Top 10 Best Baby Bathtubs in 2022 Reviews

Kids usually like bath times, and moms take such times to bond even more with their lovely angel. But to ensure that the bath times are as enjoyable and comfortable as you would wish, you need to invest in a top-notch baby bathtub. They’re manufactured in a wide range of types to ensure all the parent’s and child’s needs are fully met. Ideally, a baby bathtub will save you on time and takes the comfort of your baby to a new different level.

Because we don’t want you to face selection challenging, in this review, we’ll narrow down to the top 10 best baby bathtub for you to consider. Also, we’ve included some set of parameters you need to consider before shopping. If you read through this post, rest assured of finding the baby bathtub that will work according to your wishes. With that in mind, let’s get down to business.

10. The First Years Ergonomic Deluxe Sure Comfort Newborn to Toddler Bathtub (Teal)

Sure, Comfort bathtub was designed with all the convenience, comfort, and security needs of both the child and the parent. It is a 3-in-1 bathtub with a deep and comfortable design that safely holds your baby during bathing. This bathtub fits all the single sinks and double sinks. The tub is fitted with a mesh sling that cradles the baby. The sling provides support and extra comfort during bathing. You can remove the sling and adjust the reclining angle to a comfortable bathing position with padded headrest. On the baby’s side, there is a bump designed to prevent the baby from sliding.


  • Has a bump design to keep the baby in place
  • Meshed sling for extra comfort and support
  • Padded design helps a growing baby
  • The mesh sling is machine washable.


  • Water does not drain quickly.

9. Summer Infant Quick-Drying 3-Adjustable Position Clean Rinse Baby Bather (Grey)

Summer Clean-Rinse tub is a great companion for your baby as he/she grows until he is in a position to sit. You can comfortably use this bather in three different locations within your house. These locations can use the sink, the tub, or on your counter. Using it on the countertop is hassle-free and brings the baby closer. It features three angles of inclination with easy-to-adjust buttons. With the foldable mechanism, the bathtub becomes portable and easy to store. The design of the bathtub allows easy draining of water into the tub or the sink. Furthermore, it is made from a quick-to-dry material which is soft and provides extra comfort.


  • Allows you to bathe the baby on the sink, tub or countertop
  • Has three inclining angles for more comfort
  • Quickly drains the water into the sink
  • Foldable for easy storage


  • This bathtub is a little bit flimsy.

8. Summer Infant Sturdy Locking Tabs Raised Bath Center Comfort Height Baby Bathtub

This is a bathtub that delivers an optimum ergonomic bathing experience for both the parent and the baby. Summer comfort bathtub comes with an additional sturdy platform that can safely elevate the baby’s height during the bath time for comfortable reach. Additionally, the new platform is convertible and can be used as a step stool or stand-alone kneeler. The large size of the tub is suitable for bathing babies who are two years old and below. The newborn bath provides support for the baby to be inclined comfortably during the bath. The bathtub insert can be easily removed and placed in a bathtub or a sink. Further, locking tabs facilitates snug fitting on the base and the tub.


  • Large and suitable for toddlers up to two years old
  • It provides comfortable inclination for the baby
  • Designed with a sturdy frame for safety
  • Has an adequate tub height


  • Takes up wider space

7. Munchkin 0 – 12 Months Non-Slip Latex-Free Sit & Soak Baby Bathtub (White)

Without the right bathing accessory for babies, a baby bath can be very stressful. The right choice of baby bathtub could help in enhancing the bond between you and your baby. Sit and Soak bathtub for babies is the best choice to go for. The tub is designed in a way that supports babies to maintain an upright posture. It features a backrest padded with an anti-slip material. The in-built bump supports and keeps the baby within the embrace of warm water. The sleek and straightforward design of the bathtub makes it compatible with all bathroom decors. Moreover, its handles will function as hooks during storage.


  • Optimized level of water ensures the baby remains warm
  • Comfortably and securely holds the baby upright
  • Fitted with handles for easy portability
  • Drains water for ease of cleaning


  • Not suitable for too tiny babies

6. Boon Adjustable Positioning Slip-Resistant & Stable Soak 3-Stage Bathtub (Blue)

Boon Soak baby bathtub comes in three stages of baby development. Through reclining, it takes your baby from newborn, infant to toddler. It is a perfect choice of bathtub for a parent with a growing baby. It is designed with contoured and bumped back that prevents the baby from slipping during the bath. This type of bathtub is compacted and fits in almost all double sinks. It is uniquely designed with a temperature gauge for baby bathtubs. The gauge operates using a color-changing mechanism to indicate the temperature changes. Soak 3-stage is made without PVC and BPA. Also, the cleaning of this baby bathtub is a breeze.


  • Comes in three-stage design that is newborn, infant and toddler
  • Suitable for bathing babies of up to 18 months old
  • Contoured back prevents the baby from slipping
  • Has adjustable bathing positions


  • It is too small

5. Skip Hop 3-Stage Moby Mesh Smart Sling Swivel Hook Baby Bathtub (Blue)

This is the only baby bathtub you will need to accommodate your growing kid. Skip hop baby bathtub ensures full-body support and seated support to meet various child’s needs. This unit has a sling that can be easily rolled in or removed to hold children of varied ages with varied weight needs. The bottom side features a non-slip texture to ensure that your baby remains stable without sliding while in use. With only a weight of 3 pounds, you can quickly move it around to any desirable place at any given time. Moreover, it is designed from safer materials free from BPA, phthalates, and so on.


