Top 10 Best Snow Shovel Kits in 2022 Reviews

Are you looking for a snow shovel kit to get rid of snow from your pathway? Well, winter season is knocking at your doorstep now. This is the better time to grab all the necessary tools to remove snow from your home, to make your stay at home comfortable. The unbeatable tool to do the job is a snow shovel. It clear heavy snowfall, hence making your movement hassle-free. Whether you want to clear snow on your pathway, driveway, walkway, and patio, or lawns, then a snow shovel kit is the best appliance to acquire.

We must also point out that buying the best snow shovel is a daunting task because there are tons of snow shovel kits in the market. If you’re buying this kit for the first time, then you’ll face a rough time searching for this unit. But owing to this fact, we decided to offer you a lending hand. Here is a list of the top 10 best snow shovel kits in reviews.

10. SNOW Joe 18 Inch Spring Assisted Handle SJ-SHLV01 Strain Reducing Snow Shovel Kit

Are you looking for a high-quality snow shovel kit? Look no further than Snow Joe snow shovel kit. It is designed from high-grade steel components that are strong and long-lasting. This unit is ergonomically designed to ensure that you improve your posture and prevent bending. With the spring assistant handle, you are free from too much straining since it changes the modes of shoveling. Additionally, the blade is made of shatter-resistant polypropylene materials that offer exceptional durability. Since it only weighs 3.7 pounds, you will never feel its weight while lifting and throwing snow.


  • Allows you to lift heavier loads with so much ease
  • Easier to move around with its lightweight design
  • Has ergonomic handles for comfortable tasks
  • Takes a few minutes to assemble it


  • Seems a bit flimsy with some weight

9. CARTMAN Red Aluminum 1.3lbs Lightweight Sturdy Portable Utility Snow Shovel

You can now get snow out of your way more quickly and easily with the Cartman snow shovel kit. It is constructed from high-quality aluminum components that are strong and long-lasting. You can as well adjust its height from 25 inches to 35 inches to meet all your needs. With only a weight of 1.3 pounds, you can easily carry it around without feeling its weight. Not only can you use it to shovel snow but also sand because of its sturdy construction. The t shaped grip handle is ergonomically designed to allow you to perform comfortable scooping operations.


  • Can be dissembled into three parts for storage
  • Has a good finish that keeps it looking elegant
  • Sturdy to ensure safe and stable operations
  • Takes up little space in your car or room


  • The edge of the shovel is not straight

8. RHINO USA Heavy-Duty Carbon Steel Foldable Survival Military Style Snow Shovel w/Pick

Rhino USA snow shovel kit is equipped with a wider range of features to meet all your needs. This unit is designed from carbon steel materials that are well known for their durability. You can use it to cut wood because it has a sharp reinforced saw tooth side. Moreover, it can be used as a pickaxe or a hoe by adjusting this shovelhead up to 90 degrees. Better still, it comes with a carry bag which makes it more convenient for you to fold this unit and store it for transport purposes. With the included instructions, it will take you a few minutes to fully assemble this entire unit.


  • The blade is sharp enough for tougher tasks
  • Has a foldable design for easier storage
  • Smaller in size to fit into smaller spaces
  • Made sturdy to avoid flimsy operations


  • Heavier compared to Cartman model

7. SUNKORTO 35 – 40 Inch Lightweight Foldable Blue Collapsible Sport Utility Snow Shovel Kit

Seventh on our list is this versatile snow shovel kit brand from Sunkorto. Not only can it be to clear snow but also mud on your car, patios, and sidewalks, and so on. Since it is made from aluminum alloy materials, it weighs less but can withstand 90lbs of snow. You can easily adjust its height in two different positions to keep you comfortable while using it. The included brush makes it easier to clear snow in the car whereas the scraper makes it more convenient to get rid of the frost on the window. Assembly is such a hassle-free task since it does not require any extra hardware and takes a few minutes.


  • Ideal for clearing out slush, winter debris, and more
  • Has a collapsible design to fit into smaller spaces
  • Comes with a carrying bag for easier storage
  • The hook makes it easier to hang this unit


  • Ideal for removing ice compared to snow

6. ELIVERN 9 Inch Blade D-Grip Handle Comfortable Foldable Durable Aluminum Snow Shovel Kit

If you are living in a snowy region, it would a nice idea to try out this snow shovel kit by Elivern. It can be easily folded and expanded into different sizes for compact storage in your vehicle. Its lightweight improves the snow clearing operations because you can never feel its weight while using it. Besides, it has a D shaped grip handle that offers you more comfortable operations. You can as well adjust it in either vertical or horizontal position to multiple operations. Since it is designed from high-grade aluminum and plastic components, it will last longer.


  • The D grip handle prevents frostbite while using it
  • Meets the PHA standards thus safer for daily use
  • Only weighs 1.6lbs thus easier to move it around
  • Folds up easily and occupies less storage space


  • Shorter thus requires some bending

5. Unomor 5-in-1 Adjustable Glass Wiper & Snow Brush Ice Scraper Snow Shovel Kit for Outdoor

Do you need a more powerful and sturdy snow shovel kit? You can try out this model by Unomor. It is ideal for use during most outdoor activities such as truck camping because it comes with a snow shovel, snow brush, ice scraper, and a glass wiper. The telescoping pole makes it easier to adjust this unit to suit your height needs and prevent too much bending. Its shovel is designed from quality hard ABS nylon that assures you of a longer-lasting unit. As an adult, you can hold the shovel with one hand because it is made lightweight and portable. Unlike other brands, this is well known for its deformation and rust resistance.


