Top 10 Best Keyed Entry Door Locks in 2022 Reviews

It is always good to ensure that the entryways to your house remain well-secured to ensure that your family and belongings are safe. In this regard, you will be required to select the best door locks that will give you easy access to the house and keep intruders away. There are so many mechanisms that are employed by door locks including keyed entry, WiFi connectivity, keyless entry, and many more. In this article, we will be focusing on the keyed entry door locks. These prove to be effective for people looking for high-security levels both for residential and commercial purposes.

Since there are so many keyed entry door locks available in the market, you might have a rough time trying to choose the best one for you. There are some features that you will need to look for when choosing these door locks to make sure that your choice is the best. You will definitely have no ample time comparing the different door locks in the market. We, therefore, made a list of the best locks according to what users said about them. This is aimed at helping buyers know what to pick. By the end of this review, we believe that you will be in a better buying position. Let us now begin!

10. Copper Creek BK2040SS Entry Door Knob

We begin this review with this keyed entry door lock that comes in a stainless finish in order to stand the test of time. You will be happy to learn that the door lock has met all the required standards to bring you the highest security levels. What’s more, the door lock comes with an adjustable latch that is going to ensure that it fits on different doors flawlessly.

Another feature to appreciate about this product is that it comes in different finish options. For that reason, you will be able to choose the finish that matches the existing hardware. The best thing about this lock is that it comes with a limited lifetime mechanical warranty. On the other hand, the finish comes with a warranty of 5 years.


  • It comes with a satin stainless finish for durability
  • Backed with a limited warranty of 5 years
  • This is an ANSI Grade-3 keyed door lock
  • The door lock comes from a reputable brand


  • It has a stiff mechanism

9. AmazonBasics Exterior Door Lock, Satin Nickel

Next, we have this keyed entry door lock from a reputable brand in the market currently. The lock comes with a brass body and a steel internal structure to offer you the highest security. With its adjustable latch, you will be able to fit it on different doors with no hassles at all. The door lock comes with 2 brass keys so you should not worry about losing one.

With different finish options available, it will be possible to choose the lock that will match the existing hardware. The other thing that people like about the lock is that it comes with detailed instructions to ensure that installation remains a breeze. What will give you the confidence to purchase is the fact that this lock comes with a limited warranty of one year from the manufacturer.


  • This door lock comes with detailed instructions for installation
  • Backed with a limited warranty of 1 year
  • It features a brass body with a steel internal structure
  • You will choose your finish option from the many options available


  • People complained that it has a low quality

8. NEWBANG Keyed Entry Lock for Exterior Door

Made with zinc alloy and finished using aged bronze, this door lock proves to be the real deal as far as door safety is concerned. These door locks come in a reversible design which means that they will fit both the left and the right-handed swing doors. Additionally, the locks come with different keys that are not keyed alike.

Given that these locks come in an adjustable design, you can be sure that they will fit different door thicknesses. You should buy this door lock with ultimate confidence since quality is a guarantee. What’s more, it comes at a relatively affordable price.


  • Made with zinc alloy material
  • It will fit both left and right-handed doors
  • It has been tested for strength and durability
  • The door lock has a nice quality and is very easy to install


  • People complained that it was smaller than advertised

7. Berlin Modisch Door Handle for Bedroom and Bathroom

If you are looking for a door lock that will bring you high levels of privacy, this is the door lock to purchase. You will realize that as opposed to other door locks, this one does not need keys to open. It has basically been designed to complement the modern as well as the conventional interior doors. For that reason, you can purchase these door locks for your residential or commercial applications with no fear.

The other feature that you will find appealing for this door lock is the fact that it comes with a reversible handle. It, therefore, means that it will perfectly fit the right and left-handed swing doors. What’ more, the door lock comes with a unique turn-button knob that can be opened using an emergency key. Owing to the durable nature of this door lock, you will have every reason to buy it.


  • Easy to open the lock with no key needed
  • Designed to complement both modern and conventional styles doors
  • Comes with a durable satin nickel finish
  • Features a reversible handle that will perfectly fit the left and right-handed doors


  • Poor craftsmanship

6. Rulart Keyed Entry Door - Satin Stainless Steel

One of the aspects to appreciate about this door lock is that it is very easy to install. You basically need a simple screwdriver to complete the installation all by yourself. Its button lock allows you to unlock from the outside using a key. You can confidently use this door lock in the bedroom, bathroom as well as other interior applications.

Another feature to appreciate about the door lock is the fact that it meets the ANS3I standards of security. You can, therefore, rest assured of high security throughout. The door lock also prides itself on a wide range of applications meaning that it will be ideal for doors with different thicknesses.


  • You only require a screwdriver to simply complete the installation
  • It is easy to unlock from the outer side via the key or lock with the internal button
  • This door lock meets the ANS31 security standards meaning that it is safe and durable
  • It has a wide range of applications including bathrooms


  • Some people experienced a hard installation

5. WEBON Ball-Style Keyed Entry Door Lock (White)

One of the aspects to appreciate about this keyed entry door lock is that it has been made with quality materials. For that reason, you can rest assured that it will serve you for the longest period of time. Additionally, it comes with a complete set of accessories to guarantee that installation remains hassle-free. To be precise, that will be a DIY task.

