Top 10 Best Girls Winter Jackets in 2022 Review

Whenever the air gets cooler and the winter season approaches, every parent is busy looking for winter gear for their kids. Among the gear that will be part of this search will be the winter jackets. With the best winter jacket, your kid will not only be comfortable but also look stylish. They will therefore be able to get outdoors without worrying that they might fall ill. These jackets are made with the selection of high-quality materials that will keep the kid warm and cozy. Their versatile design also allows them to be worn on different occasions.

Boys are equally important as girls but in this post, we lay our focus on girls’ winter jackets. Any concerned parent will want to choose the best winter jacket for their kid. The only problem is determining the best jacket from the saturated market. After listening to struggles that people have been going through searching for these wearables, we offered a helping hand. Below is a compilation of the best winter jackets for girls available. All of them feature the best qualities that make them ideal for winter. Later in the post, there is a compilation of key features to consider when buying. Let us first look at the selections below.

10. Pink Platinum Girls' Puffer Jacket

This is a waterproof and quilted jacket that comes with a fleece-lined body and a hood that will keep your girls dry. It has been recommended for the cold winter season since it features the features and fabrics that are ideal for the weather. It also prides its zippered closure design to make sure that the wind will never find a way inside the jacket.

Another feature that you will appreciate about this puffer jacket is the fact that it comes in a lightweight and toasty design. It comes with an elasticized waist to guarantee a snug fit and a zip front with a Velcro closure. This, therefore, means that the jacket will offer good insulation during the cold winter seasons. The good thing about this winter jacket is that it has the ability to maintain high thermal performance without being bulky.


  • Made with 100% polyester materials
  • Comes in a machine-washable design
  • Maintains a high thermal performance amid the cold days
  • It has been made in a lightweight and toasty design


  • None identified

9. DNggAND Child Winter Warm Jackets -3 to 12 Years Old

This jacket has been made with windproof polyester fabric which is filled with cotton to make sure that your kid remains very warm amid winter. You will also appreciate that this jacket comes with a hood that comes with quality fur for comfort and warmth. Its slim waist as well as the cute and stylish design will make your child look very attractive.

Other features that you will like about this jacket is that it comes with a waterproof and windproof fabric. It also prides itself on a zippered closure making it very convenient to wear and take off. With its 2 pockets, you will appreciate that the jacket will give the little one somewhere to keep their hands warm. This winter jacket has been recommended for those kids aged between 3 and 12 years.


  • Made with windproof polyester fabric
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors
  • Comes in a zippered closure design
  • There are two pockets for keeping the hands warm


  • None identified

8. Limited Too Girls' Packable Jacket

This is yet another winter jacket that will be worth purchasing since it has all that it takes to be a good winter jacket. It has been made with quality polyester materials to ensure that you remain warm and very comfortable amid the cold winter season. It has also been made in several color options to make sure that the buyer chooses the best color for them. Given that it is machine washable, it is basically very easy to maintain.

This packable jacket comes in a padded quilted design with a high collar to keep your little girl warm and dry amid the cold season. With its water-resistant and windproof design, you have no reason to worry about the cold blustery days. You will also appreciate that the jacket comes with an elastic waist to bring the little one a very comfortable fit.


  • Features a convenient zippered closure design
  • Constructed to the best standards
  • Comes with an elasticized waist for a comfortable fit
  • Made in water and windproof design


  • None identified

7. Arctix Girls' Insulated Winter Jacket

This jacket has the features that you would want in any winter coat. For instance, it comes with a secure and zippered inner pocket that one can use for personal items. It also prides itself on a multi-layered construction that has lightweight insulation with some heat-retaining microchambers. For this reason, you expect to remain warm in these jackets as compared to the traditional insulation.

You will also appreciate that the outer shell comes with a lamination of breathable materials to wick away moisture when you are outdoors or exercising. Apart from that, you will appreciate that this jacket is less bulky which means that it will bring you the flexibility that you deserve. With its adjustable cuffs, you will rest assured that the jacket will bring you the best fit.


  • Made in a waterproof and wind-resistant design
  • 140 grams insulation for comfort and warmth
  • Comes with zippered handwarmer pockets
  • Features adjustable cuffs for comfort


  • The zippers are not of good quality

6. Amazon Essentials Girls' Hooded Puffer Coat

Among the features that you will appreciate about this jacket is that it has been made with 100% polyester. It is therefore going to keep your little one very comfortable during the cold winter season. You will also appreciate that the jacket has been made in different sizes and color options. Even better, it comes at a very affordable price.

The other good thing about this jacket is that it comes in a machine-washable design. This, therefore, means that cleaning and maintaining the jacket will be hassle-free. You will appreciate that the construction of this jacket involves a water-resistant design to ensure that it can be worn when raining with no worries.


  • Comes in a machine-washable design
  • The jacket is water-resistant
  • Several sizes and color options
  • Friendly support team


  • It can run small

5. SOLOCOTE Girls Winter Coats - Waterproof and Windproof

The polar fleece lining for this winter jacket is basically very soft and comfortable as well. You will also appreciate that its fake down wadding is very warm as compared to the common cotton wadding. Your toddlers or little kids will never feel cold with this winter jacket when playing outside amid winter. It also comes with a decently sized hood that also comes with a fleece lining and an elastic hood brim that can be adjusted for a convenient fit.

