Top 10 Best Inflatable Air Mattresses in 2022 Reviews

When space tends to become a problem and you’re always relocating, opting for an inflatable air mattress is the most practical choice. Also, if you often receive guests, such a mattress is a great deal because it doesn’t take much of your room space. More than that, this kind of mattress is suitable for people who like camping because they can still get comfortable sleep away from home. It’s extremely easy and quick to inflate plus it’s easier to use. Besides, inflatable air mattresses are convenient compared to ordinary mattresses.

There’re a wide variety of inflatable air mattresses in the market today, and making an appropriate selection in such a scenario isn’t easy. That’s where we come into play. After researching dozens of these units, we managed to get the top 10 best inflatable air mattresses for reviews. With this list, you’ll be able to choose the best model with ease.

Therefore, read on to find out what each brand commands.

10. Lunvon 10 Inch Height Built-in Pillow Queen Inflatable Air Mattress for Home & Camping

This air mattress is easily portable because it is less bulky. Comes with a carrying bag that helps you lessen the burden of transporting it to your camping site. You can adjust its firmness to meet your needs. Cleaning of this air mattress can be done with ease using a dampened piece of cloth. The design of this mattress is made in a way that it will neither bulge nor sink despite how long you use it. It has been equipped with a rechargeable electric pump. This pump makes inflation and deflation of the mattress quick. Inflation takes about three minutes while deflation takes about four minutes.


  • Inflation and deflation is easy with the use of an electric pump
  • Suitable for use in camps as a bed or footrest
  • The thick PVC material makes highly durable
  • It’s waterproof to keep it dry at all times


  • Emits some smell before you start using it

9. InnoTruth Portable Air Mattress w/Comfortable Top & 120V Built-in Pump for Guest

Are you preparing to receive guests at any time of the week? You don’t have to be worried because Inno Truth air mattress will provide a comfortable sleeping experience for your guests. This type of mattress has a weight holding capacity of up to 600 pounds which is equivalent to two adults. Operates using air coil tech that gives you a flat surface for sleeping. Height of 18-inches ensures that you have a cozy feeling while sleeping. This double-height design guarantees you extra support like that one of a real bed. After inflation or deflation, the charger must be unplugged to avoid causing breaks and tears to the mattress.


  • Has a built-in electric pump and storage section for the charger
  • The bottom of this mattress is fitted with an anti-slip material
  • Durable carriage bag for easy transportation and storage
  • Takes a short time to inflate and deflate


  • Must be inflated daily

8. Intex 600lbs Capacity Dura-Beam Comfort Plush Elevated Airbed w/Internal Electric Pump

Intex comfort plush elevated airbed is designed with an internally fixed electric pump that is used for inflating and deflating the elevated airbed. Alternatively, this mattress can also be inflated manually with a manual pump. The duration takes to completely get fully inflated is approximately 4 minutes and 45 seconds. The sleeping surface is made with a soft and plush material that guarantees you a more comfortable sleeping experience. Also, the uniquely constructed edges stabilize the mattress, give more sleeping space, and prevents the bed sheets from slipping. It has a maximum weight holding capacity of 600 lbs. Furthermore, its dimensions are 60″ X 80″ X 22″.


  • Soft and plush covered sleeping surface for extra comfort
  • Equipped with an electric pump for inflation and deflation
  • Has a convenient bag for storage and transportation
  • Unique edge design offer stability and more space


  • Cannot hold a weight exceeding 600 lbs.

7. Pittman Outdoors Ultra-Tan 20 Inch PPI-Queen Double High Air Mattress w/Built-in Electric Pump

This air mattress is a necessity especially when you are anticipating having guests in your house. It has a lightweight which makes portable. Covers 20 inches above the ground thus it is easy to get in and out of it. You can also comfortably sit on it while wearing your shoes because this height is equivalent to the standard height of a chair. Weight is evenly distributed over the air mattress by the integrated coil system. The top cover is flocked with a soft material that gives you a cozy feeling. Additionally, the side edges are made in such a way that they prevent the sheets from falling away.


  • Edge design prevents the sheets from slipping
  • Inflation and deflation is easy and quick
  • Coil beams make it strong and durable
  • It can accommodate up to two adults


  • Can’t hold air for a longer time

6. Noble High Raised Inflatable Airbed w/Built-in Pump Elevated Queen-Size Luxury Upgraded

The noble luxury air mattress is built with materials and designs that will last long. It is made with a highly durable PVC which is also resistant to punctures. Raised 18 inches above the ground for you to easily get in and out of it. Also, there is an internally built electric pump used when inflating or deflating the mattress. The top surface of the mattress is flocked with a soft material. This material is soft like a pillow and offers extra comfort. While on the other hand, the bottom layer is constructed with non-skid material. This will prevent the mattress from sliding when you turn in your bed. Moreover, the edges are uniquely designed to hold the bedsheets in place and prevent them from slipping.


  • The bottom is of a non-skid material to avoid sliding on the floor
  • Made of soft material that gives you maximum comfort
  • Comes with a carry bag for either storage or transport
  • Can be used with or without sheets


  • Can sometimes self-deflate slowly

5. Active Era Puncture Resistant Air Mattress w/Built-in Electric Pump & Raised Pillow

If you’re looking forward to sleeping more comfortably throughout the night, Active era inflatable air mattress. This unit is designed from ultra-premium materials that are well known for their strength and durability. It has an inbuilt air pump that allows you to fully inflate this mattress within three minutes. With the built-in pillow, you are assured of an extra neck and head support for a more comfortable sleep. You can use it at home or while camping because it has a soft-touch waterproof flock. This makes it an ideal birthday or Christmas gift for your loved ones.


