Top 10 Best Car Amplifiers in 2022 Reviews

Are you planning to remodel your car’s sound system but you don’t know the type of equipment to bring onboard? Well, you’ve come to the right place. If you want to have an exceptional sound in your car, you only need two define things: the best amplifier and super-powerful speakers. However, in this article, we’ll be talking about the best amplifiers for your car because it’s the basis of a sound system in the car. In essence, an amplifier offers more power to the car’s speakers, which enables them to attain excellent sound quality with more bass.

Whether you’re reworking on your car’s sound system, or you’ve just bought your car and looking for the best amplifier, it’s paramount to be vigilant in whatever model you may wish to purchase. The market currently offers different types of car amplifiers, and you may end up being overwhelmed with tons of options. However, in this post, we present to you the top 10 best car amplifiers that will help you during the selection process. So, kindly check them out.

10. Pyle Upgraded Marine Hydra PLMRA120 Elite Series 4 Channel 240W Waterproof Audio Amplifier

You don’t have to keep wondering how to power your speakers in moist areas with the fear of water. Pyle Hydra Amplifier is a waterproof amplifier that is suitable for use with speakers near the pool, in your boat or on the dock. It is a 2 channel marine amplifier that uses 240 w. Can take both low and high levels of inputs. Therefore, it is very compatible with different sources and head units. The amplifier is controlled with a remote. You can easily press a button to either switch it on or off. Additionally, it won’t have any weaknesses in connection and the whole set-up because the RCA inputs are gold plated.


  • An aluminum heat sink provides thermal protection
  • Equipped with the built-in fuse for protection
  • Easily controlled by a remote
  • Produces high-quality sound


  • Has no preventive mechanism against water

9. BOSS Audio Systems R1100M 2/4 Ohm Stable Class A/B Mosfet Monoblock Car Amplifier

If you want to shift some gears up in your experience in high-quality audio, then go for the Boss Audio system amplifier. It is a stable and powerful amplifier. This amplifier can power up your subwoofers by supplying the maximum power they require for effective performance. Its power output 550 w to one channel at 4 Ohms and 1100 w to another channel at 2 ohms. The speaker level it uses is high-level output. You can connect the R1100M to your radio using speaker level inputs that do not have low-level inputs. RCA cables are used to create a link between the source unit and R1100M.


  • Has adjustable variable input control for optimum performance
  • Automatic protection against short-circuiting
  • Decorated to illuminate the boss logo
  • Wired remote for easy controlling


  • LED logo flashlight might not match with your interior decor

8. BLAUPUNKT AMP1604 Full-Range Max Output 1600W 4-Channel Car Amplifier

BLAUPUNKT amplifier gives you value for your money. It is a four-channel amplifier that has a maximum power output of 1600 w. This is a full range amplifier. It has an RMS power output of 79W x 4 which is equivalent to 2 Ohms and 55W x4 equivalent to 4 Ohms. Also, this amplifier has a frequency response ranging between 10Hz and 30Hz. The crossover frequency of the amplifier lies between 50 Hz to 250 Hz while the crossover slope (dB/oct) is 8 dB/Oct to 10 dB/Oct. Additionally, the ratio of signal to noise is equal to or greater than 96dB.


  • Has a maximum crossover frequency of 250Hz
  • Has a maximum power output of 1600w
  • Constructed with 4 channels
  • It is a full range amplifier


  • Chemical inside causes birth defects and cancer

7. Fosi Audio 2.1 Channel Class D BT30C Bluetooth 5.0 Stereo Car Amplifier w/Bass Treble Volume

An ideal amplifier will make you desire to listen to music every now and then. BT30C Bluetooth 5.0 stereo amplifier from Fosi audio is the best solution to your entertainment needs. It is constructed to have a small compact design which is simple and practical. Bluetooth receiver is suitably geared to satisfy your needs for Hi-Fi sounds. The Bluetooth connection range extends up to a maximum of 30 feet. It also guarantees minimal or very low delays in picking up signals. After the establishment of a Bluetooth connection, there will be no noise interferences. The adjustment controls help to adjust the subwoofer volumes and frequencies.


  • Comes with 12V power supply for enhanced clear sound
  • Very powerful with a simple compact design
  • Easy setup with other Bluetooth devices
  • Gives a stable connection up to 50 feet’s


  • Can’t customize the Bluetooth names for identification

6. Rockford Fosgate w/Top Mount Control Cast Aluminum Heat Sink Prime 4 Channel Amplifier

Rockford Fostage amplifier is a very competent amplifier with four channels. This amplifier is capable of doing all your amplification needs. Has the ability to run your system without a hitch. It is a full range amplifier with a single R1S410 10″ or R1S412 12″ at the back and component speaker at the front channels. The subwoofers on the rear are activated by switching to mono mode. This amplifier accepts and uses both RCA and High-level inputs. It is constructed with a casted aluminum heat sink that is mounted with top controls. Also, the circuit topology of this amplifier is class A/B design.


