Top 10 Best Meat Cutters and Slicers in 2022 Reviews

Do you like being in a position to select the extent of your pieces of meat? Out and out, slicing meat is an excellent way of enhancing the taste and offer a wide range of versatility. When it comes to meat slicing, there is no other tool as important as a meat cutter or meat slicer. Besides being used to slice meat, these tools can be used to slice bread, cheese, and many other types of food. These handy kitchen appliances are manufactured in different styles and sizes.

Even though meat cutters and slicers are common, it’s not easy to find the best choice. There’re different factors you need to consider; plus, the market is highly saturated as of now. To keep you on track, we’ve put forth this review of the top 10 best meat cutters and slicers in reviews. That said, check them out to know what makes them special.

10. ColoredPeas Stainless Steel Kitchen Manual Meat Slicer & Cutter Machine for Hot Pot/Shabu

ColouredPeas Meat slicer and the cutter is a manual meat cutting equipment made of food graded material. The material used is high-quality stainless steel, and it comes with thin layer protection that should be removed before use. At the bottom of this meat cutter, there are suction cups fitted on each leg. These suction cups are used in firmly holding the cutter into the table. This meat slicer allows you to adjust the thickness of the slices of your meat to range between 0.2mm and 16mm. This room for thickness adjustment ensures that you achieve your slicing needs. Also, this equipment is suitable for slicing various types of food ingredients.


  • Equipped with suction cups to enhance stability during its use
  • Slice thickness can be adjusted between 0.2mm and 16mm
  • Made of durable food-grade material
  • Ideal when slicing various types of meat


  • Not suitable when slicing smoked meat

9. SUPER DEAL Stainless Steel Manual Frozen Meat Slicer Meat Cutter Vegetable Slicing Machine

As the name suggests, SUPER DEAL manual frozen meat slicer is a high-quality kitchen tool that is perfect for home use, chefs, and caterers, etc. We’ve all reasons why we think this appliance is perfect for your needs. First, it’s sharp and handy – It boasts removable and retractable serrated stainless steel blade to ensure it offers you the optimum results. On top of this, it has an adjustable thickness dial that allows you to customize your slice every time. Other than that, it comes with an ergonomic handle that makes it more efficient and convenient to use. Finally, it’s sturdy and quiet; it is fitted with non-slip feet that keep the slicer in place and, above all, makes it safe for slicing meat pieces.


  • Has an ergonomic handle for smooth operation
  • Allows you to customize your slices
  • Sturdy and operates quietly
  • Sharp and handy


  • Impressive tool but low price

8. Aiky Stainless Steel Beef Manual Frozen Meat Slicer Vegetable Slicing Machine for Pizza Korean

Aiky Manual Meat slicer is an ideal slicer for all types of frozen meats and also hard vegetables. The slicer is constructed from a premium quality stainless steel material that is durable and easy to clean. It has a wide range of applications that make it suitable for both domestic and commercial kitchens. This manual slicer allows you to manipulate the thickness of your slices. Thickness control will enable you to make slice adjustments that range between 0.3mm and 15mm. With this room for adjustment, you can select the most appropriate slice thickness for various ingredients. Additionally, you can easily slice your frozen meat into sheets.


  • Allows easy adjustment of the thickness of the slices
  • Made of easy to clean quality stainless steel
  • Easy to use with a clear manual
  • It has a wide range of uses.


  • Cannot cut fresh meat

7. Seeutek Stainless Steel Manual Frozen Meat Slicer & Cutter Machine for Home Cooking of Hot Pot

Seeutek meat slicer is a manual meat cutter best for slicing frozen meat. This meat cutter is made of high-quality stainless steel material that has been certified by the FDA and ETL. The stainless steel material makes cleaning of this slicer a breeze and highly durable. It is a multipurpose slicer for use in cutting hard vegetables, frozen meat, and fruits. This meat slicer has spacers that allow you to adjust your meat slices’ thickness to suit your needs. The thickness of the slices can range from 0.2 mm up to 25mm. When cleaning the slicer, the blade should be washed, dried, and oiled after every use.


  • The package comes with several accessories
  • Adjustable to allow different sizes of a slice
  • It is built from high-quality stainless steel
  • Suitable for slicing frozen meat


  • Not suitable for cutting thick meat

6. Shop-ezy Dishwasher Safe Superior 10'' Butchers Carving Adjustable Thickness Beef Jerky Slicer

Making a nutritious and delicious meal has been made very easy with the use of this Jerky Meat Slicer. This slicer enables you to make a healthy homemade jerky without complications and spending too much preparation time. The slicer has a rail with spacers that measure 1/8 inches. These spacers create precision that gives you uniformly sliced pieces of meat that dehydrate with a breeze. Meat slices will evenly dry, thus ensuring the safe consumption of such pieces of meat. The jerky slicer is constructed with stationery design. This design prevents the meat from moving during the slicing operation. This meat slicer is made of food graded stainless steel that is easy to clean. Moreover, the slicer has a compact design that allows easy storage of the meat cutter after use.


  • Has a small design for ease of storage
  • Equipped with a very sharp knife
  • Made of food-grade materials
  • Delivers uniformly sliced meat


  • It is very involving when using

5. Befen Stainless Steel Frozen Meat Slicer Mutton Roll Meat Food Machine for Home Cooking

Befen Frozen slicer is best known for its delivery of great slicing results on various types of foods. It is not only used in slicing meat but also useful when chopping vegetables such as onions, carrots, kales, and even tomatoes. Therefore, this is a multipurpose slicer that enables you to prepare your food without spending much time. Most of the materials used in constructing this meat slicer are food-grade materials. These materials are mainly premium quality stainless steel, which possesses the quality of easy cleaning and durability. This meat slicer package comes with several accessories, which include: spare blade, meat holder, wrench, suction cups, meat slicer, and ten pieces of meat bags.


