smartwatch. It comes with camera and game that will attract kids intensely. Plus, it easy for a child to use. Also, it comes with a memory that enables kids to take photos and record voice. Further, the phone call utility is even more useful. Even though we can’t match this with the top-notch smartwatches like those of Apple and Samsung, it comes with tons of advantages.

To begin with, it of high quality in comparison to its price. Secondly, it has a solid and rugged build that guarantees the safety of your child’s hands. The performance dimension is also notable. Even though the main function of a watch is to display time, this particular device can go the extra mile to offer gaming features.


  • Feature gaming function that allows the kid to develop their motor skills
  • Has a solid and rugged construction to stand the test of time
  • The watch is super attractive, and the camera is excellent
  • Seamless to connect and store music on the SD card


  • It doesn’t offer GPS functionality.

7. Marvel SPD4588AZ 19.5 Red Silicone Strap Boys' Touch Screen Smartwatch for Kids

The best way of appreciating our kids is to get them a gift that they’ll never forget even when they grow older, Marvel smartwatch for kids is the model to look out for. It comes with several features including calculator, camera, games, and pedometer. The touchscreen is easy to operate, and your child will feel impressed to use it. It’s the only watch that it comes with almost everything that your child requires. So, next time when you’re searching for the best smartwatch for your kid, you’ve got a better offer o gift your child.


  • Enables you to download videos and photos
  • Has a rugged build that last long
  • Comes with a durable battery
  • It’s relatively safe & secure.


  • The volume is loud

6. TORWMEN IP67 Waterproof 1.44 Inch H.D.HD Touch Color Screen Smartwatch L.B.S.LBS Positioning

If you’d like to track your child’s location without them knowing, TORWMEN Smartwatch is here at your disposal. It’ll offer you a real-time location of your child at all times. Even better, with this watch, you can set the kid’s range using a digital fence warming, and with that, if your child leaves the designated area, the app will trigger an alarm response. Also, this watch is IP67 waterproof; hence you won’t have to worry about your child washing hand while the watch is on the hand.


  • It’s waterproof and long-lasting
  • You can track the real-time location of your child
  • Has the ability to measure kid’s temperature
  • It’s accurate and reliable.


  • The camera isn’t the best.

5. MeritSoar HD Touch Screen Kids Smart Watch for Boys & Girls w/Call Camera & Music Player

You can keep your children safer and feel cared for by purchasing this smartwatch for kids by Meritsoar. Parents can easily set up to 10 contacts on the watch where kids can easily go through them and dial the number they desire. It is well designed to allow you little ones to make and receive calls at any time. It has seven funny, intelligent games that help your little one to have fun as they discover more interesting things in the outside world. Kids can as well take photos with the inbuilt camera with only one touch for more fun. Better still, it is designed from quality plastic and silicone materials that assures you of a long-lasting unit.


  • Comes with a USB cable for recharging purposes
  • Has a lightweight design for a comfortable wear
  • Easier to use with the clearly instructed manual
  • It works perfectly with or without a sim card.


  • The volume can’t be adjusted.

4. PROGRACE Watch Music Flashlight Games Kids Smartwatch w/F.M.FM Radio & Pedometer

If your kids need to monitor their fitness progress, it would be nice getting this smartwatch for kids by Prograce. By entering the step menu, you can easily monitor and view the steps and calorie consumption. Kids can as well take pictures and selfies with the 90 degrees rotatable camera to find the best angle. Your little ones can as well play any music of their choice in the memory card by selecting the Audio play. It has built-in four funny games that allow them to play at any time to improve on their coordination. With only a weight of 1.6 ounces, your kids can wear it without feeling much of its weight.


  • The flashlight can be used during dark moments
  • Made of high-quality materials that last long
  • Ideal for use by children aged 4 to 12 years old
  • Has a larger touchscreen for easier operations


  • It takes more time to charge it fully.

