Top 10 Best Computer Gaming Chairs in 2022 Reviews

Playing a computer game can be some distressing and annoying without the right chair. Perhaps, gaming should be fun, enjoyable, and captivating rather than causing more harm than good. You shouldn’t strain while gaming. Most gamers don’t pay attention to the chair they’re using, and that way, they end up complaining about back pain and related issues. If you need full comfort as you play, you should look for an ergonomic computer gaming chair. This chair will guarantee you good health and comfort as well.

Of course, computer gaming chairs come in different shapes, sizes, and themes. And finding the best can be a bit confusing because of the same reason. Essentially, a gaming chair is an upgraded version of the office chair, so there isn’t a significant difference. However, to make a definitive choice, we bring the top 10 best computer gaming chairs to your attention in reviews. Plus, towards the end of this post, we’ll offer you a set of factors to consider before spending your money.

Let’s start.

10. RESPAWN RSP-110-GRN Racing Style Ergonomic Leather Gaming Chair w/Footrest (Green)

As a gamer, you don’t have to spend a lot of money when buying a comfortable gaming chair. Respawn 110 gaming chair is budget-friendly and delivers for you your most desired results. This chair uses a tilting mechanism and has lift levers strategically located to the right beneath the seat. Your elbows rest assured of comfort with the help of padded armrests that are fixed on the chair. The maximum tilting angle is 1550 and designed with an angle lock for safety and choosing the best tilt angle. Furthermore, the head pillow and lumbar are adjustable for maximum comfort during prolonged sitting hours. Finally, your feet have been put into consideration by the construction of an extendable footrest.


  • The lumbar support and the headrest are easily adjustable
  • Equipped with a footrest that reinforces the positions
  • More comfortable and luxurious
  • Has segmented padding style


  • The seat cushion gets deflated with time.

9. Nouhaus Velour Retractable Armrest Velvet Computer Chair w/Bonus Blade Wheels

This chair is suitable for anyone who has a taste in plush seating. It has been designed with a plush swivel micro-velvet cushioning. It is has been padded with a denser foam combined with high-quality fabric that delivers more comfort. The wheel casters are smoother when compared to other regular wheels. It is suitable for use in floors made of linoleum, tiles or floors made of hardwood. It will smoothly glide on these great wheels over the floor with a lot of ease. The flip-up mechanism helps it easy for you to store the gaming chair closer to the table.


  • Comes with easy to follow guide for installation
  • Can be raised higher than other brands
  • The chair has an ergonomic effect
  • The base is very sturdy.


  • The cushion is not much softer.

8. RESPAWN Reliable HIGH-STAKES-03 R Racing Style Leather Computer Gaming Rocker Chair

If you are a console game and desire to have an ideal seat for your gaming, Fortnite gaming chair is the right solution for your gaming needs. It differs from any other old-school rockers using height adjustments that allow you to raise it to a height that suits your needs. Throughout your extreme or casual gaming experience, it will offer you optimum support. The chair is characterized by segmented padding on the high back. The neck and extra head has also been cushioned and fitted with the lumbar backing built inside the chair. Its base is made sturdy and delivers optimum support.


  • Features segmented and a high padded segment
  • Uses a tilt tension mechanism for reclining
  • Designed with a flipping armrests
  • Suitable for console gamers


  • Reclining lever won’t work correctly if not assembled well.

7. OFM Green Essentials Leather Collection Racing Style Bonded Gaming Chair (ESS-3085-GRN)

This gaming chair has been designed with a style that resembles any race car. The chair creates for you a cozy feeling and also very luxurious to use. You no longer have to worry about back pain caused by prolonged sitting because this type of chair relieves all the back-related pain. This ergonomic gaming chair is padded using contoured segments. Also, it has integrated armrests and headrest which have been adequately padded. This chair features adjustable heights that will accommodate users of varying heights. The tilting mechanism allows you to flex the seat to your favorite angle. Additionally, you can flip-up the arms to your comfort level.


  • Provides optimum support and comfort using padded segments
  • Luxurious with a style of a racing car
  • Has adjustable heights
  • Made with flipping arms


  • The padded cushioning will grow thin after some time.

6. Blue Whale 8301 Ergonomic Leather Metal Base & Special Wave Support w/Headrest

This gaming chair is specially designed to offer dual comfort. It has unique wave support and dual seat cushioning that guaranteed you with the best sitting experience. Lumbar pillow and the soft headrest help you in eliminating tiredness. Its larger size can support a maximum of 350 lbs. Moreover, thicker and broader backrest and cushioning enhance much more support. It is built with integrated metal material and an artificially high-density PU leather, which is skin-friendly. The base is made of metal and designed to be explosion-proof. Also, it has several multiple-functions that can be adjusted with a lot of ease.


  • Supports a larger weight capacity of up to 350 lbs.
  • Build using an integrated metal frame
  • It has multiple adjustable functions
  • Designed with a soft headrest


  • Height adjustment can’t go beyond a certain level.

5. Hbada Ergonomic High Back Racing Style Computer Chair w/Headrest & Lumbar Support (Grey)

For more comfortable computer operations, you might want to try out this computer gaming chair from Hbada. It has a large seat area that makes it ideal for pro gamers with a maximum user capacity of up to 300 pounds. This unit is designed from high-quality leather materials that are strong and long-lasting. You can easily remove the lumbar support and headrest to ensure proper alignment and support of your back. Additionally, it has a reclining backrest and adjustable armrests to suit persons with varied height needs. The 360° swivel seat allows you to undertake your operations from any direction.