  • Has aluminum made handle that is strong and durable
  • Keeps your hands safe with the foam on the handle
  • The sawtooth makes it easier to remove snow
  • Tough enough to resist any form of pressure


  • No cons so far

4. COFIT Black Detachable 4-Pcs 43 Inch Retractable Aluminum Snow Shovel Kit for Camping & Cars

Whether you need it for garden use or during snowy weather, the Cofit snow shovel kit is an ideal choice. It is made from superior and thicker aluminum alloy components that can withstand several years of usage. You can as well as adjust it to a maximum length of 110cm to prevent you from bending too much. With only a weight of 1.63lbs, you can easily carry it with you when you are going out during outdoor events. Furthermore, you can easily detach this unit for easier storage in your car trunk or under your couch. This makes it an ideal gift for your loved ones who frequently experience snow in their areas.


  • Can be easily adjusted for use by different persons
  • Ideal for digging out your car stuck in the snow
  • Has advanced coating that does not scratch off
  • Strong to withstand a weight of up to 90lbs


  • The storage bag is made of cheaper materials

3. MATCC MSB012 45 Inch Extendable Brush Removal Kit Detachable Snow Brush Snow Shovel Kit

When winter falls you can easily protect your car and keeps your driveway clear with Matcc snow shovel kit. This 4-in-1 kit includes a snow brush, emergency snow shovel, ice scraper, and a squeegee. The snow brush helps you to get rid of the snow in your car in a simpler manner. You can also clear snow in hard to reach areas in your SUV or truck because you can easily extend its height. With the 180° pivoting head, you can remove snow in a much easier way within the shortest time possible. The thick foam handgrip is well designed to ensure that you will always feel comfortable while using it.


  • Can be detached into 2 or 3 parts for easier storage
  • Ice scraper aids in removing frost on the windows
  • Ideal for removing mixed snow and wet snow
  • The shovel handle is easier to install and use


  • They are not made from sturdy materials

2. DEMON Silver 0.96Kg Aluminum Ergonomic Handle Fully Collapsible Lightweight Snow Shovel

During winter periods you are prone to experience some snowy conditions and therefore you would need Demon United snow shovel kit. It is constructed from quality aluminum materials well known for their strength and durability. With a weight of 0.96 kilograms, it easier to carry this kit with only one hand and makes shoveling operations easier. The telescoping shaft makes it easier to adjust its height to prevent too much strain. Storage becomes such an easier task because it is fully collapsible into a smaller size thus takes less space. Additionally, it has an ergonomically designed handle that offers you the needed comfort while performing your tasks.


  • Solidly built to withstand tougher shoveling operations
  • Takes a few seconds to assemble or dissemble
  • Ergonomically designed for comfortable tasks
  • Made from durable quality materials


  • Has a curved scraping edge

1. OHUHU Heavy-Duty Metal Adjustable Large Blade Efficient Snow Shovel for Walkway & Driveway

If you do not want to stress your back while shoveling snow then the Ohuhu snow shovel kit is a great pick. The T-shaped handle can be easily adjusted to different heights to suit the needs of different persons. You can easily adjust it by 45 degrees bilaterally to get a perfect angle to clear the snow. With two extra-large wheels, you can easily get through bumpy surfaces without stressing your arms. Since it is crafted from premium metal with quality coating, you are assured of a long-lasting unit. The included free accessory kit makes it easier to assemble this entire unit within a few seconds.


  • Ideal for clearing snow on driveways, walkways, and steps
  • Can be easily dismantled for transport and storage
  • Designed from durable heavy-duty components
  • Has a user-friendly design to prevent straining


  • Heavier compared to Demon united model

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Snow Shovel Kit

Clearing Width

First and foremost, consider the width of the snow shovel that dictates the clearing path at once. Essentially, clearing width can range from 20” to 25”, however, there are some other brands that may even get rid of less snow while other powerful snow shovels may clear a large sum of snow. If you purchase narrower models, then you’ll require to make countless passes to clear snow on driveways and walkways. The snow shovel that clear snow at a go is better because it saves you on time.


The other factor you need to pay attention to is the availability of wheels. Wheels enable you to clear snow seamlessly because you’ll use less effort to puss the snow shovel. The wheels should also be well balanced to necessitate hassle-free movement. Aside from that, look for wheels with a tread that offer excellent grip.


The number of accessories that come with this kit is also important. Some of the accessory you want to consider includes, snow brush removal, and glass wiper. While you check on these accessories, ensure it comes with everything that you need to clear the snow at once. Aside from that, you need to grab the model that is affordable with all the accessories that you need. On top of that, opt for the kit with top-notch accessories.


Finally, you need to consider your budget before buying the best snow shovel. It paramount that you consider your budget before parting with your money. Investing in the best snow shovel kit doesn’t mean that you need to spend every coin at your disposal. In that regard, consider the above factors first, before deciding on your budget.


Your winter enjoyment should never be ruined by snowfall, just grab one of these snow shovel kits. The shovels that we have listed above are functional and affordable. If you want to clear snow in your pathway or driveways, these the top-ranked snow shovel kits to select from, plus, they’re from well-established brands. Better still, we have included some key factors you need to consider before deciding on the type of snow shovel to take home. So, don’t hesitate to grab one of the above models if you want to clear snow in your premise like never before.

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