Top 10 Best Mesh Office Chairs in 2022 Reviews

Sitting for long hours without the right type of seat or chair can be detrimental to your overall health. It’s even worse when you have a demanding job that requires you to get seated for long hours of the day. Chairs manufactures have done a commendable job when it comes to tailoring chairs to sort out all these issues. As a fact, most chairs that were used in the previous century have been rendered useless and outdated.

As of now, chairs have been designed to offer enough comfort regardless of the hours you get seated. Mesh office chairs provide you with better support and comfort for prolonged seating hours. However, that doesn’t mean you have the go-ahead to seat for over 16 hours in a chair every day in your office. We’re here only to make your office working time enjoyable and comfortable.

Mesh office chairs have saturated the market and going in contact with the best choice is an arduous task. And that prompted us to research these units to make your work even easier. That said, let’s share with you the top 10 best mesh office chairs in reviews.

10. SMUGDESK Desk Task Chair Ergonomic Executive Mesh Office Computer Swivel w/Armrest

This office chair has a design that allows proper ventilation, breathability on the backrest, and has a more resilient mesh. It is made from high quality, thick and denser sponge material. Mesh clothe helps in the regulation of the temperature of your legs and hips. The seat provides more support for your back while aligning your spine. This will also help in eliminating fatigue in the muscles and reducing pressure. Lowering or raising of this seat is very easy with the use of pneumatic controls. You can choose to relax by choosing the rocking mode. The chair can accommodate up to 250 lbs. of weight.


  • Cushioning makes it ergonomic for extended usage
  • Made up of three components for ease of assembly
  • Flexible, durable and safer to use
  • Has accurate height adjustments


  • It becomes incomplete if one component is missing or malfunctions

9. Halter Smooth-Glide Wheels Durable Chrome Base Compact Seat Cushion (Dark Grey)

Halter is a perfect chair that suits your need. The base of the chair is constructed using a high-grade chrome material which is highly resistant to breakages. Height adjustments are made by applying the mechanism of gas lift. Also, the seat has been cushioned using thick material that creates comfort during longer seating hours. This executive meshed chair is designed with caster wheels eases the movements around the house. The design will help in the enhancement of comfort, durability, and quality. Thus it gives you the most likely results. Also, the curved design of the headrest creates more comfort for your head when you lean back.


  • Made with high-grade chrome material for enhanced stability
  • Comfortably cradles your head with curved headrest
  • Padded with thick and comfy cushioning material
  • Fixed armrest for comfortable working


  • No big changes on the height when in the lower position

8. VECELO Durable PU Padded Cushion Seat & Breathable Home Office Chair for Desk Work (Black)

VECELO chair is designed with a breathable reinforcement of a mesh. This mesh is responsible for proper ventilation and long life of service. The seat is padded using PU cushioning that is made using more resilient and denser sponge material. This type of cushioning will ensure that the chair maintains its shape and effectiveness for a longer time. Nylon material encased on the casters facilitates smoother mobility, floor-friendly, and noise-free rolling on the floor. Pneumatic rod has a more significant impact on creating resistance against any form of explosion. Additionally, the chair has been fitted with a knob that is used in creating tilting to adjust to a more relaxing position.


  • Support the spine and relax the whole of your body
  • Operates using a recline locking mechanism
  • Has an adjustable arm height
  • Relieves you of back pain


  • The foam padding is less comfortable

7. KOLLIEE Chair Flip-Up Arms Mid Back ergonomic Swivel Black Mesh w/Lumbar Support

Have you ever felt some mild pain after long hours of sitting, or do you ever feel too tired after spending long hours seated? You don’t worry any longer because KOLLIEE has got you covered. It is made from a material of a higher density that is more durable, breathable, and water-resistant. Also, it does not easily change its shape. The black mesh of the seat creates a cover for both the back and the seat. Its mesh is made of a quality breathable material that will increase the support of your back. This, in turn, will help in the elimination of your back pain.


  • Holding capacity of 250 pounds can support most people’s needs
  • The adjustability of the armrest offers excellent comfort
  • Made of high-quality material for durability
  • Its assembly is very easy


  • Cannot effectively support more than 250 pounds

6. Hylone Executive Desk Chair High-Back Mesh Office w/Adjustable Headrest & Lumbar Support

An ergonomic chair is a necessity for you, especially in a situation where you are needed to sit for long hours working. This brand of office chair is uniquely designed with a curved flexible headrest, lumbar support, and a high back that ensures your body is aligned correctly when you will be sitting. Another striking feature is the lowering or raising of the seat height. It also uses a reclining mechanism that ranges between 1100 and 1500. The tilting mechanism enables you to freely stretch your shoulders, back and help in reducing weight from the lower side of your back. Moreover, the armrests are adjustable to suit users with different needs comfortably.


  • It is designed with a very comfortable headrest, backrest, and armrest
  • The chair can easily adjust to suit different heights
  • Can accommodate a maximum weight of 285 lbs.
  • Operates using a reclining mechanism


  • Missing parts during packaging could sometimes render the chair incomplete

5. BILKO Wide Headrest Ergonomic Office Chair w/Adjustable Lumbar Support & 3D Armrest (Black)

When it comes to the most durable mesh office chair, this brand from BILKO outshines all other brands in the market. Its frame is designed from high-quality steel components that are strong and last longer. It provides the needed support, whereas keeping you cool from sweating with the breathable mesh. Additionally, it is based on the human dynamic digital model that helps to release any pressure in your spine. Better still, it has an adjustable backrest, headrest and lumbar to suit different user needs. This makes it ideal for use while gaming, taking a nap, working, and many more.


