Top 10 Best Kids Bike with Training Wheels in 2022 Reviews

Most individuals still have a fresh memory of their first bikes and all the challenging yet fun experiences they underwent while learning to ride. Offering our kids an opportunity to have the same fantastic memory to reflect is vital. There’re various benefits of kids cycling bikes than you think. But the key benefit is getting your child out of the sofa and motivating them to stay active – which is not only a fun experience but also necessary for their overall health.

Ideally, acquiring the right type of kid’s bike with training wheels isn’t about making an order; it’s a demanding task. You need to consider other features and factors. Fortunately for you, we delve into the top 10 best kid’s bike with training wheels in reviews plus critical factors to consider when making a purchase. For sure, the following bikes offer your little ones nothing less than a cheerful experience.

So, let’s get down to business.

10. PJ Masks BMX 12Inch Wheels Tool-Free Adjustable Kids Bike w/Training Wheels & Handlebar Plate

Kid’s bikes from PJ Mask Company come in different wheel sizes that accommodate children with different ages ranging from one year old to 15 years old. The bike is themed with graphics from the PJ Masks cartoon. With safety considerations of the young rider in the mind of the developer, each size of a bike uses a rear coaster braking system. These brakes are engaged by pedaling backward. The seat post and the handlebars allow easy and a tool-free height adjustment that makes it ideal for your growing child. Also, the training wheels can be removed with ease and helps in adding more stability for your kid during training.


  • Comes with a tool-free adjustable seat
  • Has stable and removable training wheels
  • Uses reverse pedals for stopping
  • Made of durable steel frame


  • Not so durable

9. Razor 12Inch Wheels Enclosed Full Chain Cover Freestyle Frame Rumble Bike w/Training Wheels (Red)

Razor Rumble Bike will equip your kid with amazing styles for cycling and gliding. This brand of lids bike comes with easy-to-assemble parts. The bike was designed with the safety of your child in mind. To enhance safety, stable coaster brakes and easy-to-install training wheels are included in the package. These wheels help the child build self-confidence while fastening their riding training. The tires of the bike are highly resistant to wear and adaptive to various types of terrain. It has a freestyle frame, which is made of sturdy material. Moreover, the bike uses a coaster braking system for more safety during emergency stops.


  • Made of sturdy and freestyle frame
  • Has an enclosed chain guard
  • Comes with training wheels
  • Large wheels measuring


  • Pedals make some noise during the ride.

8. Dynacraft Handlebar Shield Removable Adjustable Training Wheels Jurassic World Bike (Silver)

Jurassic World Bike from Dynacraft stores comes in various Jurassic graphics, which are very attractive to kids. Your kid will love the design and style used in completing this Dino bike. They will become the center of envy for his/her friends who do not have the same features in their bikes. The bike features a handlebar that has been designed with a graphic shield and painted with a deluxe finish. It also has an adjustable and removable training wheel that allows your young rider to enjoy safe riding exploration. Furthermore, the rear wheel of the bike employs the use of coaster brakes.


  • Customized Jurassic graphics creates more fun for kids
  • It has adjustable and removable training wheels
  • Designed with shielded handlebars
  • Uses coaster braking system


  • Its plastic shields are flimsy.

7. JOYSTAR 33 – 53Inch Macarons Kids Bike for 2- 7 Yrs. Girls w/Training Wheels & Coaster Brake

Riding on Joystar bike gives your kid the best riding experience as he/she grows. This brand of kid’s bike is designed for small and young kids to have a stable, comfortable, and fun ride. The key features of this bike are durability, adjustability, and simplicity. The high standards used in the construction of this bike help your kid develop self-confidence in their cycling experience. It guarantees your kid’s safety with a coaster braking system and chain guard enclosed on the bike. Additionally, the bike comes with reflectors for the spokes, handlebar, and the Seat-post. These reflectors ensure safety during night cycling.


  • Comes with reflectors for safety during night cycling
  • Made of a durable premium steel
  • Has a customizable seat height
  • The bike is easy to assemble.


  • The bike is too heavy.

6. PHOENIX Multiple Colors 12, 14, 16, 18Inch KAKU Kid Bike for Girls & Boys w/Training Wheels

This is a kid’s bike that is packed with training wheels and suitable for both genders. Seat-post, which uses a quick-release mechanism, allows easy adjustment of the seat height to suit different users. This bike comes when it is already assembled up to 85%, and the remaining 15% assembly is easy for you to put it together. These remaining parts which need you to install are the saddle, handlebar, pedals, training wheels, and the front wheel. The training wheels give you several choices, including adjustability and the ability to be removed. This bike is also fitted with a dual braking system, both the rear and the front caliper. Remember to di some adjustments on the brakes before starting to use the bike.


  • Fitted with susceptible and adjustable brakes
  • The frame is made of high-carbon steel
  • Made of wear-resistant tires
  • Has a stable training wheel


  • The instruction manual is limited to the Chinese language

5. Cycmoto Kids Bike with Hand Brake for 3- 6 years, 14 & 16-inch Bicycle

As a girl who loves spending most of your time riding, it would be an excellent idea to try out Cycmoto kids’ bikes with training wheels. It has an ergonomically designed seat and can easily be adjusted to accommodate your kids comfortably. Your little ones are always safe because it is equipped with a front caliper brake and rear coaster brake. Additionally, the training wheels play an essential role in the balance of ideal support. The full chain guard protects your kids from getting soiled and prevents the chain from trapping dirt particles. It is designed for kids aged 3-5 years since it has a holder at the saddle for greater learning.