3. WILLOWWIND Touch Screen Music Player Alarm Clock Calculator Touch Screen Kids Watch

Willowwind smartwatch for kids is equipped with a wide range of features to meet all your kid’s needs. It is available in blue, pink, and black colour thus suitable for both boys and girls with different personalities. This unit supports two way calling since you can store important contacts and kids can call them at any time they desire. With the seven popular learning games, kids can develop their intelligence and their ability to think. Kids can also take selfies while recording using this smartwatch for more convenient operations. Moreover, it features a calculator, quick dial, alarm, stopwatch, and many more.


  • Keeps kids comfortable at all times since it is lightweight
  • Children can long-press S.O.S.SOS dial to call for help
  • Convenient and easier to operate by children
  • Has a longer battery life for long usage


  • Cannot be used by children under the age of 3 years

2. INIUPO Blue Touch Screen Smart Watch for Boys & Girls Children Smart Watch for Kids Birthday

You can gift your little kiddo this coming holiday season with Iniupo smartwatch for kids. This unit features seven different games that help to improve the ability to respond and improves hand-eye coordination. It is equipped with a rechargeable battery with a battery life of up to 3 – 5 days for convenient operations. Usage becomes such an easier task since it comes with a clearly instructed manual. Also, when in distress, kids can dial the SOS key and call his or her family members to get some help. It is powerful enough, just like a phone, and contains several functions and features.


  • Kids can listen to their music while playing in the park
  • Can be used by kids aged between 3-12 years
  • Comes with a charging cable for recharging
  • You can choose from five languages.


  • A bit larger for younger kids

1. VTech DX2 Pink Two Cameras Monster Catcher KidiZoom Smartwatch for Girls & Boys

It has always been more fun for your kids, but you as well double the fun with Vtech smartwatch for kids. This unit is equipped with two cameras that enable your kids to take videos, pictures, and selfies with only one touch. It features motion apps and games that help to improve coordination skills. Your kids can as well explore more time concepts with time functions such as the timer, calendar, and alarm. With the parental mode, you can easily disable the games and set a daily time limit. Additionally, it has a rechargeable battery with a long usage life for efficient operations.


  • Made splash-proof to avoid any frequent damages
  • Comes with clear instructions on how to use it
  • The touch is very sensitive for ideal operation
  • Has five exciting games for more fun and play


  • Has smaller storage capacity

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Smartwatch for Kids

The Age of Your Kid

The child’s possibility of using the smartwatch is overly dependent on their age and related motor skills. You should closely pay attention to their age variation the market is tilted towards, and also consider whether older kids will make use of the features. For instance, if you’ve got a kid who has not started going to school, automation devices are more suitable than buying them kids smartwatch.

The Ease of Use

This is a direct point that should never be assumed. You want a simple appliance that your kid will understand with ease. For that reason, you need to opt for a smartwatch that comes with a big screen, easy to use the watch with kid-friendly buttons. It should be easy to wear and put it off.

Battery Life

The time a smartwatch’s battery hold charge varies greatly depending on the device’s model. If you decide to go for the one that uses G.P.S.GPS tracking with full-time network connection, then be ready to charge it frequently. It’s therefore advisable to look at the model before making a purchase.

Design & Comfort

For instance, if your kid has sensitive skin, you want to ensure that the materials used to make the watch is not allergic to their skin and deliver as much comfort as possible. Select a watch that will offer your kid a comfortable fit at all times.


The determining factor for durability is construction and quality. With a rugged styling and top-notch quality, you’re confident enough that the unit you’re about to buy for your child will stand the test of time. At lowest, you will want to consider a device that is water-resistant with a sturdy and wideband, impact-absorbing casing, and a well-protected screen.


There they are. If you still have any doubt on the best smartwatches for kids, go through this review once more, and certainly you’ll meet the model that matches all your demands. We’ll cut your search time by almost half and saves you a lot of money. Our review is based on all-round testing of these devices with honesty playing a bigger role. Most importantly, read through the consideration part to be in the best position to make a wise buying decision. Make your kid love you more by buying them one of these smartwatches.

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