Top 10 Best Handheld Massager in 2022 Reviews

For effective massaging to all points of your body, finding the ultimate massage gun is necessary. These devices are designed to help you relax your muscles while relieving muscle aches and pain and minimizing the risk of exercise-related injuries. In case you engage in sports or work out regularly, massage guns help you enhance blood flow and relieve muscle fatigue. Most massager guns usually come with different massage heads that allow you to customize your massage needs. They also have different speeds, which implies that you can choose the needed speed for every massage point.

The market, however, comes with several options of massage guns, and this makes the purchasing process overwhelming. In this article, we have listed for you the top 10 best Handheld Massager guns in reviews. Take a look!

10. QUINEAR 20 Speed Massage Gun for Body Muscle Recovery-6 Massage Heads

Are you an athlete who is searching for the best Massage Gun in the market? This product is ideal for you. It will help you to relax different body parts while relieving stiffness and soreness with its six interchangeable head attachments. This gun features a high-torque motor that gives you from 400- 3300 percussions per minute and 20 speeds levels. In addition to that, the motor runs quietly as its working dB is 40dB to 55dB through 20 speeds.

This massage gun has its own heat dissipation function, and this makes it to release the heat when it is in use. It is powered by a 2500mAh rechargeable battery that has 4 to 6 hours runtime. When you use this machine, it is going to improve the range of motion and promote circulation for a healthy body.


  • Comes with 6 interchangeable head attachments to relieve muscle soreness
  • Features high-torque motor that has 20 speeds levels and powerful percussion vibration
  • Has its own heat dissipation function to minimalize overheating of the machine
  • Comes with 2500mah rechargeable lithium-ion battery


  • It is not very energy efficient

9. LONOVE Handheld Percussion Massage Gun for Deep Tissue- 30 Speed Gun Massager

This is a powerful and multifunctional massage gun that is ideal at getting rid of stiffness and soreness on virtually any muscle in your body. It sends pulses of pressure that usually penetrate deeply on the muscle tissues. This makes it ideal for relieving muscle aches, soreness, and pain, reduce your risk for exercise injuries, and speed up muscle recovery. Ideally, this product has a motor with more torque and higher wattage for optimum performance.

Unlike massage balls and foam rollers, this massage gun is very easy to use and does not require the effort to push it into the muscle tissue. Other than that, it comes with physician designed six types of heads that you can choose for perfect massaging. Its low noise level, durability, quality, and many customization options make this handheld massager gun a great investment.


  • Works perfectly on virtually any muscle in your body
  • Comes with 6 types heads for customizing your massage
  • Incredibly well built and has different speed settings
  • Easy to operate and has a low noise level


  • Customer support not up to standard

8. Medcursor Handheld Deep Tissue Massager Percussion Massage Gun with 6 Massage Heads

Here is another great handheld massage gun that is powerful and safe to use. This device can enliven your soul, awaken your mind, and leave your body shapelier and healthier than ever. Subsequently, this massage gun will decrease tissue tension, pain, and stress to enhance blood circulation and recovery. This gun has three added modes that you can choose from: health mode, Medi mode, and fitness modes. With its 14mm vibration amplitude, this massage gun will give a stronger and deeper massage than just surface-level massage.

This deep tissue massager comes with six customized massager heads that offer better massage experience while minimizing bone damage. This unit targets all muscle groups, joint, spine, oily, or sensitive skins. Lastly, it has a 4-speed level that will cater to your desired massaging needs.


  • Has 4-speed level and 6 massage heads
  • Offered with a rechargeable battery that can last up to 12 hours
  • Has 14mm vibration amplitude for a deeper and stronger massage
  • Target all muscle groups, joint, and spine


  • Some users having a problem from the battery

7. HOPOSO Massage Gun 30 Speed Levels Percussion Muscle Massager for Body Relaxation

With HOPOSO Massage Gun, it will bring a new sensation to your body. Ideally, this massage gun helps to boost blood flow and relieves muscle soreness. It is powerful enough to massage even the deep tissue where the pain is located to release the tension. Compared to other brands, this gun is upgraded with 30-speed settings and 6 massage heads to give you a comfortable and most appropriate massage. Each head will provide targeted treatment and relax different body parts to meet all your massage needs.

The gun comes with a high-torque motor that runs with minimal noise between 35DB to 45DB. Furthermore, it comes with an LCD touch screen that enables you to control and see speed levels and power status. This massager is powered by a 2400mAh rechargeable battery with 6 to 8 hours of working time when fully charged.


  • Has 6 massage heads and 30-speed settings
  • Super quiet and easy to use with up to 45db noise level
  • Lightweight and only weights 2.2lbs for comfortable handling
  • Comes with a portable carrying case to carry all attachment


  • Poor gripping frame.

6. RENPHO R4 Pro Deep Tissue Percussion Massage Gun for Athletes

If you are experiencing constant body pains, you need to have the best massage gun. This RENPHO R4 Pro is a great Massage Gun that is ergonomic to make sure easy maneuvering around your body. It will deliver the exact speed and depth of muscle treatment your body needs to relieve muscle pain, soreness, and tension. This makes it ideal for bodybuilders, serious sports athletes, and those with dense body mass.

It comes with 4-speed levels and 6 massage heads to target specific muscle groups while relieving your muscle pain. Moreover, it has five adjustable angles to rotate the massage head to allow you to reach even hard to reach areas without wrist strain and fatigue. Above all, it comes with a well-made carrying case convenient to carry and store all the massage heads.