  • Compatible with both high and RCA Level Input
  • It’s a very competent 4-channel amplifier
  • Self-protection against short-circuiting
  • Has power supply thermal sensors


  • Can’t be reset easily once it goes to protect mode

5. JBL GX-A602 Switchable Bass Built-in Electronic Crossover 2-Channel Full Range Amplifier (Black)

Do you need a lightweight amplifier? Well this model from JBL becomes the best choice in the market. With only a weight of 4.15 pounds, you easily carry it from one place to another without feeling its weight. This unit is a great amp for your car speakers because it has the best sound quality. Additionally, it is built from high-grade materials that assure you of longer usage life. Its speakers are clear and produce the loudest noise as you desire. Assembly is a pretty easier task since you only need to connect some wire which will only take a few minutes. This is a great gift for your loved ones who adore music.


  • The switchable bass boost allows you to control bass
  • You can easily control its volume to meet your needs
  • Has a compact design thus saves your storage space
  • It’s sturdy to ensure that you use it in a stable way


  • It’s a bit bulky compared to other models

4. Pioneer 1000W Max Output GM-A6704 4 Channel Bridgeable Amplifier w/Bass Boost (Black/Red)

If you’re looking for an amplifier that produces the best sound, the Pioneer amplifier is a great pick. It has a compact design making it ideal for installation in most car cabins because they do not take much space. With only a weight of 4.9 pounds, you can easily carry it from one place to another for amplification. The adjustable bass boost allows you to easily control the bass level to suit your needs. You can power this unit to your door speakers and it will be like you have a sub in your car. Finally, it is well designed to avoid any overheating that could damage this amplifier thus you are assured of longevity.


  • Produces the best sound ever for more relaxing music
  • Has a slim design thus takes less storage space
  • Ideal amplifier for speakers and tweeters
  • Easy to install within some few minutes


  • It isn’t made to power a sub

3. KENWOOD KAC-M3004 Signal Sensing Turn On 4 Channel Compact Digital Amplifier

KENWOOD amplifier is equipped with all the needed features to meet all your needs. This unit only weighs 2.2 pounds making it ideal for you to transport it from one place to another without feeling its weight. This compact performance amplifier can fit into smaller installation areas thus saves your space. Additionally, they are equipped with conformal coated main printed circuit boards that keep away moisture and damp air from damaging the internal parts. It has the best sound output that keeps you listening to your music in a comfortable manner. You should ensure solid connections to avoid overheating.


  • Can be installed in motorcycles, cars, boats and more
  • Has adjustable crossovers to suit different user needs
  • It’s sturdy to ensure stable music operations
  • Stays cool even after being used for long


  • It doesn’t have speaker terminals

2. Audiopipe Mono Class D 1800W Max Output w/Cast Aluminum Heat Sink Amplifier

As a beginner who desires to play music with the best sound quality then it is ideal to try out an Audio pipe amplifier. It has the best power that is neither too high nor too low thus produces the best sound ever. With a unique design, you are assured of a cool unit that is free from any overheating. You can it to your car audio system because it produces efficient power of up to 1500watts. Moreover, it comes with an incline fuse that is suitable for persons running capacitors or extra batteries. It needs high-quality subwoofers to handle the power that it has. Also, it is designed from high-quality materials that last longer.


  • Has a handy bass control knob for any required adjustments
  • You can hook it up to your car speakers for a great shake
  • Produces clear sounds that you can hear at a distance
  • More portable as compared to other various brands


  • Requires an additional electrical system to power it

1. Pioneer GM Series 2400W Max Output Mono Class D Free-Rasp 10 Hz – 240 kHz Amplifier

Are you looking for a high-quality amplifier? Look no further than this model from Pioneer. This equipment ensures cool operations at 1ohm to avoid overheating. The remote bass boost knob is easier to operate and allows you to easily adjust the bass level to suit all your needs. It has a compact thus is ideal for installation in a smaller footprint. It has a great sound quality that allows you to keep enjoying every bit of your music. Assembly is a hassle-free task because it does not require any additional hardware thus it takes a few minutes. Also, it works more efficiently during warm weather compared to cold weather.


  • Has a small footprint size thus takes less storage space
  • Designed from user-friendly materials that are safer
  • Lightweight thus easier to carry from place to place
  • Well-designed thus looks elegant and beautiful


  • Produces much irritating noise

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Car Amplifier


When buying the best car amplifier, it’s in order to familiarize yourself with the peak performance of amplifiers and RMS. After all, its power that makes you look for the best amplifier. If you opt for a less power amplifier, you wouldn’t obtain the peak performance of the device. If possible, go for an amplifier that outputs at least 1000 watts. Basically, power determines the performance of any amplifier.


Channels also influence your purchase of the best amplifier. Amplifiers come in the mono channel, dual-channel, three-channel, four-channel, five-channel, and six-channel. The difference that exists with channels their power, heat, and audio quality.


When it comes to size, you’ll find two kinds of car amplifiers: those that can take half of the space of your car and those that can fit under a seat. You can select any of the options but expect differences in cost and overall performance. It important to choose a size that works better on your car – you should note the expansion slot available before opting for one.


We’ve come to the end of this review on the top 10 best car amplifiers. Choosing the best amplifier should never be a hassle any further because, with this kind of review, you can make a selection confidently knowing that you’ll get the value for your hard-earned money. Most people who love listening to music know the importance of having the best amplifiers for cars. It does not only make your journey enjoyable but also make it memorable. If you have no idea about the brand you’re supposed to choose, be rest assured that the brands we’ve offered you deliver nothing but the best performance ever. We hope you’ll find the amplifier that meets all your needs. Good luck!

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