Top 10 Best Electric Smokers in 2022 Reviews

Have you thought of making smoked meat yourself after enjoying a slice of delicious smoked meat at a restaurant? Finding the best electric smoker will help reduce your struggle, especially beginners. But, your meat will only be delicious if you get the appropriate electric smoker for indoors. Since you can’t go around testing every product and reading reviews about various products. We have decided to provide you with a guide that combines customers review and also a personal experience to select the best electric smokers to put into consideration. After reading this guide, we hope you will be able to make a buying decision and purchase a smoker that meets all your needs.

10. Smoke Hollow 26142E 26 Inch Electric Smoker

The Smoke Hallow electric smoker is among the top best options to purchase. This unit has a1500 watt heating element with adjustable pressure control to avoid inconveniences while cooking. Your safety is also guaranteed in that the smoker is fully insulated. More so, you get enough cooking space as it has two chrome-plated cooking grids that are adjustable. Also, its construction is of steel hence a durable unit. The 1.3cu.ft cooking capacity makes it convenient for family use. To achieve the best smoke style cooking, you can rely on its full range heat indicator.


  • Easy to control the temperature
  • It heats up quickly
  • Has sufficient insulation
  • High-quality construction hence durable


  • Tends to have temperature inconsistency

9. Presto 06014 Indoor Electric Smoker

When it comes to a compact design and high performance, the Presto electric smoker takes it all. You can rely on this smoker for indoors cooking of seafood, poultry, vegetables, and much more. Its digital touchpad setting gives you the best cooking experience as you can set it for hot, cold, or both combination smoke. Besides that, the timer with a digital display will count down the remaining smoking time, making it easy to cook. Lastly, it’s three-tiered layer offers large capacity smoking, easy placement, and removal of food, thus very convenient.


  • Compact size hence space saving
  • The three racks make it convenient for various cooking at once
  • Comes with instruction manual and recipe guide
  • Perfect for indoor smoking
  • Convenient and economical
  • Easy to use and maintain


  • Leaks quite smoke

8. Char-Broil Bullet Charcoal Smoker, 16Inch

The Char-Broil Bullet smoker meets all the qualifications of being a good smoker, and that is why we have ranked it today. Not only will it offer good tasting food or meat, but also you will face no difficulty while using it. The innovative airflow control system ensures that the internal cooking temperature remains constant. More so, you will also find it easy to monitor the temperature through the lid-mounted temperature gauge. Besides, it is one of the systems with an easy cleaning feature because you can remove the ash pan. Furthermore, its large 388 SQ in cooking surface across the two porcelain Coated grates makes it more day to clean and also prevents food from sticking, leaving your system clean.


  • 1-year warranty included
  • Durable porcelain-coated steel body
  • Easy to clean and control
  • Offers easy temperature monitoring
  • Consistent temperature


  • Not well insulated and the smoke leaks

7. Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D Smoker

The Dyna-Glo charcoal offset smoker offers you one of the best experiences while in use. It’s offset design optimizes indirect heat flow, making it ideal for slow cooking, thus infusing smoke flavor. You can expand your culinary horizons with this large capacity multifunctional BBQ machine. You can also customize your cooking with ease as it contains six height-adjustable cooking grates. When it comes to maintenance, you won’t have to strain anymore. That is because of its enameled Charcoal chamber, removable ash-tray, and removable grease cup. The system weighs 57 lbs, thus long-lasting, reliable, and worth the purchase.


  • Offers 784 of the smoking area
  • Smokes up to 100 lbs of food at a time
  • The electronic pulse ignition system ensures quick ignition
  • High-quality construction hence durable
  • Body coated with temp powder coat finish for increased durability
  • Heats up quickly
  • Comes fully packed


  • The unit may come loose if not double-checked

6. Cuisinart COS-118 Vertical 18Inch Charcoal Smoker

With this Cuisinart smoker, you will be able to smoke all types of food, including vegetables and cheese. Cooking with this unit is very easy as all you have to do is light the charcoal and add some chunks to it. You can carry this smoker anywhere you go as it’s designed perfectly for professional cooks, chefs, and other grilling enthusiasts. It features two air vents to control heat and smoke levels in the smoker. You will also benefit from its two-tier smoking racks that give you enough room to smoke your food. There will be no inconveniences as it also offers 510 SQ in cooking space, which is significant for cooking.


  • Stands 45 inch tall for easy use
  • The porcelain-enameled steel bowl holds water hence easy maintenance
  • Steel housing therefore durable
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Offers more control over smoke and heat


  • The bottom air inlets tend to heat up while in use

5. Royal Gourmet CC1830F-C Charcoal Grill with Offset Smoker

When it comes to smokers who have a value of money, this Royal Gourmet takes the lead. It offers 800 SQ in cooking surface with porcelain ate cooking grates. Meaning you can prepare all kinds of foods at a go. What makes it better is the seamless connection between the side smoker and the main chamber. That is because it helps to heat up quickly and also keep warm. The groove design used on the lid offers a sealing performance of the side smoker box to avoid inconveniences. Also, adjust the heights of the charcoal by lifting the handles. The removable charcoal pan makes ashes dumping and adds charcoal more comfortable, thus, easy to use. Lastly, it has a built-in thermometer in the main lid, which helps control the grilling temperature.


