Top 10 Best Kick Scooters for Kids in 2022 Reviews

Are you searching for the best kick scooter for your kid? There’re several scooters meant for children; that’s why it paramount to look for the best kick scooter that will provide service for your kid for long. These units are well known for their comfort because they’re stable and sturdy. They’ve non-skid and wider decks to ensure the kids are comfortable and safe. On top of that, these kick scooters for kids have LED-lightened wheels to ensure your kid enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride in all terrains. Further, they’re lightweight and foldable for easy storage and portability after use.

Before you can purchase any type of kick scooter for your kid, it’s paramount to consider several things like stability, price, safety, deck size, adjustability, wheels, and color among others. While it can be easy to use a kick scooter for kids, it’s not an easy task to find the best choice, given that kids have different tastes. However, we come into play to offer you reliable, affordable, and high-quality options. In this post, we’re going to take you through a list of the top 10 best kick scooters for kids in reviews. That said, let’s embark on the list.

10. Jetson Electric Bike One-Size LED-Light Up Deck Kick Scooter w/Wheels for 5 Kids (Black)

Jetson electric bike is the most attractive scooter. Stem, handlebars, deck, and wheels have decorated with over 100 LED lights. These LED lights are not meant for fun but also to safety and visibility. Handlebar heights are flexible and can be adjusted depending on the size of your growing child. It is designed to ha an easy folding mechanism found below the stem. Lightweight frame material together with a folding mechanism allows you to fold the stem and tie it to the deck thus making it easy to store or carry. An additional feature is the accessible foot brake that guarantees a safe stop when necessary.


  • The rearfoot braking system ensures the safety of your child for any safe stoppage
  • Wheels, stem and the deck have been decorated with colorful LED light
  • The handlebar heights can be easily adjusted for a comfortable grip
  • It’s easier to store and carry


  • Sometimes the batteries can fall off because they don’t fit tight

9. 6KU Extra-Wide PU Adjustable Height 3 Wheels Kick Scooter for Kids From 2 – 5 Years Old

Every parent desires long term fun and exercise for his/her kids. Choosing the 6KU 3-wheeled kick scooter has got you covered. It is geared for use by 2 to 5 years old. Kids are inspired by the LEF flashlight that automatically shines when the wheels spin during the ride. The deck of this type of scooter can be changed bases on user preferences. The handlebar has a detachable design that makes it easy to carry and store. Moreover, the T-bar and the handlebars have adjustable options from 24 to 30 inches above the ground. As such, kids of different ages and heights can comfortably use it.


  • Button controlled handlebars help to reduce the storage space
  • Bearing and wide wheel design gives your child a smooth riding
  • Has adjustable handlebars that suit 2-5-year-olds
  • LED flashlights create more fun for your kid


  • Making a turn could be challenging if not done with care

8. Eatao Adjustable Height Extra-Wide Deck Kick for Boys & Girls w/LED Flashing Wheels

The best gift you can surprise you kid with is Eatao kid scooter. Eatao scooter provides an avenue for your child to practice balancing and coordinating his/her motor skills. It also guarantees safety and fun for kids. Has 4 LED flashlights on the wheels that light up when riding. This creates more fun for your kid. In addition to creating fun, the flashing light helps people and vehicles to see the kid riding and avoid collisions. With room for adjustable heights, you can adjust the height of the handle to the comfort of your kid. You must teach your child to balance during early age to gain stability and confidence.


  • Adjustable handlebars allow your child to comfortably control their ride
  • It’s a lightweight Aluminum alloy that gives a strong and study quality
  • Creates stability for new riders making them gain confidence
  • Have four wheels decorated with LED light


  • LED lights don’t shine brightly

7. 6KU Lean to Steer Widened LED Wheels Kids Kick Scooter w/Adjustable Height for Age 3 – 8 Years

6KU Kids’ scooter is made kids aged 3 to 8 years. Operating it is easy because it is lightweight and uses lean to steer mechanism. Thus, it creates a lot of fun and easy for your child when using it. Handlebars are designed to be flexibly adjusted to accommodate the heights of different ages of kids between 3 to 8 years. This is equivalent to heights of 2’5″ to 5’5″. Rear brakes have been reinforced with a large metallic material. As such, it will allow your child to quickly and safely stop without getting hurt. It also has a very wide deck that can accommodate a maximum weight of up to 110 lbs.


  • Three wheels enable your child to coordinate and balance during riding
  • The lightweight design guarantees safety and security for your child
  • Made with a high-density plastic material that makes it durable
  • Durable for long term use


  • It can’t be folded unlike most of the scooters

6. New Olym Big Flashing Wheels Adjustable Scooter w/Safety Brake Kids Scooter for Ages 2-12 Years

This is a 3-wheeled scooter for kids between the 3-15 years old. It creates room for beginners to develop confidence and enhance their scooting skills. The scooter employs the technique of self-balance to provide the maximum necessary support for your child. The design of 3 wheels makes the Olym scooter to be more stable and safe. Handlebars are adjustable to fit the heights of different ages. Additionally, the maximum weight capacity is 154 lbs. Kids have to lean forward to steer this 3-wheel scooter. It can turn easily when the kid leans. Moreover, a simple press on the rear brake pad makes it stop safely.


  • The wide deck gives you the best riding experience
  • The rear brakes are effective and easy to use
  • More safety and stability is guaranteed
  • Doesn’t require any assembly


  • It doesn’t have handlebars for turning

5. BELEEV Quick Release Folding System V5 Scooters for Kids 8 Years w/200mm Wheels for Teens

If you are looking for a compact kick scooter for kids, this model from Beleev is the best choice in the market. It has a smaller body that makes it easier for you to store it without taking much storage space and also easier to carry around. With 4 adjustable height options, it can suit kids above the age of 8 years with different heights. Moreover, it is designed from high-grade materials that well known for their durability and strength. You are assured of the most comfortable ride on sidewalks or streets because it is equipped with a front suspension system and wear-resistant PU extra-large wheels.


