Top 10 Best Pull Up Bars for Home Gym in 2022 Reviews

If you have the strength and will to keep your chin up a bar, a pull-up bar is suitable for you.  Aside from being ideal for pull-ups, a pull-up bar is the best gym equipment for strength training. With that in mind, you need to make sure that you not only shop for a pull-up bar but the best pull up bar for workouts. Exercising can be pretty simple and flawless with the best pull up bar.

The problem that is evident when it comes to shopping for this equipment is that there’re tons of pull up bars currently in the market which can be so hard for the buyer to know the best. In this article, however, we’ve tried helping you out by laying down the top 10 best pull up bars in the market. You’ll achieve your weight goals even more easily. Other than that, we’ve explained some set of factors you need to consider before parting with your money. Let’s begin.

10. KLL Multi-Functional Doorway Upgraded Thickened Steel 440lbs Pull-Up Chin Up Bar

KLL Pull-up bar is ideal workout equipment that can satisfy your training needs at the comfort of your own house. This workout equipment is of superior quality materials and has an outstanding design that is very effective and more reliable. It is from 1.5mm heavy-duty stainless steel material that makes it sturdy and durable. It can accommodate a maximum weight of 440 lbs. The bar has an extra 1.0 inch of thick foam to protect the wall frame from getting damaged during the exercise. The steel tubes are firmly connected with tightening screws to prevent sliding or cracking. Additionally, this pull-up is easy-to-install without the need for screws and drilling tools. Furthermore, it allows flexibility since it is not permanently fixed on your door.


  • The main steel tubes are tightly connected with screw
  • It is of a sturdy and premium quality steel material
  • Coated with thick foam for more protection
  • Easy and quick to install


  • Does not fit narrow doors

9. SHANGYOU Adjustable Locking Mechanism Doorway No Screws Chin Up Bar for Strength Training

With just a single unit of Shangyou Pull-up bar, you can strengthen your arms, wrists, back, and pecs. It is a perfect pull-up bar to add to your home gym. This pull-up equipment has wedge support to maximize its stability. It has an advanced anti-locking safety device with 360o locking ability. The gripping tube of this pull-up bar is of 3mm steel material which is double the size of other brands. Apart from giving you a stronger grip, it also enables the bar to withstand heavy training. Furthermore, this pull-up bar does not expose your walls or door frames to any damages because it does not come with screws for wall mounting.


  • Made of strong stainless steel pipe and thick non-slip bottom
  • It is an ideal bar for chin-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and crunches
  • Does not require any screws during installation
  • Comes in a customizable size


  • Not suitable for some rapid movements such as violent flicking, rotating, and many others

8. GF Garren Adjustable Width Locking Doorway Maximiza Pull-Up Bar Door Mount 26 – 39 Inch

Equip your home gym with an addition of a Maximiza Pull-up bar. It is ideal for workout equipment for muscle toning and upper-body strength. You can use it for pull-ups, hanging leg raises, push-ups, sit-ups, dips, crunches, and chin-ups. This pull-up bar allows you to easily add more difficulty and variations as you develop strength. The bar of this pull-up is from heavy-duty chrome steel. It comes with several screw-in for more stability and safety when mounting on the walls. It also gives you more flexibility when you want to move it to another location. Further, the grips have extra-long non-slip foam padding.


  • Comes with 3 sets of screws for in-door mounting
  • It comes with ergonomically designed hand grips
  • This pull-up bar is suitable for multiple exercises
  • The pole is of a premium quality steel


  • Composed of small parts which are very hazardous

7. Stamina Multiple Grip Sturdy Steel Thick Foam Padding Portable Door Gym Pull Up Bar

Up your training game with the help of this Stamina X Boulder Doorway trainer. This an ideal workout equipment for training, developing, and strengthening the shoulders, chest, arms, and backs. It has a unique grip for rock climbing. These grips provide a challenge whenever you want to advance your training to another level. It is from a sturdy and durable steel material with thick foam padded rips for comfort. This pull-up equipment is suitable for traditional chin-ups and pull-ups. It can fit into most of the door frames.


  • It has a hand for rock climbing
  • Can be easily converted as a ground station
  • It provides multiple hand grip positions
  • Creates a perfect fit for doorways


  • Cannot fit into an older door frame

6. Ultimate Body Press Adjustable Width XL Pull Up Bar for Doorway w/Elevated Bar

Ultimate Body Press is a pull-up bar suitable for extra-large doorways. It has expandable ends that facilitate universal fit for various residential doorways. This workout equipment has a straight forward installation which does not require the use of screws and drilling tools. It also comes packed with all the necessary tools and hardware. The tube of this doorway pull-up bar is of premium quality heavy-duty stainless steel. This steel tube can support a maximum weight of 300 pounds. It comes with exclusive couplers for tightly securing and making the frame rigid. Also, it offers a comfortable hand grip with the help of a padded gripping surface.


  • Handle grips have a high-density foam
  • Designed with expandable and universally-fit bar ends
  • It is quite easy to install with an instruction manual
  • Suitable for use with 3.5-inch doorways


  • This unit requires a larger storage space

5. IRON AGE Angled Grip Multi-Functional Doorway Pull Up Bar for Home Gym

Iron Age is a revolutionized storable and portable pull-up equipment for your home gym. This workout equipment comes in a design that is easy to install and disassemble. With this pull-up bar, you can perform a range of fitness exercises with the help of a single unit of pull-up equipment within the comfort of your home. It has an angled end that provides wrist protection and making it suitable for latissmus. The short upper bar makes this equipment ideal for shoulder-width pull-ups. It offers up to four options of padded grips which include close grip and shoulder-width grip. In addition to these, the door pads have a foam surface that protects the door frame from damages.


