Top 10 Best Vlogging Action Cameras in 2022 Reviews

You’ll agree with us, finding the best vlogging action camera is easier said than done. If you’re a new vlogger, chances are that you’re looking for the best vlogging camera. For those who are already in this niche, the videos you upload matters a lot, and that’s why you need to give your best while looking for a vlogging camera. Needless to say, a vlog is also referred to as a video blog. So, how will you ensure you stand out of the crowd? Well, this post is here to make things clear.

Although it may not be a simple thing to do, there are tons of choices available in the market, we have made things clear and simple by presenting to you the best cameras in the market. After thorough consideration and review, we managed to come up with the top 10 best vlogging action cameras in reviews. We hope you’ll get your camera that suits your needs. Read on.

10. APEMAN Underwater A100 4K/50FPS Wi-Fi 20MP Waterproof Touch Screen Action Camera

With no doubt, APEMAN is among the reputed brands in the market with the exemplary design of the latest and excellent cameras. Sensors are designed in their unique and great way. If you’re in the market for a reliable, stylish, and cost-effective 4K action camera, then this option is your suitable choice. Aside from that, it comes with a durable waterproof case, large capacity battery, easy to use a remote control, which offers you the best performance ever. Most importantly, this kit is ideal for skiing, rafting, diving, parachuting, surfing, biking, and other extreme sports. Better still, it comes with various setting modes that enable you to clear distinct and clear images and videos.


  • The exemplary sensor enables you to shoot stunning videos
  • Delivers you more accurate and natural images
  • Comes with a reliable waterproof case
  • It is easy to change settings


  • Comes with many accessories, you need to take time to figure them out

9. CAMPARK 4K/30FPS Wi-Fi 131Feet V40 2 X 1350mAh Batteries Remote Control Action Camera

If you are looking for an action camera that surpasses your expectation by its performance and cost, look no further than CAMPARK vlogging action cameras. First and foremost, the video and picture quality is exceptional with stunning clarity and color. Also, these cameras come with image stabilization and a touch screen. With image stabilization, you can rest assured to get silky smooth looking videos. Aside from that, this camera offers you access to a wide range of controls and adjustments when you need to make your special adjustments. Even better, this camera comes with tons of accessories. The other interesting thing with this kind of camera is the fact that you’re in a better position to playback video on the camera. Better still, you can use Wi-Fi to view the video footage and pictures instantly.


  • Comes with a large option of adapters to use in any activity
  • Picture quality is incomparable with vibrant colors
  • Comes with a superior quality case that last
  • Offers one of a kind image quality


  • It is not the best choice for newbies

8. RunCam 145 Degree 1080 HD 4K FPV EIS Supported Micro Action Camera for Video Recording

With a lighter weight than other action cameras in the market, this phenomenal camera by RunCam has all you need to enable you to take some epic moments with your family and friends. In a closer dimension, this camera weighs 18 grams less than other comparable cameras. Better yet, it is readily compatible with existing mounts on the market, you don’t have to worry about that. Although this camera is small, it is way strong; it can withstand any rough use. Aside from that, settings like saturation, resolution, and exposure by using the RunCam App. So, what are you still waiting for? Grab this camera now.


  • Comes with an app that is easy to navigate
  • It is readily compatible with the existing mount
  • Very light compared to similar cameras
  • Has a small footprint but strong


  • Has some design issues

7. AKASO 4K30fps 20MP V50 Pro Wi-Fi EIS Touch Screen 100Ft Waterproof Action Camera

This action camera is the best alternative for costly GoPro. AKASO waterproof action camera is a flawless camera that offers the best performance. First of all, the video quality is incomparable. Aside from that, it comes with various clip accessories. Besides, it comes with a charger and two batteries. When the battery is completely dead, it only takes two hours to fully charge. Even better, you can charge the two batteries simultaneously. Needless to say, the case is waterproof and doesn’t allow any leakage. Feel free to use this camera underwater for snorkeling, mantra ray, and other underwater sports. The camera can only support a 32GB micro SD, that’s a large space for all your videos and pictures for the day.


  • Offers superb image quality
  • Has a built-in Wi-Fi and HDMI output
  • Comes with free valuable accessories
  • It is easy to set up and operate


  • Wi-Fi seems to be problematic

6. AKASO Brave Underwater EIS 2.0 Remote Control 4K30FPS Wi-Fi Action Camera w/Touch Screen

With an accessory kit that is readily compatible with several cameras like Gopro, the AKASO action camera is one of the leading cameras that is unique in its way. This powerful camera is fully dedicated to cover all the scenes of your life. If you’re an avid vlogger, this is the camera to look for. Besides, it’s IPX7 water-resistant, you can record and take pictures in all weathers. Whether you are surfing, snorkeling, diving, or swimming, this is the right camera for the job. Apart from that, this action camera comes with a smart front screen that enables you to optimize your vlogging experience. As such, you can seamlessly take videos, selfie photos in real-time.


  • The accessories kit is compatible with other cameras
  • Offers you excellent image stabilization
  • Has a waterproof design to make it last
  • Comes with a convenient dual display


  • Could have better quality design

5. DRIFT Ghost Waterproof XL 9Hrs Battery Life Motorcycle Mountain Biking w/Rotatable

Drift ghost xl vlogging action camera is one of the leading cameras in the market. Although it was introduced recently to the market, it has become one of the favorite cameras for avid vloggers. It offers a 9 hours battery life that enables you to enjoy vlogging for a long time. This unit captures the pictures and videos without depriving you of anything. The waterproof feature withstands your rolling irrespective of the distance. You’ll end up with several features than you thought if you decide to pay for this impressive unit.