  • Requires little or no maintenance thus saves costs
  • Made sturdy to ensure a safer and stable ride
  • Made from durable and strong components
  • It takes a few minutes to set it up entirely.


  • Has weaker brakes

4. Huffy 12Inch Easy to Assemble Sturdy Star Wars Darth Vader Girls Boys Bike (Black)

For a unique experience, when it comes to riding, your kids might want to try out Huffy kids’ bikes with training wheels. This unit is suitable for use by children aged 3-5 years with a height of 37-42 inches. It is designed from high-quality steel components that assure you of a long-lasting and robust unit. Better still, the seat post has a quick alloy release that makes it easier to adjust it to a comfortable height. Both the front hand brakes and rear coaster brake helps your little one to learn how to ride. Moreover, it has ultra-cool graphics that decorate this bike, and your kids will surely love it.


  • Accommodates growing kids with adjustable heights
  • Easy to assemble and does not require extra tools
  • Has adjustable handlebars for a comfortable ride
  • The lights make it convenient to ride at night.


  • The bearings are made of cheaper materials.

3. Royalbaby Multi-Colors 16, 18, 20Inch Kids Bike Girls Boys Freestyle w/Training Wheels & Kickstand

Royalbaby kids’ bikes with training wheels are equipped with a wide range of features for a convenient ride. It is equipped with large tires that keep your kid while riding to avoid falling down each time. The full chain guard prevents your kids’ legs from being trapped and keeps them clean at all times. Assembly is such as more manageable tasks since it comes with a clearly instructed manual and requires no extra tools. Moreover, the ball bearings inside this bike ensure a smoother ride for more fun. You rest assured of a long-lasting because it is designed from heavy-duty steel materials.


  • Available in different colors and sizes to choose from
  • Has adjustable height to suit different height needs
  • Meets ISO standards thus safer for everyday use
  • Strong enough to accommodate heavier weight


  • Heavier compared to the Huffy model.

2. Schwinn Tool-Free Adjustable Full-Sized 38 – 48Inch Tall 16Inch Wheels Koen Boys Bike for Toddlers & Kids

Cycling is a crucial way to stay healthy and explore the world. Schwinn bikes kids with training wheels are perfect for riding in the park or sidewalk because it is well designed for a comfortable ride. It suits children with the age of 3-5 years with a height of between 38-48 inches. With a lighter frame, smaller grips, and narrower pedals, your kids will always have more fun. Your kids are always assured of a safer ride because it is equipped with a front caliper brake and rear coaster brake. Besides, the adjustable seat accommodates children with different height needs.


  • It takes about 20 minutes to assemble thus saves your time
  • Feels sturdy with its convenient weight and wheels
  • Designed from high-quality materials that last long
  • Has shock absorbing tires for maximum safety


  • Does not include allen wrench for assembly

1. SEGWAY (Red Blue Pink) 14, 18Inch Ninebot Kids Bike for Girls & Boys w/Training Wheels & Kickstand

Are you looking for high-quality kids’ bikes with training wheels? Look no further than Segway kid’s bike with training wheels. It is designed from high-quality aluminium materials that assure you a long-lasting unit. The saddle can be easily adjusted to support children with varied height needs to achieve the desired comfort. Ideally, the fully enclosed chains keep your kids safe from scratches, reduces friction, and minimizes the risk of chain breakage. Furthermore, the pneumatic tires have tread patterns and sidewalls that offer great traction on bumpy and slippery surfaces.


  • Supports a maximum user capacity of up to 30kg
  • Has larger wheels to easily roll over obstacles
  • Easier to operate for a more comfortable ride
  • Portable since it features a lightweight frame


  • Produces some noise while riding

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Kids Bike with Training Wheels


Well, you should consider the right size for your baby. The model that is too small or too big is challenging to ride and could be somehow dangerous. Unlike adults’ bikes that use the frame size to find a suitable fit, kid’s bikes use the wheels’ diameter of the bike. Overall, the size will be from 12 inches, 16 inches, 20 inches, and 24 inches. You can apply the inseam length to find the appropriate size for your child’s bike.


The training wheels’ presence plays a significant role in ensuring the bike is stable as the child trains on various terrain. The bike should not be too tall, and the wheels should be thicker for better stability. The child should stay safe at all times without any chances of tipping or sliding.


Thirdly, you need to consider the accessories required to enable your baby to have a comfortable and safe ride. There’s a wide range of accessories you want to consider, including water bottles, reflectors, baskets, cages, and bells. While making such a consideration, you need to check for one or two of the said accessories. Opt for the options that offer you the value for your money.


Just like any other item, you should set a budget before shopping for the best Kids bike to enable you to manage your finances well. The prices of these units vary in relation to the type and construction and size. Essentially, high-quality bikes are costlier, but that does not mean that you won’t acquire an excellent bike. Always opt for a model that meets your budget needs.


Acquiring the best kids’ bikes with training wheels will help your little one develop confidence, motor skills, and muscles and also offer them a memory they’ll never forget. You must select the appropriate bike to ensure your baby have the best. This review will enlighten you and allows you to make a well-informed buying decision with ease. The choices we’ve presented to you will go a long way in making your shopping seamless.

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