  • Delivers the exact depth to relieve muscle tension, pain, and soreness
  • Weighing only 2.2lbs making it easy to use and portable
  • Comes with a well-made carrying case to pack all accessories
  • Has 4-speed levels and 6 massage heads


  • It consumes more battery power

5. Blusmart Massage Gun Handheld 20-Speed Vibration Muscle Massager

If you want to keep your body relaxed after extreme exercise or work, Blusmart Massage Gun is an excellent device that will offer you the best results. It significantly relieves muscle pain, soreness, and tension for dairy relaxation. This massage gun features adjustable 20-speed levels that range from 1800 to 3600 rpm, enabling you to select suitable amplitude for various muscle groups. This massager has a brushless motor that works smoothly and silently with up to 50dB.

The included 8 Massage Heads meets both Swedish and deep tissue massage’s needs. The gun is also equipped with a 2600mAh lithium-ion battery with 3 to 4 hours charging time and 4 to 6 hours working time.


  • Features adjustable 20-speed levels that range from 1800 to 3600 rpm
  • Built-in brushless motor that runs smoothly and quietly
  • Comes with 8 massage heads to meet all your massage needs
  • Has 2600mah rechargeable lithium-ion battery that has about 4 to 6 working hours


  • It is complex for use.

4. bobbito Massage Gun 20 Speeds Deep Tissue Handheld Massager for Athletes

Whether you are fighting fatigue or recovering from a muscle injury, Massage is one of the best ways to achieve it. Amazingly, this Handheld Massager by bobbito offers complete body massage. It is ideal for Athletes who want to restore the body faster, promote blood flow, promote muscle repair, and relieve lactic acid, etc. This massage gun features 6 different massage heads that provide targeted treatment for different muscle groups.

The massager is equipped with a high-quality lithium battery that can keep working for about 6 hours. It utilizes the latest technology where even at maximum speed level, this massager does not exceed 60db. noise reduction. Other than that, it has an anti-slip silicone grip that makes this massager comfortable and easier to hold for your enjoyment.


  • Has 20 adjustable speed levels and6 massage heads
  • Powered by 2400mah high-quality lithium battery that has up to 6 working hours
  • Runs quietly when compared to other massager guns
  • Durable anti-slip silicone grip for comfortable holding


  • Price is slightly higher

3. EA Deep Tissue Massage Gun Percussion Massager for Body Shoulder and Neck

EA Massage Gun is one of the most advanced Percussion Massager that will efficiently alleviate muscle soreness, tension, and discomfort. It comes with 5 unique changeable heads that will get you covered. For those individuals who have extra troublesome areas. This Percussion Massager comes with a silicone roller that is ideal for deep tissue massage. Other than that, this pulse massager has three different angles to give you a full body massage.

Its silicone handle offers a comfortable grip, and this makes this massager great for men and women young and old. Subsequently, it comes with a high-quality battery that can last up to 8 hours when fully charged. This professional massager has 4-speed levels that make you feel like you are using chiropractic massager.


  • Powerful body massager that ease your pain and stress
  • Has 4-speed levels and 5 changeable heads
  • Ideal for men and women young and old
  • Has rechargeable battery that lasts up to 8 hours


  • A bit noisy at high speed.

2. Toncur Deep Tissue Massage Gun Percussion Muscle Massager with Super Quiet Motor

If you are looking for a product that will offer you deep muscle massaging ability, then Toncur Muscle Massager is one of the most efficient products of all. It helps to release dairy muscle soreness and pain, making it suitable for athletic, post-workout recovery, and fitness of muscle recovery. This massager comes equipped with a 30W quiet brushless motor that is powerful enough to offer faster speed than other massagers out there.

This massager is equipped with a 2600mAh lithium-ion battery that can last up to five hours when fully charged. Something else, this unit comes with 5 massage heads and6 adjustable strength levels to meet all your massage needs. This massager will also help to stimulate the lymph and blood circulation.


  • Has 5 massage heads and 6 adjustable strength levels
  • Rechargeable 2600mah battery that lasts for about 5 hours
  • 30w quiet brushless motor that delivers powerful and faster speed
  • Helps to releases daily muscle soreness and pain


  • Not suitable for relaxing massages

1. LifePro Pulse Fx Rotating Percussion Deep Tissue Massage Gun (Black)

Here is the recovery equipment that you need after every intense workout. It is perfect for bodybuilders, serious sports athletes, and those with dense body mass. Ideally, this massage gun features 250-Watts motor that delivers high-penetration vibrations into your muscles, promoting flexibility and mobility via trigger-point massage therapy. The 3 adjustable angles rotate usually rotate the massage head, treating areas even where your hands cannot reach.

This massage gun comes with an easy-grip handle that can be held by either left or right hand. Also, the massage head has 3 adjustable angles to reach every part of your body. Finally, this product is offered with 100% lifetime guarantee


  • Comes with 4 attachments and 3 speeds
  • Easy-grip handle for comfortable handling
  • Has 3 adjustable angles that rotate the massage head
  • Features robust, 250w motor that promotes high-penetration vibrations


  • Slightly high priced

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Handheld Massager Gun


You need to look at the speed of the massage gun to determine whether it is useful or not. Get the one with a number of speed variations and take account of the highest speed it can offer. Guns with the highest speed of more than 1000 strokes per minute are the best as they quickly help you relax your muscles.


The next thing you need to put into consideration is the portability of the Massager Gun. You can choose the one that you can easily carry in your backpack. This allows you to use it any time you suffer from sore muscles or any other problem.

Battery life

Before purchasing any Handheld Massager Gun, you need to check its battery life. Get the one that has a battery life that lasts at least half an hour and more. You also need to consider its charging time.


If you are searching for the best Handheld Massager Gun, the list above is the top-quality option you can find. They are made to give you muscle pain relief at the comfort of your home, office, gym, or anywhere. Besides that, they are versatile, durable, simple to use, and affordable. Don’t wait anymore, make your order today.

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