  • The camera is Bluetooth-enabled
  • Excellent for insurance needs
  • Has a 9 hours battery life
  • The kit is IPX7 waterproof


  • Bad software interface

4. XTU 131 Ft Underwater Wide Angle XTU 4K60FPS Dual Screen Vlog Action Camera

If you are looking for a blogging camera with longer battery life, you can try out this brand by Drift innovation. You no longer have to worry about your battery dying while recording because its battery lasts for up to 9 hours. Whether you are in the pool or it’s raining you can take your photos without damaging your camera because it is made waterproof. Additionally, it is compatible with its Bluetooth remote which makes it easier for you to start or stop recording from your wrist. Whenever you are in an incident, the gryco sensor is activated making it ideal for insurance claims.


  • The clone mode allows for continuous video production
  • You can easily adjust the image with the rotating lens
  • Made lightweight thus easier to carry around
  • Has a good image quality of up to 1080p


  • Difficult to set up the Bluetooth link

3. DJI Black 145 Degree Angle 12MP Osmo Action 2 Display 36Ft Waterproof Action Camera

XTU vlogging action camera is equipped with a wide range of features to meet all your needs. It combines excellent stabilization and 4K videos to deliver images that are free from shakes and judder. The included housing seal makes it easier for you to dive on the water for up to 131 feet since it is made waterproof. The wrist wireless remote control allows you to easily control the camera to take photos or record videos. Regardless of the sporting activities that you are into, the built-in EIS delivers steady and smooth videos at all times. When you need to share the photos or videos to your phone you can connect it with the inbuilt Wi-Fi.


  • The dashcam allows you to record everything as you travel
  • Comes with a rechargeable to keep you recording
  • Easier to use with the clearly instructed manual
  • Has 3 viewing angles for the best images


  • The connection of the app is a bit harder

2. GoPro 12MP Black Hero7 Touch Screen 4K HD Vlogging Action Camera w/Touch Screen

Are you looking for a high-quality vlogging action camera? Look no further than the DJI vlogging action camera. This unit is designed from high-grade materials with advanced technology that assures you of a long lasting camera. Additionally, you are assured of a shake free and stable technology since the rock steady technology combines EIS with some complex algorithms. The slow-motion option enables you to capture every epic moment while traveling or during any sporting events. Better still, it is the best underwater companion because it is waterproof at a depth of up to 11 meters.


  • Has a larger screen compared to the Hero4 model
  • Produces images of colors that are true to life
  • Works well during harsh weather conditions
  • Only weighs 4.4 ounces thus more portable


  • The image stabilization technology is not good

1. Insta360 AI Editing IPX8 Waterproof One-R-360 Edition w/Stabilization & Selfie Stick Effect

Do you need a blogging action camera for bigger or smaller adventures? Well, you can try out this brand by GoPro. It delivers 4K videos that assures you of amazing moments while shooting your videos. Unlike other models, this unit is always up for any adventure because it has a rugged and waterproof design. The touch screen is easier to operate allowing you to get greater shots in no time. Additionally, you use voice commands to control this camera at any time for the best results. During challenging situations, you no longer have to worry because this camera delivers 10MP photos.


  • Delivers smooth and steady videos as you move around
  • The photo timer makes it easier to take a group photo
  • Allows you to capture photos in portrait orientation
  • Made from quality materials that last longer


  • Has minimal resolution settings

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Vlogging Action Camera

Camera Type

First off, action cameras are portable, small, and packable and usually known to be capable to withstand tumble and rough elements. Aside from that, they also have a wider field of view for capturing all the action in front. On the other hand, DSLR cameras are the big size cameras that also provide the best versatility because it enables you to capture video and photos in the phenomenal quality. Other cameras that you might want to consider includes; mirrorless, micro four thirds, and compact cameras.

Field of View

Essentially, the field of view means the extent to which the image can spin or in other words ”sees”. Therefore, a narrow or a tight field of view is super great for close-ups whereas a wide-angle field of view is an excellent choice for action scenes where you need to see to your optimum. Luckily, the action cameras we have offered you above delivers you a wider field of view, you have nothing to regret about.


This is a feature that requires no explanation; it’s used by most cameras and display monitors. In essence, the higher the pixels, the better the performance. If you’re lucky to a 1080P resolution camera, the better. The megapixels of any action camera does not only dictate the quality but also performance, so, keep in mind this while you try to look for the best camera.

Sensor Size

The other factor of most concern is the sensor size, which is the board that the pixels sit on to pick the light. The wider the sensor, the greater the pixels that can be, which also implies that there would be more light, clarity, data, and light for all your pictures. Compact cameras like action cameras have small sensors, while large cameras come with larger sensors.


Technology will always remain to surprise us, each year, there are tons of improvements in electronic devices, and action cameras are no different. Action cameras are becoming cheap and affordable. If you want to take exceptional photos with such types of cameras, then it wise to choose your best from the list we have offered you. On top of that, you should ensure to stick to your budget even if you are just starting. With this review, you’re in a better position to choose the best vlogging action camera ever since. Happy vlogging!

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