  • Its folding mechanism facilitates ease of storage
  • Comes with new foam pads for door protection
  • The upper bar is shortened to provide better grip
  • Designed with several grip options


  • Plastic holders keep sliding after every use

4. Newan 440lbs Full Body Strength Wall Mounted Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar for Home Gym

Newan Pull-Up bar is a 2-in-1 pull-up machine is from heavy-duty steel material. This material makes the pull-up bar more stable and rigid. It can accommodate a weight of up to 440 lbs. This is a perfect fitness machine for various workouts such as chin-ups, pull-ups, leg raises, boxing, and dip stations. It will exercise your back, chest, shoulder, triceps, biceps, arms, lats, and abs. It has an ergonomically designed arm and backrest. Both the arm and backrests have high-density and tear-resistant cushions. This will create more comfort while you are working on your waist, abdomen, upper limbs, and chest. Concrete and cemented walls are the perfect surfaces for mounting this pull-up bar.


  • It is from a heavy-duty steel material
  • Comes with a multi-functional lock ring
  • It serves as a pull-up bar and dip station
  • Supports up to a maximum of 440 lbs.


  • Cannot be installed on hollow brick walls

3. ONETWOFIT 440Lbs Max Weight Wall Mounted Outdoor & Indoor Use Pull Up Bar

If you want an outdoor or indoor wall mounted pull-up bar, ONETWOFIT is an ideal choice for you. This is home-gym equipment that will engage your full body and accelerates your fitness results. It is an efficient and simple way of strengthening the entire upper part of your body within the confines of your home. This pull-up bar is installed into a concrete wall, bricked wall, or tiled wall. It comes in a 6-hole design that facilitates more safety and stability when mounting it on to the walls. The bar is from a durable steel bar coated with black powder to prevent corrosion and rusting. Furthermore, this bar can support up to a maximum weight of 440 lbs.


  • It comes in a 6-hole design for stability and safe wall mounting
  • Comes with soft cushioned hand grips for more comfort
  • It is of a solid steel material coated with black powder
  • Suitable for various indoors and outdoors exercises


  • The mounting hardware seems a bit flimsy

2. Slsy Wall Mounted Multi-Functional Power Tower Pull Up Bar & Station Chin Up Bar

Slsy pull-up bar is a multipurpose wall mount pull-up bar that can easily be converted into a dip station. It is an ideal chin-up bar and power tower for use in the home gym. It can accommodate up to a maximum weight of 600 lbs. Also, it is suitable for performing all types of pull-ups, chin-ups, dip stations, boxing, and hanging leg raise. This pull-up equipment is essential in strengthening all your core muscles. It also has padded armrests and backrests. Both the backrest and armrest are eco-friendly and non-slip material. This pull-up machine lasts long and offers rigidity and stability.


  • Suitable for concrete/ brick wall mounting
  • It is a multi-functional fitness apparatus
  • Constructed from a heavy-duty steel material
  • Can be easily transformed to a dip station


  • Does not come with a boxing bag

1. Kit4Fit Compact Wall Mounted Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar for Indoor Fitness Home Gym

This is a multifunctional pull-up bar suitable for use as a workout station both in your home gym and garage gym. This solid construction facilitates the durability and stability of the pull-up bar. It is an ideal pull-up machine for performing chin-ups, pull-ups, dips, push-ups, and other combinations. This multifunctional pull-up bar has 8 gripping positions that will engage several muscles in your body. With its compact design, this equipment can be practically mounted anywhere within your home. Additionally, a special mount facilitates the easy suspension of a punching bag and a trainer.


  • Designed with multiple gripping positions
  • It is made of a heavy-duty stainless steel material
  • Supports a maximum weight of 550 pounds
  • It comes with a compact and portable design


  • It has an uneven length of threaded rods

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Pull Up Bar for Home Gym


The first thing to look for when searching for these exercise equipment is the doorway. You need to look at the spec section to see if the unit can be seamlessly installed on the doorway. If you want to have the best experience, just spend a little more and you can get the best quality model that mounts over to the side of the frame of the door and deliver more versatility and stability.


Most pull up bars can be mounted onto either ceiling or wall because they offer the most stable of pull up bars. Essentially, the mounting technique usually varies in cost. It upon you to decide the mounting option that goes in your favor. The one that comes with a bolt is ideal before it will remain sturdy and firm once fixed.


If possible, look for travel-friendly equipment that can be seamlessly carried with flawless disassembling. You should be ready to move comfortably to any place of your choice. Such kind of portable fitness units is suitable for those avid travelers who travel often. Casual users on the other hand won’t necessarily need portable pull-up bars.


Last but not least is the tower. Other pull up bar is referred to as tower. These are heavy, tall devices with a compact footprint. Besides, these models are ideal for people who have offices and garage.


Indeed pull-up bars are the most convenient units that’ll assist you to achieve your workout goals with ease. The good thing regarding these units is that they don’t take a lot of space, plus they are quite easy to install. Moreover, these bars are cheap compared to paying for the gym. Besides, pull up bars are essential at working out the upper section of your body. Of course, there is a wide range of pull up bars for the home gym but the choices we’ve offered you are more than enough. If you want to save on your time, use this well-researched list. Good luck!

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