Top 10 Best Resistance Exercise Bands in 2022 Reviews

No matter the name you call them, resistance bands, fitness bands, or exercising bands are here. These essential fitness units will significantly help you get a high fitness level, and one exciting thing about them is that they are pretty cheap. As such, they’re known to be nifty tools in the fitness jargon. Plus, it saves you the right amount of time and money because you wouldn’t visit the gym any further, not to mention its portability.

Since these fitness equipment has gained a tremendous reputation among fitness aspirers, it looks like just about everyone has ventured into exercise bands business. And that alone can hinder most customers from singling out the best option. To make things easier for you, we’ve reviewed a list of the top 10 best resistance exercise bands today. Plus, as we’ll be ending this post, we’ll offer you some key parameters to consider before parting with your money.

That said, let’s now start the review.

10. WODSKAI Set of 5 Non-Slip Elastic Booty Workout Men/Women Resistance Bands for Legs & Butt

Choose the WODSKAI resistance band as your workout companion because of its durable and high-quality fabric material. The material has extreme durability and anti-slip quality. It is an ideal tool for stepping up your routine body to work out whether you are a beginner or an expert. When exercising, you will be able to target different body muscles by varying positions. Variation in positions will also help in shaping your body. These resistance band is perfect for warm-up exercises and stretching of hips, quads, hamstrings, or glutes. They are also responsible for the effective shaping of your body, relieving fatigue and pressure, exalting hips, and leg modification.


  • Comes with a storage bag for breeze storage and carrying
  • Made of selected premium quality fabric
  • Allows up to 5 resistance levels
  • Suitable for multiple exercises


  • Not too stretchy

9. Hurdilen Workout Bands Hip Bands Activate Glutes & Thigh Resistance Bands Loop Exercise Bands

These resistance bands are constructed from a sturdy and high-quality material, which is environmentally friendly. This material is a blend of natural latex and cotton fabric that employs the use of stretching technology. The bands’ inner lining is designed latex materials that make them not to slip or roll during workouts. It is the best apparatus for use during physical therapy, warm-ups, power training, and aid in injury recovery. They are tick and durable with double layers that make them very durable, elastic, and able to withstand breaking. It will also ensure that the bands stay for long without any tear or rip.


  • Easy to carry for use during outdoor exercises
  • Thick and highly resistance to breaks
  • Made of ergonomic materials
  • Ideal for full body exercises


  • Have a weird smell before us

8. T.X.K. Non-Slip Design Fabric Resistance Loop Bands Soft Exercise Booty Bands for Butt & Leg

T.X-K. Resistance bands are relatively cheap but very effective resistance bands, which helps you avoid gym membership and deliver you with the most desired workout results. They are made from cotton fabric and natural latex material. These two materials make them durable and very elastic to resist any breaks during workouts. These brand of bands is a perfect choice for your power training, injury recovery, physical therapy, and warm-ups. They also help in relieving stress, exalt your hips, modifying your legs & shape. Additionally, they play a key role in stretching the quads, hips, A.B.S.ABS, glutes, and warm-up exercises.


  • Effectively trains the targeted body parts
  • Made of soft and skin-friendly material
  • Made with an anti-slip design
  • Has three levels of resistance


  • Elasticity reduces over time.

7.  E.O.X. Non-Slip Exercise Resistance Fabric Loop for Butt & Legs w/5 Resistance Levels & Carrying Bag

You can flexibly and comfortably carry out your routine exercise using these resistance bands made of quality fabric material. These resistance bands are designed to accommodate up to 5 resistance levels. These levels are ideal for working out your stomach, glutes, legs, and hips. The resultant effects of using these workout bands are to be relieved of stress and achieve a good body shape. These resistance bands are highly recommendable for use because of their suitability for exercises such as yoga, hot yoga, P90x, Pilates, Beach workouts, and CrossFit. They are made of an elastic fabric from cotton and latex, making them non-slip. Additionally, they are light weighted and easy to carry.


  • Very durable and ergonomic for exercises
  • Suitable for use in various workouts
  • Carry bag makes it easy to carry
  • Has a non-slip design


  • Can be scratchy to a bare skin

6. Gymletics Assisted Pull-Ups Heavy-Duty Stretch Bands 5 Pack Fabric Exercise Resistance Bands Set

This type of resistance exercise band comes as a set of bands for pull-up resistance, heavy-duty exercises, powerlifting, mobility, and five stretching fabrics. All these sets are used in body resistance training, stretching, home workouts, and physical therapy. The main objective of these resistance bands is to enhance the development of your body muscles without limiting any specific part of the body. The stretch bands effectively strength training by effectively and efficiently working out on your back, legs, butts, shoulders, and arms all at the same time. On the other hand, the mobility band is ideal for strengthening muscles and torn ligaments. Each pack of resistance bands comes with a carry bag for ease of carrying or storage.


  • Made of premium quality latex blend and fabric material
  • The band is a multi-purpose band
  • Comes with a free bag for carrying
  • Packed in a set of 5 bands


  • Can’t be used without two heavy bands

5. Femor Powerlifting Pull Up Assist Bands for Body Stretching Workout Resistance Training

Are you looking for high-quality resistance exercise bands? Look no further than Femor resistance exercise bands. They are designed from high-quality latex materials that are well known for their durability and stretch easily. You can use them for run-ups, chin-ups, and muscle-ups since it helps to tone and sculpt your body. Additionally, they have a lightweight design making them ideal for traveling since you pack them in your briefcase. The clearly instructed manual makes it easier to use these exercise bands at all times. They are ideal for both learners and professionals in the field of workouts.