  • Can be hanged on the towel bar with the swivel hook
  • Made sturdy to ensure safe and stable operations
  • Spacious enough to comfortably hold your baby
  • The dual-layered mesh cradles your baby.


  • It takes more time to air dry.

4. Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling Convertible Bath Center Roomy 'n Seat Tub Multicolor

If you are looking for a more lightweight baby bathtub, Fisher-price brand is the best choice. It only weighs 4.55 pounds making it more convenient when moving it from one place to another. This unit is equipped with a hook that makes it easier to hang it on the shower rod or behind your door to save your storage space. Stage 1 mesh cradles your little ones with the right amount of water for safer bathing. In stage two, you can remove the sling to keep infants seating in a reclining position to avoid sliding. This makes an ideal gift for your little during this coming holiday season.


  • Comes with a rinsing bottle for cleaning baby’s head
  • Easier to drain and dry thus remains clean always
  • Has a foam lining at the back to avoid slipping
  • The green seat quickly locks into place


  • It is harder to take the seat out.

3. Blooming Bath Lotus Four Petal Design Baby Bathtub (White/White/Grey)

Are you looking for a high-quality baby bathtub? Look no further than Blooming Bath baby bathtub. It is made from high-quality polyester materials that assure you of a durable and more comfortable unit. The four-petal design optimally fits into various sinks to create a safe, comfortable, and adorable bathing time. Moreover, the plush materials cushions and cradle your baby in a more comfortable manner to keep them enjoying every moment of their bathing time. It is suitable for use by infants between the ages of 0-6 months since it offers your baby the best way to take a bath.


  • Easier to use and does not require any complications
  • Soft to keep your baby lying more comfortably
  • Has a lightweight design to ease movements
  • Made from quality materials that last longer


  • Slides sometimes while in the sink.

2. Puj PVC-Free in-Sink Baby Bathtub Foldable Tub 0 – 6 Months Newborn (White)

You can have the best bonding experience with your little one with the Puj baby bathtub. This unit is made of soft foam materials that keep your baby’s delicate skin safe from the cold hard sink. Maintenance is such a more manageable task because it is easier to clean using water and soap. The closed-cell foam does not absorb any water particles, thus resistant to mildew and mold components. When not in use, you can easily hang it flat to save you on storage space. Additionally, this tub is wide enough, thus fits into a wide range of sink shapes and sizes. This allows you as a parent to comfortably bathe your baby with both hands.


  • Made of soft materials to keep your baby safe and comfortable
  • Keeps your baby more stable since it has a non-slip surface
  • The sinks edge ensures ideal support while in use
  • Significantly conserves water, space and energy costs


  • It does not fit all sinks.

1. Primo EuroBath Easy to Clean Largest Baby Bathtub for 0 -24 Months (Pearl White)

Primo baby bathtub is equipped with a wide range of features that makes it easier to bathe your baby. You can safely and comfortably bathe your baby in a reclining position or a sitting position as per their age. It has a uniquely contoured shape that prevents your little one from slipping because it supports their arms, back, and legs. Additionally, it is designed from the quality and safer materials free from phthalates, BPA, PVC, lead, and other harmful substances. Better still, its extra-large size assures you of a longer used because it accommodates your growing kids. It supports a maximum user capacity of 30 pounds, yet it only weighs 3.49 pounds.


  • Keeps your little one safe and warm during bath time
  • The two compartments can hold baby’s accessories
  • Has a drain plug for easier draining and clean up
  • Larger enough to hold up to 38 quarts of water


  • Made of plastic materials

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Baby Bathtub


For safety needs, check a crotch post, a sling, or side supports to ensure the baby from tipping or sliding. The sling cradles your baby as you wash them while the crotch post supports them at the excellent position above water. Besides, other tubs have their bottom textured to prevent the baby from sliding or slipping.


The material used in making the tub should be toxic-free and protects the delicate baby skin and strong enough to avert any accident. Other than that, the material should soothe the baby’s body to prevent the development of any complication.

For Sinks

The bathtub should also fit seamlessly into most sinks to lower the strain and pain exerted on your back. When the tub is set in the sink, you’ll have the reasonable control of your baby at a position. Therefore, look for models that can fit into the standard sink as much as possible.


Comfort is undeniably the critical factor to consider when buying a baby bathtub. You should select a bathtub that’ll offer your baby sufficient comfort as you bathe them. Some feature a padded backrest as others come with leg and forearm support.


Well, the baby bathtub should be quite easy to store and drain. Some models feature a drain plug for easy drainage while others are tipped over to drain out water. Besides that, you need to consider the model built with a hole in the rim or a hook to enable you to hang the tub on the wall so that it can take up the smallest space.


If you need a sturdy bathtub, then you need to choose a model that features a non-slip base for convenience as you bathe the baby. Further, if you opt for the raised ones, you should make sure that the platforms lock fully into the tub to prevent toppling over.


We hope by now you’ve everything that it takes to shop for the best baby bathtub. With our top 10 baby bathtubs in reviews above, you’ll not encounter any problems. Plus, with the consideration section, you’ll have a clear direction on how to shop the best bathtub. Your baby deserves the best, and as a parent, you shouldn’t let down your little ones, buy them one of the above units, and love you even more. Have a pleasant shopping experience!

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