Top 10 Best Road Bike Helmets in 2022 Reviews

Just like other hobbies, cycling on the road might be dangerous more than it appears for most people. You realize that even the common bike routes and simplest roads will have some sharp turns as well as bumpy sections. These are likely to get you off guard when you are not prepared. This is the reason why you will need to have a good road bike helmet before you can get yourself into cycling. A good cycling helmet is supposed to keep your safety first more than anything else. It should be made with the best materials to make sure that your head remains safe in case of an impact.

Buying a road bike helmet can be a bit daunting at first especially when you do not know what to look for. What’s more, given that there are so many options for these products in the market, you might get yourself on the crossroads confused on what to buy. To carry away all these worries, you need to go through this compilation to the end. It has all the important information that you need to get a good road bike helmet. Have a look!

10. JBM Adult Cycling Helmet for Men and Women (18 Colors)

This is an adult cycling helmet that prides itself on an adjustable design allowing it to fit different head sizes. You will appreciate that it comes with a simple-to-use dial system as well as side straps for that purpose. Owing to its unisex design, it can be used by both men and women. The other thing that you will like about this helmet is its quality construction. It makes use of durable and tough materials to resist impacts.

It also adopts a special aerodynamic as well as a ventilation design which allows air to simply go through the helmet. This, therefore, means that increasing your cycling speed will only keep you cool and comfortable. Apart from that, the biking helmet features a lightweight design such that you will even forget whether you are wearing it.


  • It is adjustable to different head sizes
  • Specially designed with quality materials to resist impacts
  • It adopts a special aerodynamic ventilation design to keep you cool
  • Thus biking helmet features a lightweight design with breathable materials


  • The straps will never remain tight

9. animiles Bicycle Helmet, Adjustable and Lightweight

This is an adult bike helmet that has been made using quality PVC, PC, and EPS materials. It, therefore, means that the helmet will resist impacts so well to keep your head safe whenever you are cycling. You will also like its humanized design since there is an adjustment knob at the bikes back. It means that you will be able to adjust its circumference based on your head size.

The other thing that you will appreciate about this helmet is that it comes with detachable inner pads that are very soft. Apart from that, it adopts professional aerodynamics as well as ventilation design that will keep you cool upon increasing the speed. Owing to the fact that this is a risk-free purchase, you should have enough confidence to buy.


  • This adult bike helmet features quality PVC and PC materials for durability
  • There is an adjusting knob at the bike’s back to adjust the head circumference
  • Features detachable inner soft pads that will keep you cool
  • Guaranteed refund of money in case you are not satisfied


  • People complained that it did not stay on their heads

8. Lixada Bike Helmet with some Detachable Magnetic Goggles

This bike helmet has been specially designed for adult riders. You will appreciate that it comes with an impact-resistant PC material that is very hard to crack. Apart from that, it employs high-density EPS foam on its interior that will absorb the impact energy to keep your head very safe. With its 22 ventilation vents, this helmet will make sure that you do not sweat as you cycle.

Another feature that will contribute to the comfort of this bike helmet is that it comes in a lightweight design. Additionally, it comes with detachable goggles that will protect your face from the wind and sand. You will also appreciate that the helmet gives you the ability to adjust its size in order to bring you the best fit.


  • It has been specially designed for the adult rider with impact-resistant PC materials
  • The helmet comes with 22 ventilation vents to reduce sweating
  • It can be easily adjusted to accommodate different head sizes
  • The detachable goggles will shield your face from sand and wind


  • A weak size adjustment mechanism

7. Zacro Bike Helmet for Men and Women- CPSC Certified

One of the things that you will like about this bike helmet is that it has been made with a selection of top quality materials that will ensure that it remains tough and durable. Apart from that, it has been equipped with safety straps just like other quality bike helmets. You will also be happy to learn that this bike helmet has met the CPSC certification standards for the safety of cyclists.

Owing to its special aerodynamic as well as a ventilated design, this bike helmet is going to keep you cool even when you cycle at high speeds. On a similar note, it has a lightweight design to keep you comfortable even when you wear it for a long time. The helmet has several applications since it can be used for cycling, skiing, and other outdoor activities.


  • It has been made with tough and durable PVC and PC materials
  • The adjustable straps allow the helmet to be adjusted according to the head size
  • A special and aerodynamic design to keep you cool as you ride
  • It only weighs 225 grams so it will never be a burden on your head


  • A bit pricey

6. Exclusky Bike Helmet with a USB Rear Light

This bike helmet uses the in-mold technique which proves to be very effective as far as your head safety is concerned. The impact forces will be absorbed by the EPS foam while the outer PC shell has been designed to slide and slip in case there is a crash. You will also appreciate that the helmet has adequate coverage to ensure that your head is protected well.

The other aspect that you will get to enjoy about thus bike helmet is that it has a USB rechargeable taillight with three light modes. To change these light modes, you will only need to press a button. You will appreciate that every mode is going to offer enough visibility especially for people behind you to prevent collisions. Given that the size can be easily adjusted, you will easily customize the fit for comfort reasons.