  • Available in 4 resistance levels to suit varied users
  • Comes with a carry to ease transport purposes
  • Ideal for stretching, general exercises and so on
  • Have a compact design thus saves storage space.


  • They are a bit sticky.

4. JUNE JJ JUNIPER 4 Pack Booty Bands Fabric Resistance Band Set for Butt & Legs w/Core Sliders

If you need a perfect booty, arms, and legs at a faster rate, you to try out June JJ juniper resistance exercise bands. They are ideal for use at home, gym, and many other programs since they provide you with results in 10 minutes. These units are available in 3 strength levels to allow you to perform your workouts more efficiently. No more sliding or rolling since they have inner grip strips that keep in the place throughout the exercising time. The two core sliders are ideal for sculpting your code and strengthening your muscles. Moreover, you can use the smooth side of carpets and the black fabric side on the hardwood.


  • Made of moisture absorbent materials to avoid sweating
  • Well thickened to withstand different exercises
  • Have a lightweight design for easier portability
  • Sturdy for stable and comfortable workouts


  • They do not fold up for storage.

3. Samiadat Stackable Resistance Bands Set w/Legs Ankle Straps Handles w/Waterproof Carry Bag

If you are looking for lightweight resistance exercise bands, this brand by Samiadat is an ideal choice. With only a 120 grams weight, you can easily carry them to any place of your choice without feeling their weight. They are designed from high-grade latex materials that assure you of more elastic and long-lasting units. Better still, they are ideal for a full-body workout because they burn fats, increase muscle strength, boost stamina, and many more. You can also use it to strengthen muscles in your arms, chest, legs, abdomen, glutes, and many other body parts. Additionally, you are assured of the workouts, whether you are a beginner or professional since they allow you to train anywhere.


  • Non-slip handle keeps you more comfortable
  • The steel metal buckle has a prolonged usage
  • Ideal for exercising all parts of the muscle
  • Have door anchor attachment for safety


  • Lacks clear instructions on how to use

2. SUPALAK 15 Pieces Elastic Bands Set 20lbs Heavy-Duty Anti-Snap Fitness Resistance Tubes

Whether you are a beginner or expert, you can now train using Supalak resistance exercise bands. These units come in different resistance levels, making it adaptable to different fitness levels. The nylon safety covers keep you safe at all times because they prevent overstretching and accidental breakage. Even better, the safety sleeve prevents the tubing from any premature breakdown due to abrasions. They are ideal for your arms, butt training, ankles, legs, chest, and other body parts. With the compact design, they can easily fit into a carrying bag without taking much storage space.


  • More comfortable with sweat absorbent handles
  • The high-density cushions make them anti-slip
  • Sturdy as you can use the attachment clips
  • Have soft handles that offer rigid grip


  • Have smaller and weaker clips

1. Fitness Insanity Stackable Up to 150lbs 5 Piece Exercise Bands Portable Home Gym Accessories

Don’t ever give up because bands do not offer ideal resistance levels; Fitness Insanity resistance exercise bands offer the best solution. They provide great toning and build up to your chest, lower body, biceps, upper body, buttocks, triceps, etc. A workout poster comes as a bonus and allows you to try out 45 different postures. Additionally, they are fitted with a more massive metal carabineer ring, making it more convenient for you to change the handles. They are designed from high-quality materials that durable, elastic, and durable. This makes them ideal gifts for your loved ones who are into workouts.


  • Easy to carry around due to their lightweight design
  • Made from quality materials that last longer
  • The cloth connecter makes them sturdier
  • It takes a few minutes to set them up.


  • Lacks D rings for easier attachment.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Resistance Exercise Band

Storage Bag

When purchasing the best resistance band, you should look at the model with an excellent storage bag. A carrying bag will help you to carry the bands set seamlessly. You should look for a model that includes a carrying case or bag for hassle-free handling. A carrying bag is also necessary if you’re always on the go.

Material Used

Because there are several people with sensitive skin, you should check the material used when buying an exercise band. Even though it maybe 100 percent natural, it can’t be perfect for everybody. You may opt for one without thermoplastics, and still be allergic to latex. For that case, you should consider a highly compatible material with your skin to avert inconveniences.

Resistance Levels

The other factor to pay close attention to is the resistance level. It is essential to consider the one that offers you sufficient resistance for your muscles but not too difficult for you to do some stretches. Suppose the bands are way too strong, the high chances are that you wouldn’t complete your exercises, which can derail your exercise experience.


Resistance bands suit different types of muscles. Therefore, you should look for the ones that meet all your target regions and exercises. The bands that we’ve reviewed are multi-functional, and that means you can use it for any kind of exercise. It’s a good idea to opt for a multi-functional set that just a single band that doesn’t match your needs.


Owning a personal gym at home is the greatest favor you can do for your family and yourself. You’ll save a lot of money and have more time with your family than visiting the gym. And because a resistance band is tailored to meet your needs, you wouldn’t share it with anyone. If you need to shell out some extra fat, don’t dread purchasing one of the sets above. Resistance bands offer you a simplified way of doing exercise without spending a fortune. Read through this guide; we’re confident that you’ll come across a model that matches your needs.

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