Top 10 Best Electric Pressure Washers for 2022 Reviews

Are you planning to purchase a new electric pressure washer to clean your vehicle or/and your house? You’ve landed at the right place. It’s even helpful at home for cleaning patios, walkways, and decks. Their popularity has risen in recent years, mainly because they’re more agile, lighter, and quieter than their gas correspondents. And again, you don’t have to mess with fuel, oil, or a fuel stabilizer. Even though pressure washers seem quite simple on paper, there’re tons of features you need to consider before deciding the model to buy.

You may be tempted to purchase any model that may come your way, which is not the best idea because not all models offer the same performance. Plus, brands differ in different dimensions. But to end the long unsuccessful search, we’ve tested and tried dozens of pressure washers, and in these reviews, we take you through a comprehensive list of the ten best electric pressure washers for reviews. Please check them out.

10. Sun Joe SPX1000 1450 Max 11.5-Amp PSI 1.45 GPM Electric Pressure Washer (Green)

This is the ultimate pressure washer with the ability to execute light cleaning tasks to everyday tasks. It can be used in cleaning various surfaces that need cleaning services. Such surfaces included; patio, pavers, decks, driveway, sidings, concrete, boat, and cabins. They are designed with a powerful motor of 1400W. It has a cleaning power of 1460PSI, and its rate of flow is maximum. When the trigger is not activated, the Total Stop System of the washers switches off the pump. This, in turn, will preserve energy and makes the pump last longer. An adjustable spray nozzle controls the water pressure of this pressure washer.


  • Can clean patio, driveways, decks, sidings, etc.
  • Ease of movement due to its lightweight
  • Uses a very powerful motor
  • Its handle is comfortable


  • Lacks a few extra components, for example, a valve for quick release of water

9. CHAKOR 2.0 GPM 1800W High-Pressure Cleaner w/Adjustable Nozzle 500 PSI Pressure Washer

This pressure washer has adjustable nozzles that can be customized to suit different cleaning needs. The nozzles will adjust the amount of water pressure needed to clean different surfaces. Its versatility makes this pressure washer an ideal washer for cleaning a car, campsite, cabin, and beach. It can also be used in areas where there is no electricity supply because it has a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery with 24V. The water holding capacity for this machine is up to 5 gallons. The machine runs for the at most 31 minutes before the need for a recharge. The hosepipe measurements are 6m, and the inlet pressure for water is 60°c. Finally, there is a storage net fitted into the pressure washer for storing the spray and the hose after cleaning duty.


  • The lightweight eases the burden of carrying
  • Has a storage net for hose and spray
  • Easy to assemble with a simple guide
  • Fitted with spray attachment


  • Can’t move with ease because it lacks wheels

8. WestForce 20 Ft. High Pressure 1800W 3000PSI Car Washer Electric Pressure Washer

This is an ideal pressure washer that offers multiple cleaning solutions. Its five spray nozzles help you in customizing the spray to satisfy your cleaning needs. For cleaning of unreachable points use 0° nozzle, 15° is used to clean hard surfaces, 25° for sweeping mud and dirt from relatively smooth surfaces, 40° for screens and windows and finally the last one is for dispensing soap foam. Westforce washer comes in a lightweight with easy storage unit. There are two wheels on the base for easy mobility and a conformable handle.

What’s more, the storage compartment allows you to store the machine’s accessories neatly. Finally, this washer guarantees safety and security when in use. Its pump will automatically go off if the trigger is not activated.


  • Automatic shut-off saves energy and prolongs the washer’s life
  • Adjustable to suit multiple cleaning tasks
  • It’s safe and secure to use
  • Its performance is reliable


  • Can’t be fitted with a regular hose pipe

7. PowRyte 3800 PSI 2.6 GPM High-Pressure Cleaner Elite Electric Power Washer

PowRyte Elite Electric power washer is an ideal pressure washing machine for your full range of cleaning tasks. This washer is equipped with a very powerful driving motor. It also has a very long power cord measuring up to 35fts. The cord is long enough to guarantee you maximum safety. Additionally, the hose pipe measure is 6 meters, thus gives you a large working area.

Further, the washer has an automatic heat sensor that protects the machine against overheating. It is automatically switched off by the Total Stop System when the trigger is disengaged.


  • Can handle three levels of task comfortable
  • Provides ideal cleaning solutions
  • Fitted with strong driving motor
  • It is easy to use


  • It’s not perfect, but the results are satisfying

6. Homdox 1600W 1.5 GPM 2500 PSI Powered Cleaner Machine w/Power Nozzle Gun

This pressure washing machine is designed with wheels that enable it to be easily moved. Its hose pipe measures 6m for higher coverage. It’s suitable for handling a variety of cleaning duties and services. It enables you to get rid of dirt quickly. Moreover, it comes with a metal spraying gun, four nozzles, a pressure washer, and a hose pipe. The nozzles can be changed to handle different levels of cleaning duties. The connection of the nozzle and the hose pipe is made using a high-quality copper wire that eliminates any possible water leakage. Also, the Lance, detergent, and spray gun strategically position to avoid accidents.


  • The storage and movement of the machine is effortless
  • Comes with four nozzles for various adjustments
  • Suitable for light, medium, and heavy tasks
  • It’s a multi-purpose pressure washer


  • It requires an upgrade of the hose reel

5. PAXCESS Xwasher P2 3000 PSI 1.76 GPM Electric Power Washer Machine w/Hose Reel

Are you looking for a lightweight electric pressure washer? Look no further than Paxcess electric pressure washer. With only a weight of 23.4 pounds, you can easily carry it from one place to another without feeling its weight. This versatile unit can be used to clean lawns, home exteriors, walkways, vehicles, large patio areas, and many more. It is powerful enough to generate an ideal water pressure to remove all the dirt in the floor. Additionally, it has an inbuilt detergent spray bottle that makes it easier for you to control the cleaning agents’ application. It can be easily refilled for effective cleaning performance.