  • Made with high-quality materials on the outer shell in order to resist impacts
  • Made with 16 air vents that will regulate airflow and keep your head cool
  • Features a USB-rechargeable taillight that will prevent collisions in the dark
  • Easily adjustable for a customized fit


  • Poor packaging

5. OUWOR Mountain Bike Helmet

This bike helmet has been made using a strong PC shell on the outer side while the inside makes use of quality EPS foam. This, therefore, means that the helmet is going to offer safety, especially with its molding technology. The other thing that makes this bike helmet very convenient to use is the fact that it comes with chin straps as well as a rear dial for simple adjustments.

You will also be happy to learn that the bike helmet has been designed for different mountain bike activities particularly the trail and endure. This bike helmet also comes with 16 vents and soft inner pads that will make sure that you remain very comfortable whenever you wear it. What’s more, it has a lightweight design that will basically keep you comfortable throughout.


  • The bike helmet features a strong PC shell with quality EPS foam for comfort
  • It comes with chin straps that allow you to adjust the fit as you like
  • Made in a lightweight design for a comfortable user experience
  • Features a detachable visor that makes it easy to install and remove


  • The buckle does not work correctly

4. Giro Isode Adult Cycling Helmet

This is yet another bike helmet that comes with amazing features for your comfort as well as head safety. You will be happy to learn that the helmet has been lab-tested and proven to offer the best protection for your head. It uses the multi-directional protection system against impacts in order to redirect energy in case of a crash.

The other feature that makes it good just like other quality bike helmets is that it comes in a universal fit design. This basically means that you will be able to make the adjustments very easy to get a customized fit. With 24 vents, you can rest assured that your head will never sweat even when you cycle at higher speeds.


  • A universal fitting to accommodate different head sizes
  • It comes with 24 vents for a continuous flow of air to keep you cool
  • Made with quality and impact-resistant outer shell
  • Well-padded interior with moisture-wicking abilities


  • None identified

2. Smith Optics Men's Cycling Helmet

In the second place according to this review is this cycling helmet from Smith Optics that has all the qualities that you would ever wish for. First, you will fall in love with its construction where it has a hard shell on the outer side to resist impacts in case of a crash. You will also appreciate that it features quality EPS foam on the inner parts to keep you very comfortable.

With its 21 vents, you will appreciate that the cycling helmet is going to keep you cool whenever you will be cycling at high speeds. What’s more, it comes in an adjustable design that will ensure that you get your right fit depending on the size of your head. You will also learn that the helmet has met all the safety certifications that have been put in place.


  • An impact-resistant EPS outer shell
  • It has met the required safety certifications
  • Easy adjustment to accommodate different head sizes
  • Made in a lightweight design for comfort


  • None identified

1. TeamObsidian Bike Helmet - CPSC Safety Certified

The TeamObsidian helmet closes this review and just like other quality bike helmets, this one also possesses the best features. There are three essential steps that have been followed in making this bike helmet. First, the exterior shell is placed which is later reinforced with a skeleton. Finally, foam is added to make sure that your head remains protected in case of a crash.

Ventilation will be at its best with this bike helmet now that it comes with 22 air vents. It also comes with an adjustable size design which is going to ensure that everyone finds their right fit. What should give you enough confidence to buy is learning that the bike helmet comes with a warranty of 2 years from the manufacturer.


  • A superior technique for your safety
  • It comes with all the accessories that you need
  • Easily adjustable for a customized fit
  • Backed with a manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years


  • Too small

Factors to consider when buying a road bike helmet

Construction quality

This is among the things that you should never compromise when choosing a bike helmet. The helmets ought to be made with outer materials that will resist cracks in case of a crash. On the inner side, a good helmet will come with some quality foam in order to keep the head very comfortable as well as absorb impacts so well. When this is the case, you can rest assured that the helmet will serve its best and also last long.


Cycling is an exercise that requires that you be as comfortable as possible. This is why you need to insist on getting helmets that will bring you that comfort. Comfort will go beyond the materials used for the helmet. You realize that for a helmet to be comfortable, it ought to give a good fit. That, therefore, means getting a helmet whose size can be customized to fit your head. It should also have moisture-wicking abilities to prevent sweating and also be light in weight.


The main reason why you will be wearing your bike helmet is to keep you as safe as possible. You however need to know that highly-priced models will not always translate to better protection. That does not also mean going for models that are cheap since you can pay anything as far as your safety is concerned. It is good to choose helmets that come with LED lights to increase your visibility at night and prevent collisions.


Even thigh most bike helmets have some shared features, you will realize that not every helmet will suit every cyclist. Different cyclists will have different needs which call for good research to know what bike helmet to buy. Owing to the fact that this is an exercise that will tend to consume too much of your time, we decided to take up that responsibility. We, therefore, narrowed the many options of these bike helmets to the best ten picks. This will give you an easy comparison time and make an informed decision without spending too much time. What you only need to do is go through the review and later choose what suits you best.

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