  • The armrest can be adjusted in 3 ways to suit your needs
  • Strong enough to hold a maximum weight of 300lbs
  • Comes with simple instructions for easier assembly
  • The wider base keeps it more stable and steady


  • The bolts take more time to tighten

4. The Office Oasis Fully Adjustable Comfortable High Back Computer Mesh Office Chair (Black)

If you are looking for a more portable mesh office chair, you would never go wrong with this model by the office oasis. It is equipped with rollerblade caster wheels that make it easier to move it around without leaving any marks on your floors. No more back pains because this ergonomic chair fully supports your spine and trains you to always sit in a good posture. With the breathable seat cushion and full mesh backrest, you can sit for long hours without sweating since it allows for free air circulation. Moreover, it has adjustable armrests that will enable you to relax your hands to avoid any muscle strains.


  • The soft foam keeps you seated comfortably at all times
  • Made of water-resistant and stain-resistant materials
  • Has adjustable headrest to suit varied user needs
  • It takes a few minutes to assemble it fully.


  • The armrests don’t go high enough.

3. Nouhaus Ergo3D Rolling Desk Chair w/3D Lumbar Support & Extra-Blade Wheels Chair (Black)

For a more comfortable gaming or working life, all you require is Nouhaus mesh office chair. This unit is equipped with adjustable armrests, headrest, and lumbar making it easier for you to customize it as per your personal needs. The breathable mesh ensures a free flow of air substances to avoid sticking and sweating. Even better, its base is made of the quality and durable and robust iron materials and supports a maximum user capacity of up to 275lbs. This keeps it stable at all times to avoid any wobbles. You can as well move it without facing any difficulty since it features four durable castor wheels.


  • Ergonomically designed to support you comfortably
  • Made from environmentally friendly components
  • The reclining backrest ensures a proper posture
  • Designed to complement most office decors


  • The armrests aren’t well-padded.

2. Duramont Reclines Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair w/Lumbar Support & Rollerblade

Are you experiencing any back pains at your workplace? Well, it’s better to try out Duramount mesh office chair. It features adjustable lumbar support and a recline system that allows you to find a position that supports you more comfortably. Both the headrest and the armrests can as well be easily adjusted to ensure that you can sit in a more relaxing manner. The breathable mesh allows air to circulate to avoid sweating while sitting for long periods. With the simple instructions, you can fully assemble this whole unit within a few minutes.


  • Accommodates a maximum weight capacity of 330lbs
  • Made sturdy to keep you seated stably and safely
  • The seat cushion supports you more comfortably
  • Designed from quality materials that last long


  • It has a strong chemical smell.

1. Ergohuman Back Angle Adjustment High Back Swivel Chair w/Headrest Black Mesh (Chrome Base)

Just as its name suggests, Ergohuman mesh office chair is ergonomically designed to suit human usage. Its back angle adjustment has a three-position tilt lock to allow you to relax in a more comfortable position. You can as well adjust the backrest, seat cushion, and headrest to accommodate an array of users with different needs. Also, the pneumatic cylinder can be used to raise or lower the chair for ultimate comfort quickly. Whether you are sitting upright or reclining, users can sit correctly and get enough support with the seat depth adjustment and synchro-tilt mechanism.


  • Supports various postures with the adjustable features
  • Has a breathable mesh for ideal air circulation
  • Meets all BIFMA standards thus safer for use
  • Lasts longer with the heavy-duty construction


  • Has a weaker tension spring

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Mesh Office Chairs


First, you should consider the adjustability of the mesh office chair. Of course, it’s everyone who desires to own a mesh office chair that comes with adjustable height and armrest. In the real sense, the more a chair is adjustable, the more it will support people of varied needs. Some other essential regions that you want to consider their adjustability includes; arm width, the height of the seatback, back angle, the width, and lumbar support. Besides, the mechanism for controlling this adjustable region varies, like some can have a hand-help bulb while others can have dial controls.

Wheel Base

Well, the office is built with varied types of floors. It’s therefore important that you cross-check the wheelbase to ensure it fits the floor of the office you intend to use on. Some chairs have their wheelbase suited for carpet floors while others are designed to suit solid floors. While considering the appropriate wheelbase for your office, you should strive to get the one that allows you to move quickly in your office.

Lumbar Support

If you’re experiencing back pain occasionally, you need to find a mesh office chair that will remedy your situation. You, therefore, need to consider the lumbar support before deciding to pay for any mesh office chair. The best choice should provide you with enough support to lower back pain issues. Luckily, we’ve presented you with some models that offer sufficient lumbar support.


In a nutshell, choosing the best mesh office chair enables you to have an enjoyable time in your office. The mesh chair should be practical, durable, comfortable, and appealing. The options we’ve reviewed are indeed the best and affordable as well. Reading this post will give you great confidence as you try to shop for the best option. You shouldn’t be worried about their numbering because every choice is a winner in its territory. Enjoy the pleasant experience like never before with one of the above mesh office chairs!

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