  • Lightweight thus easier to carry from one place to another
  • Supports teens, kids, and adults with a weight of 200lbs
  • Has high-quality bearing to allow you to ride smoothly
  • Sturdy enough to withstand a longer a usage life


  • The manual isn’t well-instructed

4. Swagtron 220LB Height Adjustable Lightweight Commuter Kick Scooter for Adults & Teens

When it comes to a lightweight kick scooter for kids, no brand can be better than this model from Swagtron. Its frame is designed from premium quality materials that are strong and long-lasting. It is equipped with an extra-large wheel with ABEC-9 bearings that keeps you balanced and stable while riding. With the wide deck, you are assured of enough space that secures your feet on the non-slip grip tape for a comfortable ride. The handle grips are designed from premium EVA materials that are firm yet soft on your hands. Additionally, it weighs less than 10 pounds making it easier for transport purposes.


  • Ergonomically designed to allow your kids to ride comfortably
  • The frame can be adjusted to suit users with varying heights
  • Can be easily folded for storage and portability purposes
  • Comes with elbow and knee pads to keep you safer


  • The end caps on steering grips are a bit brittle

3. Lascoota 7.9 Inch Big Wheels Quick-Release Folding System Dual Suspension Scooter for Adults

Lascoota kick scooter for kids is well designed with a wide range of features to meet all your needs. This unit features a high-grade aluminum and steel construction that assures you of a longer-lasting unit. Not only can it be used by kids above the age of 8 years but also adults and teens who are into scooters. The handlebar has an adjustable height for use by persons with different heights. Additionally, the handle grips are designed from soft rubber materials that keep you comfortable throughout your riding period. This makes it a suitable gift for your loved ones during a holiday season.


  • The front and rear wheels keep you balanced always
  • Has a foldable and lightweight design thus portable
  • Allows for a smooth ride with the front suspension
  • Available in 6 different colors to choose from


  • The handlebars are a bit wobbly for younger kids

2. Mangoose 12-Inch Inflatable Wheels Expo Youth Scooter Front & Rear-Caliper Multiple Colors

Have you ever been frustrated with scooters that hung up with the smallest pebble? Well, Mongoose kick scooter for kids is the best solution. It has extra-large 12-inch tires that can get you anywhere whether it’s through rough pavement or grass. The foot deck is spacious enough to keep you more stable and balanced while riding at the topmost speed. Besides, it can be used by riders between the ages of 6-9 years with a maximum user capacity of 220 pounds. In case your kids need to grind a sidewalk on their way to the park then they can use the two-axle pegs for convenience.


  • Made lightweight making it easier to carry around
  • Can be adjusted by 3 inches to suit your needs
  • The deck is large enough to keep you stable
  • Has easy to stop brakes for safety purposes


  • Takes more time to assemble it

1. Razor Delta-Wing Front Wheel Large 16-Inch Steel-Frame 3-Wheel High-Tech Kick Scooter for Kids

Are you looking for a high-quality kick scooter for kids? Look no further than Razor kick scooter for kids. This item is equipped with extra-large 16-inch pneumatic front wheels that allow you to propel like crazy while remaining balanced at all times. The soft rubber grips and front hand-operated brakes allow you to ride your scooter more comfortably. Furthermore, you do not have to push this whole unit when drifting, turning, or accelerating because the low angle trailing casters makes all that easier for you. You are assured of a longer-lasting unit because its frame is designed from high-quality steel components.


  • Strong enough to support a rider weighing 143 pounds
  • Takes some few minutes to fully assemble it
  • Has soft rubber grips for a comfortable ride
  • It can be ridden while standing or sitting


  • The brake handle is too far much out for kids

Factors to Consider When Shopping for the Best Kick Scooter for Kids

Deck Size

If you want your kid to enjoy a comfortable ride, it’s wise to look for a kick scooter with a wider and non-slip deck. With a large deck, your kid will have an adequate space that will ensure the kid is safe when riding the scooter. On top of that, the deck ought to be non-slip to ensure the kid doesn’t slip off the scooter. If it’s a 2-in-1 scooter, you should make sure that it’s comfortable and removable.


The other important aspect to consider when shopping for the best kick scooter is the wheels. You should only consider the models with high-quality wide PU wheels. Apart from this, the wheels should be lightened up, and for that reason, it should come with LED light. This type of scooter should seamlessly move on different platforms and ensure it remains lightened for a great look.

Height Adjustability

Besides, the scooter should be versatile and suitable to serve a wide range of ages. Besides, the kick scooter should come with an adjustable height to meet the needs of kids from as low as 2-years to 14 years. For that reason, the kick scooter you may want to consider should come with an adjustable height that can seamlessly move to about four levels.

Moreover, you may also want to consider other factors including color, stability, construction, safety, capacity, and price of the kick scooter before sealing a deal.


When hunting for the best kick scooter for kids, you have all the best selections at your disposal. The kick scooters above are among the top-ranked models in the market and ideal for any kid. Besides, scooters are stable and safe because they’ve got a three-wheel design. Further, they also feature larger and wider decks to ensure the kids remain safe and stable as they ride along. Best of all, these units are reliable and can serve kids for long. Most of them also grow with your kids. So, what are you still waiting for? Make your kid love you more by purchasing one of the above items for them!

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