  • Made of durable and food-grade material
  • Helps you save on food preparation times
  • It comes with several accessories
  • Used in making slices of food


  • Cannot be in slicing that has seeds

4. Shop-ezy 10 Inch Professional Slicing Meat Slicer Stainless Steel Jerky Maker Cutting Board

Look no further – enjoy exceptionally sliced Jerky any time. As you know, beef jerky and other meats should be sliced evenly to dry appropriately and be safe to eat. This slicer by Shop-ezy is a godsend for those who need perfection in the meat slicing task. This kit for making Jerky is equipped with a 10-inches stainless steel carving and a sharp knife. You can’t compare this jerky cutting tool with another. Even better, it’s crafted from food-grade material that stands the test of time as well. Finally, it comes with an easy storage design that is easy to clean as well.


  • Comes with a stainless steel jerky board
  • It 100 percent safe and convenient
  • Built with an ultra-sharp 10-inch blade
  • Slice uniform Jerky at the comfort of your home


  • Assembly isn’t hard but tedious.

3. BAOSHOSHAN ZB-208C Manual Frozen Stainless Steel Meat slicer & Cutter for Home Use

Are you in need of a top-notch meat slicer? BAOSHOSHAN meat slicer is the ideal choice to opt for. It’s made from a food-grade stainless steel material that is healthy and safe. Secondly, it boasts an adjustable thickness can range from 0.5mm – 25mm. Other than this, the stainless steel body allows you to wash you through the body without being corroded. What’s more, it features a double-bearing design and a double spring that automatically feeds the meat, and it can be operated with a single hand.


  • Has a stainless steel body for easy cleaning
  • Built with durable and reliable materials
  • You can easily operate using one hand
  • Comes with a labor-saving design


  • No cons for now

2. CGOLDENWALL Stainless Steel Hard Bone Manual Ribs Meat Chopper Slicer for Home Cooking

If you’re looking for a manual meat slicer that will even cut hard bones, you have a reason to smile because this stainless steel hard bone meat slicer will provide you. Since it’s made of stainless steel material, corrosion and rust are things of the past. Plus, it’s healthy. Besides, precision marking is engraved on the cutting section, and the slice thickness can be correctly adjusted following the calibration, which is always from 0 – 10mm or 0 – 60mm. What’s more, our slicer is labor-saving as well.


  • Engraved with scale for precise slicing
  • Every slicer comes with a storage tray
  • Can flawlessly cut through hard bone
  • Built to stand the test of time


  • Work best for bones but can’t replace a chopping board.

1. Moongiantgo KD0288 Stainless Steel Ribs Bone Cutter Manual Meat Slicer Lamb Meat Chopper

Finally, we have this powerful meat slicing tool by Moongiantgo. It features all the bells and whistles you might think of. Even though it’s a manually operated tool, it can slice meat beyond your expectation. This slicer is a suitable food cutting device for ribs, meat/mutton/beef, Jerky, lamb chops, fish, duck, chicken, etc. As such, the slicing speed and labor are saved remarkably. However, while you enjoy all the performance of this tool, you should note that it can’t cut trotters, large legs, and bones of cattle, sheep, pigs, etc. Aside from this, it’s easy to use this tool. What’s more, it is worth its price.


  • Perfect cutting tool for the restaurant or home cooking
  • Easy adjustable to slice meat to your desired thickness
  • It’s pretty easy to handle and operate
  • Has a reliable and long-lasting built


  • Can’t cut through medium-size bones

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Meat Cutter & Slicer


The first factor to consider when purchasing the best food slicer is the blade. Therefore, you should check out for a durable and sharp blade. Most blades of these units are made from stainless steel material, while others are from carbon steel. However, stainless steel blades are mostly preferred because they’re more durable than those from carbon steel. Other than that, stainless steel is also efficient.


Secondly, you should consider the construction of the meat slicer before you decide to buy one. The model you choose should be rugged for longevity. The body should be constructed from corrosion-resistant stainless steel material. Besides, it should feature a glossy finish to suit any modern kitchen. On the other hand, the machine should come with sturdy non-slip feet.

Speed of the Cutter or Slicer

Whether you’re looking for an automated or manual slicer, it’s always necessary to check on the speed at which it slices meat. When you’re in a position to check at speed, you can better understand the amount of meat that it can handle. For that reason, it’s always a good idea to cross-check the cutter’s speed and which after you’ve to take a call.

Method of Cleaning

If you are using your slicer daily, the cleaning needs will often be as well. It would be best if you considered the cleaning mechanism that the meat slicer has to make your work seamless. It would be best if you had something with an efficient cleaning mechanism. So, before spending your hard-earned money, ensure to confirm the cleaning mechanism of the meat cutter or slicer.


Next time you’re looking for the best meat slicer, don’t get confused because this list is all you need. Because the market is highly saturated, finding the best of the best choice is an uphill task. We compiled the list above after doing rigorous research. You can rest assured of the value of your money with the listed products. Besides that, you can read through the factors laid right above to keep you on track in your shopping process. If you have any queries regarding our selections, don’t hesitate to comment on the section below. Best of luck!

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