  • The larger size can fit into regular queen-sized bed sheets
  • Strong enough with a maximum user capacity of 550lbs
  • Can be easily deflated for storage and transportation
  • Has a compact design thus takes lesser storage


  • Deflates a bit while sleeping

4. Coleman Queen Quilted Top 600 pounds Support Rest Elite Double-High Airbed

You rest assured of a better and more comfortable goodnight sleep with Coleman inflatable air mattress. It has a removable top cover that is made soft to keep you feeling cozy while sleeping at night. This mattress features a built-in pump that makes it easier to inflate this whole unit within a few minutes. With the double lock valve work and airtight system, you are assured of a firmer mattress free from any leaks. Additionally, it has a super lock reinforced construction that keeps this unit sturdy for ultimate comfort. The pump makes it easier for you to deflate it for easier packing.


  • Lightweight making it easier to carry from place to place
  • Easier to get in and out of it with its double high height
  • Comes with a carry bag for storage and transportation
  • Designed from high-quality, durable materials


  • Produces some squeaking noise

3. Etekcity 22 Inch Height Queen Inflatable Air Mattress w/Built-in Pump for Camping Guest Hiking

Eteckcity inflatable air mattress is equipped with a wide range of features to fulfill all your sleeping needs. With the built-in pump and valve, you can easily inflate and deflate this whole unit within a few minutes. It comes with a storage bag that makes it easier for you to carry it from one place to another. This double raised mattress has a non-skid bottom that keeps you stable throughout your sleeping period. Besides, it is designed from multilayer 15 gauge puncture-resistant components that are free from leakages and damages. The flocked top is made waterproof to remain dry even when you spill drinks on it.


  • Can accommodate users with a maximum weight of 650lbs
  • Has the latest wave beam technology for better support
  • Allows you to sleep quietly with no disturbing noises
  • Ideal for smaller families or at most two adults


  • The motor produces a shrilling noise while inflating

2. Simmons Full Raised-Profiled Beauty Rest Hi-Loft Inflatable Air Mattress w/External Pump

Do you need a more comfortable sleeping surface? Well, Simmons inflatable air mattress offers you the best. It is an ideal choice when you need an extra bed while camping or in your guest room at home. With only a weight of 12.89 pounds, you can easily carry it from one room to another without feeling its weight. The vertical and stable beam construction reduces any swaying or side to side motions for a quieter night. The electric express pump makes it easier for you to inflate and deflate this mattress within a few minutes. Additionally, the plush velveteen surface keeps your sheets intact from slipping off.


  • Can be adjusted from firm to plush with a touch of a button
  • Has an edge support system to prevent you from rolling off
  • Easier to maintain since it can be spot cleaned by water
  • 100% leak tested thus retains its original shape


  • Feels cold when temperatures drop

1. SereneLife SLABFL60 8 Inch Raised-Self Elevated Mattress w/Built-in Pump w/Soft Plush Flocking

When it is all about a sturdier inflatable air mattress, no brand can outshine this model from SereneLife. It is equipped with a pump that automatically re-inflate this unit when the pressure goes down in an ultra-quiet manner. This mattress is ideal for use by adults and kids of all ages because it is easier to get in and out. Furthermore, it comes with a repair kit that aids you to repair it in case it gets damaged. The high-quality soft plush and flocked sleeping surface keeps you lying comfortably and keeps all your sheets intact. Also, it has a powerful cord storage compartment that eliminates any cable clutters.


  • Inflates and deflates automatically for only five minutes
  • The storage bag aids you in storage and transportation
  • Well designed to support a maximum weight of 500lbs
  • Made from sturdy PVC materials that last long


  • It’s harder to fold

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Inflatable Air Mattress


The first factor you want to consider when shopping for the best inflatable air mattress is the type. Indeed, airbed comes in different models. These mattresses vary in terms of their design and thickness. Also, their practical vary in from one airbed to the other. There’re raised airbed mattresses that are very easy to carry and durable enough to be placed squarely at the surface.


Secondly, you should consider the thickness of the airbed mattress when fully inflated. The thicker models tend to be more comfortable and supportive compared to those thinner models. If you wish to have extra comfort, you should even opt for those with an in-built pump to ensure it doesn’t deflate in the middle of the night because of the weight. Thicker inflatable air mattresses are the best choices because apart from the air-inflated, they can help to align your body even while you sleep.


As compared to the standard mattresses, an airbed range from twin to king size. The twin size model is normally ideal for a single person or camper. You shouldn’t use a twin size mattress with more than the weight that’s indicated, so, for adults, this size of mattress is suitable for one individual. King or queen size airbed is perfect for families who like camping outdoors or to serve as a guest mattress.


Last but not least is the durability of the inflatable airbed mattress. If you want a durable airbed mattress, you should ensure the construction is up to speed. Choose a model that wouldn’t puncture after few months of use. If possible, check on the specs for high-quality and long-lasting materials. The top should be made of soft yet high-quality materials.


Air-mattress is truly a life-saver for avid campers and most household owners. If you’re often received guests in your apartments and you find yourself wondering where your guest will rest, an inflatable air mattress is a great deal for you. This space saver unit is convenient for people on the go and also those who usually go camping during summer. It is quite easier to inflate and use. Before paying for one, check a look at the factors to consider to be in a position to choose the best of the best choice. With this review, you’ll never have a challenge purchasing the best inflatable air mattress. Have a lovely shopping time!

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