The other feature that you will appreciate about this jacket is that it comes with two pockets that will keep your hands warm and cozy amid the cold season. Apart from that, you will have storage space for essentials like coins, gloves, and others. The design of this jacket makes it ideal for different types of occasions like schools, holidays, and outdoor activities.


  • The winter jacket is soft and very cozy
  • Comes with 2 side pockets
  • Features a fleece lining to keep your little one comfortable
  • It is machine washable


  • Durability issues

4. Steve Madden Winter Jacket

This is yet another stylish winter jacket for girls that has all that a winter jacket is required to have. It features quality polyester material that will keep them very comfortable amid the cold season. The manufacturer also made the jacket in different color options from which the buyer can choose from. On a similar design, there are several sizes for this jacket.

Cleaning and maintain this jacket will be hassle-free given that it comes in a machine-washable design. It also comes with a hood that has faux fur to make sure that the head remains very comfortable. Its zippered design will also ensure that this jacket retains warmth to keep you comfortable.


  • Made with quality polyester materials
  • Equipped with 4 pockets
  • Features faux fur on the hood
  • It comes in a machine-washable design


  • Stained hood

3. Wantdo Girl's Water-Resistant Coat with Hood

This winter coat is going to work underwater since it has a good waterproof design that will keep your body very dry and comfortable when rained on for up to three hours. The durable water repellent finish will increase the wet weather protection by stopping the saturated snow as well as the freezing rain. Its zippered closure design will also guarantee wind or water finds no way in the jacket.

You will also appreciate that the jacket has been insulated with a padded lining for excellent heat retention. Since it comes with a hood, the jacket will keep the little girl’s head covered from rain and wind. The jacket also comes with multiple pockets that will make sure that the kid has somewhere to place the hands for warmth.


  • It comes in a waterproof and water-repellent design
  • The jacket is warm and windproof
  • Stylish design with a reflective stripe
  • Multiple hands warmer pockets


  • Poor quality zipper

2. Columbia Girls' Plush Jacket

Just like other quality jackets for winter that are meant for little girls, this one has been made in different colors and sizes. This, therefore, gives you the freedom to choose the ideal color and fit based on the little one’s preferences. The cozy coat is going to provide the little one with the comfort and the warmth they deserve during the cold winter days.

Another great feature that you will appreciate about this jacket is the fact that it comes with a smooth quilted shell. Additionally, its fleece lining has been designed to wrap the little one in ultimate comfort amid the cold season. You will also appreciate that this modern coat has been designed to offer a comfortable fit during any outdoor activity or event.


  • Machine-washable design
  • It comes with a zippered closure
  • Well insulated for reta9ning warmth
  • It offers a comfortable fit


  • None for now

1. Columbia Girls' Crest Jacket

We finally sum up this review with this girl’s jacket that is made with quality nylon and polyester materials. You will also appreciate that it comes in a zippered closure and a machine-washable design which makes its maintenance very easy. You will also appreciate that the jackets come in a wide range of colors from which buyers can pick from.

This stylish coat for winter also comes with a hood that features faux fur. The good thing about the hood is that it comes in a removable design where you can tuck it in the pocket when not in use. Another great thing about this jacket is that it has been made in a water-resistant design to keep the little one very comfortable.


  • Made with quality nylon and polyester
  • Zippered closure and machine washable
  • Features a water-resistant design
  • Comes with a convenient hood


  • Poor sizing

Factors to consider when buying girls winter jackets


When choosing a winter jacket for kids, you need to check the type of insulation that they have to offer. There are 3 types of insulations that can be used for winter jackets namely down feathers, pile fabric, and synthetic fibers. An ideal jacket should offer the best insulation to make sure that heat is trapped inside and retained for a long time. In most cases, the thicker the insulation of your jacket, the warmer it becomes.

Weather resistance

This is another feature that you should consider when choosing a winter jacket. Make sure that the materials that have been used to make the jacket are of good quality. This is what is going to determine whether the jackets will resist harsh weather or not. On the outer shell, the fabric should be resistant to water and wind. With such a design, you can rest assured that the jacket will be very comfortable even during the cold season.


You should also keep in mind the desired use of the jacket. A good winter jacket is one that comes in a versatile design since it allows it to be worn on different occasions. For instance, it can be worn casually, in the office, for hiking and other outdoor activities. The reason why this will be possible is that the jacket will be able to resist harsh conditions.


Just like adults, kids too deserve feeling warm and cozy amid the cold winter season. This is why you need to buy your little girl the best winter jacket. Unlike the common coats and jackets, winter jackets have been made with quality materials that are known to trap heat retain it for long even with the cold weather. They have also been made to withstand the wear and tear that is commonly experienced with repeated use of common jackets. The good thing about these jackets is that despite being heavy-duty, they are not bulky when worn. It, therefore, means that they can be worn the whole day without causing any discomfort. Any of the jackets reviewed above will be worth buying since they all come from reliable brands. All the same, a comparison of all the items is very important if you are to make an informed decision.

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