As we have already mentioned, the keyed entry door lock features the best construction materials. for that reason, you can be sure of your safety both in the residential and commercial uses. What’s more, the lock comes with three keys so you do not have to worry about losing one.


  • The door lock handle has been made using quality materials
  • Comes with three computer copper keys for safety and reliability
  • The installation is a DIY on which is easy for everyone
  • Ideal for interior doors where privacy is required


  • None identified

4. Kwikset Keyed Entry Door Lock with Antimicrobial Protection

This is a polished doorknob and deadbolt that basically comes as a pack and is meant for exterior applications where extra security is required. One of the good things about this combination is that it comes in different finish options to make sure that you choose the best. Additionally, the pack comes at a relatively affordable price.

This door knob comes with universal handling allowing it to be installed on both left and right swing doors conveniently. The other thing to appreciate about this product is that the door hardware comes with a mechanical and finish lifetime warranty. What’s more, the combo features the SmartKey Security that helps to protect against the advanced break-in methods.


  • Ideal for exterior doors where extra security is required
  • This doorknob has universal handling meaning that it can be used for left and right-handed doors
  • Protects against the common break-in methods
  • Possible to re-key the lock within a short time


  • The deadbolt does not turn completely

3. Master Lock Keyed Door Lock (Pack of 2)

This keyed door lock comes as a pack of 2 to guarantee that you get value for your money. The good thing is that it can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, it is best used for residential exterior doors. You will also appreciate the ease with which you use this door lock. What you will be required to do is basically turn the button to unlock or disengage the latch.

The keyed entry door lock comes with a polished brass finish that is going to upgrade your door’s look and match the existing hardware. You will also appreciate that the installation is basic and very flexible. Since the door lock gives ANSI grade-3 performances, you can rest assured of the best protection and safety. it also comes with 2 keys in case you lose one.


  • It is ideal for indoor and outdoor use especially for residential purposes
  • Polished brass finish matching the existing door’s hardware
  • This entry door lock for exterior lock uses comes with 2 keys
  • It has a very flexible installation process


  • It is a bit hard to get the key into the lock

2. Schlage F51A ACC 505 Keyed Lever

What you will like about this door lock is that it is guaranteed to perfectly fit on the existing pre-drilled doors. You can decide to use a key from the outer side o basically rotate its interior turn button either to lock or unlock the door. Another feature that people like about this door lock is that it comes with a reversible lever that works with both the left and right swing doors.

With its self-aligning holes, this door lock will be hassle-free to install using a Philips screwdriver. Another feature to appreciate about the door lock is that both the finish and the lock are backed with a limited lifetime warranty. You will also acknowledge the fact that this is a reputable brand that has been in the industry for a long time.


  • It will properly fit on the standard and pre-drilled doors
  • The reversible lever will work with left and right swing doors
  • Comes with self-aligning holes to make installation a breeze
  • The lock and the finish have been backed with a limited lifetime warranty


  • None identified

1. Master Lock Keyed Door Lock, Brushed Chrome

Finally, on this review, we have this keyed door lock from one of the best brands today. This door lock is meant for both indoor and outdoor uses which makes it worth buying. If you are looking for the best security on your commercial doors, this lock will be a good pick. One of the features that you will appreciate about this product is the ease of use. It comes with some removable thru-bolts as well as a clutch feature.

The other feature that you will find effective for the door lock is the fact that it comes in a cylindrical construction to enhance durability. To add to that it has been UL-listed which proves that it has met the required standards. The keyed door lock comes with 2 keys so you do not have to worry about losing one.


  • This keyed entry door lock is meant for indoor and outdoor uses
  • Made with quality materials and has met the required standards
  • Comes in a cylindrical construction to enhance durability
  • The keyed entry door lock comes with 2 keys


  • No replacement parts

Factors to consider when buying keyed entry door locks

Security grading

You need to realize that most manufacturers use the security grading system when rating the lock’s performance. This incorporates, strength, security as well as the durability that a given lock offers. Looking at the security grading of your lock, therefore, remains of great importance when buying. You must choose those locks that have a higher grading to guarantee the best and highest levels of security.


Having some idea about the installation process is going to contribute to the type of lock that is right for you. There are those locks that will require you to make some changes to the existing hardware. What’s more, you need to keep in mind the place that your locks will be installed. It is advisable to go for those locks that have a simple installation process and come with the required installation instructions.

Construction quality

Last but not least, it is a good idea to have a look at the materials that have been used to make your door locks. You need to choose those locks that feature quality construction materials to guarantee that they offer the best security and also stand the test of time. In a similar manner, you should check to see the finish type used for the locks to see whether it matches the existing hardware.


Keeping your house secure regardless of whether it is residential or commercial is of great importance. This, therefore, means investing in the right keyed entry door locks such that intruders will always be denied entry to your premises. Not every door lock will be able to do that and that is why you must be very cautious when buying. There are so many brands making these locks where some are claiming to be the best. To help you identify the right picks, we made the above compilation. Provided that you go through the entire compilation, making the right choice will be very easy. All the best!

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