  • Comes with clear instructions for easier installation
  • Made sturdy to ensure stable computer operations
  • The cool racing casters provides easier movement
  • Made of quality materials, thus lasts longer.


  • It lacks a footrest

4. Ace Casual X Rocker 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth 4 Speaker Video Gaming Chair (Black/Fuchsia)

You can enjoy your music while getting your computer tasks done with Ace casual computer gaming chair. It is equipped with two speakers and a 4-inch subwoofer to enable you to listen to your favorite music through a Bluetooth connection. The stylish, breathable back fabric allows you to remain seated for longer periods without sweating or sticking on the seat. Moreover, this seat is a bit deeper to accommodate you more comfortably without wobbling over. Also, assembly becomes such a hassle-free task because it comes with simple instructions and does not require any extra hardware.


  • Has an easier to operate control panels
  • Complements most office decorations
  • Installation takes some few minutes
  • Holds a maximum weight of 275lbs


  • Lacks clear instructions to put it together

3. NOKAXUS YK-6008-White Retractable Footrest Large Size High Back Ergonomic Racing Seat

Do you always work or play computer games for longer periods? Well, you can still use the Nokaxus computer gaming chair. It is designed from high-quality steel and fabric materials that assures you of a longer-lasting unit. Further, it has a thickened support chassis that guarantees you of the needed stability at all times. You can also move it from one place to another more quickly since it features large PU wheels that do not scratch your surfaces. With the adjustable height, you can easily customize it to meet your height needs for such a comfortable seat.


  • The footstool can be retracted to meet varied needs
  • Well-cushioned to support you more comfortably
  • Has a waist massage pillow to relieve any pains
  • Rotates up to 360° for more convenience


  • The headrest isn’t adjustable.

2. Livinia High Back Height Adjustable Seat Ergonomic Lumbar Support Computer Gaming Chair (Green)

Are you looking for a high-quality computer gaming chair? Look no further than Livinia computer gaming chair. This unit is constructed from quality fabric and metallic components with a longer usage life. It has an adjustable headrest to support your neck area to avoid any straining comfortably. With proper ventilation, you can sit on it for more extended periods without sweating since it allows the free flow of air. The mesh has a tilt and lock mechanism to offer you great support and comfort at work at the home office. Additionally, the urethane caster wheels make it easier for you to move this whole unit.


  • Has an adjustable seat height for ultimate comfort
  • Made of skin-friendly and stain resistant materials
  • The detailed instructional manual eases assembly
  • More comfortable with the dual lumbar support


  • The armrests can’t be customized.

1. AKRacing Core Series High Backrest SX Gaming Chair w/Recliner & Adjustable Height (Black)

Akracing computer gaming chair is equipped with all the needed features to meet all your comfort needs. Its frame is designed from heavy-duty metallic components strong enough to support a maximum user capacity of 330 pounds. With the anticorrosive coating, this unit will always retain its vibrant look for longer periods. Besides, it has an adjustable headrest and lumbar support pillows that can be easily customized to meet all your needs. You can adjust the 3D armrests in three different positions to keep you relaxed in a more comfortable manner.


  • The well-cushioned foam supports you for more extended periods
  • Has 180° reclining mechanism to fit your needs
  • Ergonomically designed for ultimate comfort
  • The leather materials are easier to clean.


  • Assembly takes some more time.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Computer Gaming Chair


This is a crucial aspect to consider when shopping for the best computer gaming chair. We say so because even those expensive choices may not serve you well if they aren’t comfortable. If you want to get the best comfort and reduce the stress that’s impacted on your body, then the ergonomic option is the ideal option to settle with because you don’t want to stand always to stretch your back, the chair that you opt for need to be comfortable.


If you need a long-lasting computer gaming chair, you should ensure to settle with a model that is made from reliable and durable materials. The material dictates the durability of the gaming chair. Remember, if you opt for a chair made of cheaper material, then be aware that reliability isn’t guaranteed. Also, check on the cover material and padding before deciding to opt for any option.

Space Saving

Suppose you’re limited with space, then there’re more than enough gaming chairs to consider. You need to consider the gaming area visa vie the overall dimensions of the chair. You’ll incur huge losses if you shop for a gaming chair only to be surprised with its large size.


You need to make sure that the gaming chair you’re opting for forgives your money’s value. You shouldn’t spend money on a product that doesn’t worth it. Also, don’t pay for something that doesn’t catch your attention. For instance, when you’ve already bought an excelling sound system, you should choose a model without inbuilt speakers or woofers.


With tons of computer gaming chairs in the market currently, choosing the appropriate option can be a bit challenging. However, once you know the right chair you need, this process should be easy-breezy. The factors above will even guide you as you try and make your selection. Comfort should be your primary factor after all comfort is what coined with computer gaming. Having the right chair will guarantee you a more thrilling gaming experience. We also presented you with some unique gaming chairs in terms of comfort, quality, and affordance. Hopefully, after you have gone through this review, you’ll be better positioned to shop for yourself, the best computer gaming chair. Have an exciting shopping time!

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