  • The nozzle can be easily adjusted for higher cleaning power
  • Comes with a reel that makes it easier to wind the hose
  • Has a two-way suction thus it can be used at any place
  • Easy to assemble thus saves your installation time


  • The electrical cord is too long

4. Westinghouse 2030 Max PSI Epx3000 High-Performance Electric Pressure Washer

You can easily maneuver and clean most parts of your house with the Westinghouse electric pressure washer. This unit has four rotating wheels that make it easier for you to move it around for cleanup purposes. Depending on your needs, you can clean your house with a gentler spray or concentrated stream because it is equipped with different nozzle tips. The hose has a length of up to 15 feet, making it ideal for cleaning up surfaces or units at a further distance. You can easily wind up this whole hose for storage and transport purposes. With the onboard soap tank, you can clean more conveniently and refill it when necessary.


  • Suitable for light to medium cleaning tasks on varied surfaces
  • Occupies less storage space with the ultra-compact size
  • Comes with well-instructed manual for easier assembly
  • Has an anti-tipping technology for stable operations


  • Produces some noise while cleaning

3. iRozce 3045 PSI Max Electric Power Washer 2.3 GPM High-Pressure Washer w/Hose Heel

Irozce electric pressure washer is equipped with a variety of features to meet all your cleaning needs. It generates a water pressure of up to 3045psi and a water flow of 2.3GPM to clean any dirty surfaces. With the detergent tank, you can perfectly clean buildings, vehicles, fence, driveways, patios, decks, garages, and many more. You are assured of a leak-proof system because it has a stronger brass garden hose connecter that attaches to the washer. Moreover, you can clean dirt in hard to reach areas without using a ladder since it a spray wand with a length of up to 19.5 inches.


  • Made waterproof to keep all its components dry at all times
  • Allows for a more upright operation to prevent back pains
  • Lightweight thus easier to carry from one place to another
  • The overheat protection keep it safer to avoid accidents


  • Takes up to 15 minutes to set it up

2. WORX WG644 40V 2 X 20V Batteries Power Share Portable Power Cleaner (Black & Orange)

If you are looking for a more portable electric pressure washer, this model from WORX becomes an ideal choice so far. It weighs less than 7 lbs though sturdy thus can be easily carried around to clean up different surfaces. As compared to other models, this brand uses two 20V batteries making it more powerful. It delivers a pressure of up to 750 psi with a flow rate of 90 gallons per minute, thus ideal for clean the dirtiest surfaces. You can attach it to a typical garden hose and draw water from water sources such as pools, rivers, or lakes. Furthermore, you can use a higher speed to clean a dirty car and a lower speed for lighter cleaning tasks.


  • Has multiple spray nozzles with different spraying intensity
  • Easy to operate since you just need to press the button
  • Designed ergonomically to ensure comfortable operations
  • The battery level indicator lets you know when to recharge


  • The clip that comes with the hose is made of plastic

1. AR ANNOVI REVERBERI Brushless Induction Maxx2200 Electric Pressure Washer (Blue)

When you need any outdoor cleaning job done perfectly, you can try out AR ANNOVI REVERBERI electric pressure washer. This equipment is has a pressure of 2200psi and a flow rate of 1.2GPM, making it ideal for most cleaning jobs. With the heavy-duty rugged wheel, you can easily maneuver around to clean different places. It has a different quick connect nozzles that allow you to do your cleaning at different intensities to fulfill your needs. Additionally, it has a removable detergent tank that can be easily refilled for more convenient cleaning. This makes it an ideal gift for your loved ones.


  • Designed from high-quality, durable materials
  • The handle is wrapped with foam for comfort
  • It takes some few minutes to assemble it fully
  • Equipped with wheels for easier movements


  • A bit heavier compared to other brands

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Electric Pressure Washer


A pressure washer with high PSI implies that the flowing rate is higher, and hence the cleaning power will be higher. However, it’s not advisable to go for higher PSI if you’re washing a weak surface. As such, you should go for a unit that balances its intended use.

The Hose

Even though it’s possible to attach your hose technically an electric pressure washer, that’s not always an option if you faced with a limited budget or you require a particular type of hose that you’re unable to buy it separately. You should look for one with a long hose to reach nearly all dirty areas, yet still powerful to wash the dirt properly without lowering its pressure or PSI.


Besides, the weight of the electric pressure washer is also an essential factor to put into account. This is so because you may require to shift it around while cleaning. The average weight of most pressure washers is approximately 15 – 35 pounds. For Models that weigh over 20 pounds, it’s ideal to choose those that come with wheels, because it allows you to move around with ease.

Soap Tank

For your pressure washing needs, it’s wise to select a model with a built-in soap tank. This enables you to spray water and soap concurrently on the surface to offer you a thorough washing job. If your primary needs are to clear paint or clean driveways, you may not require a model with a soap tank.


An electric pressure washer is indeed helpful units with regards to cleaning at home. Most of them allow you to adjust the water flow and pressure level, thereby meeting each individual’s needs. And also, there’s a wide range of these units to choose from in the market. However, we’ve summarized most needs in this comprehensive review. Further, we’ve detailed some factors you need to consider before sealing a deal with either of the option. If you find a choice that suits your needs, don’t hesitate to order it today! With this review, you can bet the value for your money.

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