  • Offers front table and bottom shelf for additional storage
  • Has two 6″ wheels for easy moving
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable and portable


  • Its construction is not durable as expected

4. Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24Inch Smoker

When it comes to quality, then camp Chef offers you all your outdoor cooking needs. Its construction makes it of value to your money as it comes fully packed. It includes one jerky rack and two cooling grids. The heat control is fully adjustable, making it easy for you to monitor your cooking. Three damper valves and a door thermometer is also included to help in controlling internal temperature. It’s cooking temperature can vary from 160°F to 400°F. Apart from that, the wood chip tray and water pan create smoke, thus keeping the meat moist. Even if you don’t have new cooling tips, a recipe is included to get you started.


  • Convenient matchless snap-ignition
  • Has two adjustable smoking racks
  • Removable porcelain base tray for an easy cleanup
  • Weighs 75 lbs hence portable
  • Easy to read door thermometer


  • Not insulated

3. Masterbuilt MB20073519 Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker

Being among the top best companies, Masterbuilt electric smoker turns out to be unique. You will enjoy Bluetooth smart technology that helps control temperature, lift, and power the smoker on and off. More so, the patented side wood chip, the loading system used, enables you to add wood chips without opening the smoker door, thus, no losing heat. The built-in meat probe thermometer also ensures you get appropriate results while cooking these delicious foods. The best part is that the thermostat temperature control can even work for consistent smoking, making it a reliable and convenient unit.


  • Energy saving
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Bluetooth smart technology makes it easy to use
  • Corded electric
  • Has the value of money
  • High-quality construction hence durable


  • Customers complain of poor customer service

2. Z Grills ZPG-450A latest Upgrade Wood Pellets Grill and Smoker

We consider Z Grill smoker to be our first runners up because of its quality and performance. First of all, it has the value of money because you get an ultimate 6-in-1 barbecue, wood fire pellet grill. And since it uses pellet grill technology, expect to get a flavor of wood-smoked food. With only 20lbs of pellets, you can cook for up to 20 hours, thus energy saving. More so, it has auto-start ignition, and Digital auto temperature control thus eliminates starter fluid. Since it is a 202 upgrade, the manufacturer promise that all of the known issues are fixed; that is why the digital control board auto ignites the grill. Lastly, it maintains the heat within 10 degrees of the set temperature, thus producing an optimal smoke amount.


  • Upgraded cart with locking caster wheel hence easy to move
  • Safe and easy to clean as it includes waste oil collector
  • Convenient and energy-saving
  • High-quality construction hence durable enough
  • Offers 450 sq. in grilling area and 15 pounds hopper capacity
  • Has a foldable working shelf
  • Rustproof cover and racks


  • It takes time to install which may be inconvenient to some people

1. Traeger Grills Ranger and Smoker

If you are not a beginner, then considering Trager smokers as the best is worthy. It is a perfect unit that you can rely on for travel because of its design. It features a baffled lid design and lid latches, which ensures it’s durability and also portability. What makes it best is the new digital arc controller that provides precise and consistent temperature depending on your needs. Not forgetting the keep warm mode ensures that your food is always ready to eat whatever time. The unit offers 184 SQ. In a grilling area and an extended 8lb hopper, which makes it more convenient. In conclusion, the cook timer ensures that your food is not overcooked, which may also destroy its taste; that is why you must have this smoker.


  • Safe and secure to use
  • High-quality construction hence durable
  • Keep warm mode therefore warm food anytime


  • Weighs 70 pounds which tends to be heavy

Factors to consider when buying an electric smoker

Electronic elements

When looking at the electronic smoker, find one uses elements like thermostats or rheostats, control panel, auto-off/ on features, or even Bluetooth control. Such features make it easy to use even if you are a beginner, that is why you should select one with a feature that suits you best.

Trays and Racks

The best part of electric smokers is that it gives you an alternative to use either hollow or grill trays. The type of meat you want to be smoked doesn’t matter. All you have to do is go for the best grill. Grills give you the best flavor and coveted smoke ring, thus, maximum performance and experience.


Safety is an essential factor to consider because your safety is the key to everything. You should know that electric smokers are safer than traditional smokers. Most of them are heat insulated, and that is what makes them better. More so, they also have lids and smart door locks to keep everything intact, unlike the traditional ones.


Our review’s primary purpose is to provide you with enough information before you make a purchasing decision. We will encourage you to go for an electric smoker that you feel meets all your needs, and you can further find more information if it has not been included above. We have highlighted top best features of each product and their.benefits to avoid inconveniences while in use. And as you know, no product is 100% perfect, expect some flaws. However, we guarantee that the above information will.answers some of your questions and help solve your problem.

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